Silens I ("The Silent Trio") Chapter 5

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Silens I Chapter 5

I took a deep breath. The crowd was noisy and I couldn't hear anyone over the noise, only my fellow Ravenclaws. The prefect came over to me and he grinned with renowed pleasure. 
"Asia Abernathy-Lovegood?" he said. "I have heard a lot about you. Won an award from the Ministry, did you not?"
I smiled, but nervously. "That was years ago, and it wasn't really that important," I said, adjusting my robes and trying to act well-collected, but it was hard.
The perfect beamed, smiling so widely I couldn't believe he was human. "Not important? You got on the front page of the Daily Prophet! That is a big, I mean big, accomplishment. You even had Rita Skeeter spreading lies about you. Or at least I think they were lies. That doesn't happen to everyone, you know."
I nodded, knowing that it would be this way. I won an award when I was 8, 2 years ago, for mostly knowledge on spells. I was pitted against the head of the Magical Law Enforcement office, who was a genius on anything about spells, and he came out biting his lip and muttering angrily. The debate was even recorded for the Wizarding Wireless Network. It was a huge deal, and still is, in fact, they have reruns of the debate on the Network every once in while. I can bet that mostly everyone in the Great Hall with a wizard mum or dad has heard it once. Every day people would come around to Mum's house looking for me to interview, but she was smart, a pure Ravenclaw, and she made it look like we lived somewhere else. Basically, she would provide them with a fake address.
Anyway, enough about that. Every one who had at least one wizarding parent, no matter if they are muggleborn or not, know about that ordeal. Mostly, purebloods don't care but are impressed anyway. They keep that to themselves, though. 
"So, have you already taken your O.W.L?" asked the perfect, grinning.
"Of course she hasn't, Johnson!" said a girl with a shriek-y voice that could be heard across the entire hall. "Of course she hasn't! I don't care if she won an award against the Magical Law Enforcement office, she's not smart enough to get O.W.L.S yet!" People were staring now. So was Tom from the Sytherin table. It looked like he had been talking to someone, but the girl had cut him off and perhaps scared him. Somehow I doubt that though.
"Excuse me?" I said. "Not smart enough? Why else would I be here in Ravenclaw then? I've passed the practice N.E.W.T.S with full marks, and those are above O.W.L.S. They're practice, I know, but I passed them."
The girl looked at me like Tom did when we first met on the Express. She looked only one year older than me, so that would make her 11 or 12. "Then," she said in her loud, annoying voice, "are you here, Ms. Smarty-Pants?"
"Cuz my Mum thinks I could learn more," I hissed. That wasn't at all true. Mum thinks I can learn a lot more, sure, but that wasn't the reason. She wants me to learn to control my dark magic when I take Defense Against the Dark Arts, but she does believe I can learn more in subjects I know little about, like Herbology and Divination. 
Johnson, the perfect, hissed at the girl. "Emily," he said, "shush!"
I had had enough. "Excuse me," I said, and marched over to the Sytherin table, steam almost literally pouring out of my ears, grabbing a drumstick from the Ravenclaw table as I passed. I hadn't eaten at all that day, only the taffy, so I was starving.
"Hello," I said stiffly to Tom and Lucas, who were sitting at the end of their table, closest to the doors. I leaned against the edge. "I cant stand the Ravenclaw students, so will you guys agree to be my friends until I can find more?"
"So we're placeholders?" said Tom abruptly. He said it a bit angrily, but I didn't pick up on that.
"Yeah," I grinned, but mischievously, for the first time I had smiled at the two Malfoy kids. Of course, I was joking. I think Tom got the joke, though he wasn't very pleased, but Lucas did, who smiled.
"Sure," Tom said. "You're a pureblood, so you're fine by me. Just don't go kissing up to the mudbloods."
"Why would I do that?" I said. "I'm not too fond of muggleborns, you know." That seemed to surprised Tom. I guess he thought I was like the Weasleys, who loved Muggles and muggleborns alike. There are reasons why I do not like Muggles or their wizarding children.
"I'll leave you to chat with your House," I said, grinning. "Friends?" I said, extending my drumstick-free hand to Tom. No, it was not greasy. I keep everything in one hand and always leave the other free, and clean.
He looked at it for a minute, then said, "Fine." He shook my hand and watched me head back to the Ravenclaw table.
I was lucky. The feast had just ended, and I have just finished my drumstick. Our perfect called the Ravenclaws, as did the rest of the houses' perfects. I saw Sytherin's go out first with his pack of students, then Ravenclaw followed.
The perfect pointed out several things as we walked to Ravenclaw Tower. None of them were of much interest, because Mum's house was always filled with interesting trinkets and charms that rivaled Hogwarts'. When we got to the Tower, the perfect knocked on the Ravenclaw door knocker. He answered the question and told us we would be given a riddle as a password. If we couldn't solve it, go get a perfect.
I smiled. 
We went in, the perfect began blabbing about everything. I paid no attention, Mum had already told me everything about what to expect and do. Then we were sent upstairs to our dorms.
I shared a dorm with 2 other first year girls. Abby and Liza, they were called. They were googling over me. I briefly considered stunning them, but I didn't want to land in detention. Not yet, anyway. 
After I read a note Mum had sent (she had signed off her letter with "love you, my little pygmypuff" as always) I wrote a letter and sent it off with the perfect's owl Tobby to the Sytherin dorm that Tom and Lucas would be staying in. It said on it, 
Hey! This is Asia obviously. No one else would be writing to you right now, as it is the first day. Please read all of this, and read it to Lucas, though don't read it loud enough for others to hear, Tom. If you don't I have charmed this letter to chew at your hand until you do. It seems to me that you treat Lucas a bit offhandedly, it would be nice if you treated him like your brother, you know.
Anyway. I know you two are the kids of Hermione Granger, cuz Mum told me all about Hermione in a letter I just opened. So, you're not really a pureblood, but I get that you want to say you are one. I am smart, so please don't try to hide things from me. I know I should not be snooping in your business, but I'm curious. If you heard what people were saying earlier at the feast about me, then you got an idea of what I'm like. 
Hopefully we get the same classes tomorrow when McGonagal chooses them. It would be nice to be able to be friends with you two.  Maybe when you write back you can tell me more about you two. I'm trying to be your friend here, I've never really had friends before. 
I 'll talk to you more tomorrow.
Please write back to me soon,
I got in bed and fell asleep quite quickly. Tomorrow was gonna be a big day, at least, I hoped so.
Hope you liked it, and Knight, you got lots of openings in here to let Tom and Lucas talk! I am looking forward to what they do in their dorm, and everything. Also, if you want, you can have Tom/Lucas recall some of the debate Asia had on the WWN, and invent your own questions she answers. And maybe at the end, you can have Tom and Lucas write back (of course Tom would do the writing) before going to bed and Asia can read their note in my next chapter!
asked Oct 22, 2018 in Fanfiction by -GEMHeart- (241,050 points)
BTW chapter six I edited the note so it had questions that Asia could answer!
I saw that and she has answered in her Chap.7 note!

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Ooo I like! I'll post another chapter tonight or tomorrow morning! BTW Luna's a half blood, but that's okay I have blood purity on witches all the time wrong:-)
answered Oct 22, 2018 by knightstar✧ (287,630 points)
edited Oct 23, 2018 by knightstar✧
Lol I looked to wikipedia for that. I jniw everything about her now... :-D
Lol I looked to wikipedia for that. I know everything about her now... :-D
LOL... well Asia's pureblood, you know, cuz she's adopted, so Luna's purity doesn't impact Asia in the slightest XD
I know :-D
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WoW! This is getting interesting! Wonder what will happen next in Tom and Lucas's POV!
answered Oct 22, 2018 by Queeny (87,090 points)
I wonder too! About to read chap.6!
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"Then, why are you here?" Sorry, typo XD
answered Oct 23, 2018 by -GEMHeart- (241,050 points)
I have typos so much its annoying lol:-)

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