Rise of the Wolves chapter 5

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keep you friends close, and your enemies closer

Luna ran this line over and over in her mind at supper that night. There was something off about Agro that her mom could not see. Luna did not speak to him. Instead she remembered many memories of her and her father. The last thing he said to her was "I will be back, I love you, Luna." She at the time thought it was weird because often he left without saying so but that time he woke Luna up in the middle of the night to tell her. Would he know what had been soon to come? Was it suicide? Murder? Everyone loved Luna's dad. He was nice and kind to everyone. He once left a rabbit thats mother rabbit had just been run over. Most wolves would not have a second thoughtabout killing it. But he let it go. He was special. He was hers. He is gone. 

       Luna went to bed early that night. In her dream she figured out what she wanted to do in the pack (she was of age to choose). She wanted to be a hunter like her dad. But not hunting for food, hunting for her fathers murderer.

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Sounds like a great *sarcastically* way to endanger yourself!

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nice chapter!

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