Silens I ("The Silent Trio") Chapter 6

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Silens l Chapter Six

I looked at my food, mashed potatoes and corn. There were snacks laid across the table, too. Lucas pocked at his food, as I just stared at him, not even touching mine.

"So, your a Malfoy?" Asked a tall boy, preferably a prefect. "Yes," I grinned, as Lucas turned is head over to me and the boy with brown hair and chocolate brown eyes.

"Draco and Astoria's son?" I gritted my teeth, I never heard anyone, not anyone say her name, and I liked it like that. 

"No," I responded rudely, as the prefect just stared blankly. "Then whose?" He asked once more. "I rather not tell,"  I said, still ashamed of my blood purity.

Only a few people knew that my parents had a child. That's Asia, Luna, grandpa and grandma. "You seem to not say a lot, do you? Or at least open up," he smiled, but after that, I was in no mood for happily smile. 

"Where does your mum work?" he asked once more, trying to get me open up. I sat there silent, a bit moody, as always. 

"Ministry of Magic," I responded. "I heard the famous Harry Potter works there, but of course, he's old news," the prefect continued to annoy me. 

"Well, I thought Mr. Malfoy was only 29, that means he was-" I cut him short, responding, "I rather not talk about it."

I smelled the sweet smell of ribs, but pretended to hear what he was talking about. "And you boy, what about you?" he asked to Lucas, as he looked over to the prefect. 

"Me?" he asked. "Yes, you," he chuckled. "You look like a sweet boy," he said. Of course, Lucas looked like an 8-year-old. "I do?" he asked.

"Have you ever looked in the mirror often?" the prefect asked, getting on my nerves by asking that. "No," Lucas quietly responded, sadly almost.

"Or are you blind?" The prefect said laughing, making it a joke that wasn't funny. That was the last straw. I got up, holding Lucas by his robe. "I think we better leave," I said, as Lucas followed behind me.

We left off to the other side of the Slytherin table, much closer to the Ravenclaw table. "Sorry about that," I said to Lucas, but he had no reaction what-so-ever. Sometimes, I wonder what he's thinking.

A girl, she seemed rather tall, was sitting next to me. "First year?" She asked, as Lucas responded, "Yep!" "Me, too!" she said.

As always, I was never fond strangers, so I went to Lucas, ignoring her. "So, aren't you proud?" I said, happily thinking of how I'm a Slytherin, but of course, I wouldn't do anywhere else.  

"Of what?" he sweetly asked, as I just face-palmed. "Being in Slytherin in all," I said. 

"I guess," he seemed sort of down, but I possibly couldn't know why. "You guess? Are you homesick?" I asked. "Kind of, I miss mum," he sighed, looking down at an empty plate.

"Your going to have to get use to not being around Mum," I said, my hand on his shoulder, patting it softly.

"That's what I fear," he sighed once more. "Don't worry, you will get use to it!"

After our small chatter, I saw Asia walk over to us, with a drumstick in her hand. "Hello," Asia said, as she stood tall, as me and Lucas sat quietly down.

"I can't stand Ravenclaw students, so will you guys agree to be my friends until I can find more?" Asia asked.

I simply just stared until I could say, "So, were place holders?" I rudely said, but it didn't seem like she heard the annoying tone in my voice.

"Yeah," Asia said. I finally realized a joke she made, but it wasn't amusing, it was rather annoying. Lucas laughed a little, as stared at him.

"Sure," I said. "Your a pureblood, so your fine by me. Just don't go kissing up to the mudbloods."

"Why would I do that?" she asked. "I'm not too fond of muggleborns, you know."

It surprised me, I always imagined her as blood traitor, not carrying about purity. "I'll leave you to chat with you house," she said, grinning widely. "Friends?" I looked to her hand that she extended out. 

  I looked around for a minute, posing on the thought. Finally, I decided, "Fine." I shook her hand, as she shook mine.

She then left, leaving me and Lucas. The feast then ended, as me and Lucas left to the Slytherin corridor. 

Ravenclaw followed us from behind. Our prefect looked at me, but slowly moved on. "So, this your first year, so I thought I would interduce you all," the prefect said, as the other 5th and 6th years grinned.

"Okay, first up is Tom and Lucas, sons of Astoria and Draco Malfoy," I flung over to the prefect, my mind twisted. "She's not my mum!" I yelled, as the whole crowd of Slytherins glanced. 

The prefect looked mildly embarrassed, but I was too angry at the-

"Okay then, you an your brother head off with Ace to your corridor," he said, as a tall, black hair boy with nearly black pupils lead us to the way. I was weirded out by Ace, but as Lucas couldn't see him, he just continued on.

We were there, a big room with green tints on the blinds, a huge painting of a Slytherin crest lying over the middle between two beds. "Choose," Ace sighed, as I chose the bed beside the window.

Ace laid down on one bed, as I was on the other side of the room, looking at a piece of paper sent from Asia, from the Ravenclaw corridor.

It read,

Hey! This is Asia obviously. No one else would be writing to you right now, as it is the first day. Please read all of this, and read it to Lucas, though don't read it loud enough for others to hear, Tom. If you don't I have charmed this letter to chew at your hand until you do. It seems to me that you treat Lucas a bit offhandedly, it would be nice if you treated him like your brother, you know.
Anyway. I know you two are the kids of Hermione Granger, cuz Mum told me all about Hermione in a letter I just opened. So, you're not really a pureblood, but I get that you want to say you are one. I am smart, so please don't try to hide things from me. I know I should not be snooping in your business, but I'm curious. If you heard what people were saying earlier at the feast about me, then you got an idea of what I'm like. 
Hopefully we get the same classes tomorrow when McGonagal chooses them. It would be nice to be able to be friends with you two.  Maybe when you write back you can tell me more about you two. I'm trying to be your friend here, I've never really had friends before. 
I 'll talk to you more tomorrow.
Please write back to me soon,
I looked at the letter as I slowly came over the words so Lucas could hear. I grinned over the thought of Asia knowing I wasn't pure, I was highly ashamed. "Okay, we better write back," I said, taking out a pen and paper.
"Let's start off with-" I was cut off, as I was near writing the first word. "Can I write it?" asked Lucas, feeling for the pen. "Sure," I said, giving him te pen. 
He started writing, although his writing was everywhere. I watched him, as while he wrote, he looked to the ceiling.
Hello Asia,
Today, I got to try new things! Many new things! It was really fun meeting a boy name Ace, in fact, he's our roommate in our corridor. Although, I haven't talked to him, he's very silent. Tom seems to act weird around him, but guessing that's normal behavior from Tom. What was one of your biggest achievements? Mine is to be able to write this letter. What's your favorite food? Mine is mashed potatoes. Where do you live? I live in Wiltshire, near the Malfoy manor. Do you have any siblings? I have a twin, a half brother that I've never met.
 Have a great night,
Tom & Lucas
stared at Lucas's messy handwriting, but sighed. I then called for the prefects owl, Alabaster. He came, as I neatly delivered the note.
Afterwards, me and Lucas were fast asleep, cozy in our warms bed.

So, short chapter, I don't know if. I hope you liked it, and can't wait for the next one! It's 11:38 PM and I'm just posting this, and done writing it. There's nothing else to say but, have a great day/night! Also, if you haven't read it, here's the link to chapter five:


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