Silens I ("The Silent Trio") Chapter 8:

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Silens I Chapter Eight

I was in my bed, a cozy feeling. I heard sounds, more or less Lucas snoring, or Ace fiddling around with unknown objects, maybe even things that led to deep meaning, more or less and object that didn't belong in his possession.

"Wake up, sleep heads!" said Ace, almost in a taunting tone of voice. Ace wasn't dressed, so I hadn't the slightest idea why he would be demanding us to do something we hadn't the need of doing.

He headed to the only bathroom in our corridor, as Lucas barely lifted an eye. "Let's wake up," I said to him, as he ignored me. I nudged him a little, but then decided to leave him alone.

I waited a few minutes, that felt like hours, waiting to get out of the bathroom. I had my Slytherin robes in my hand, knocking the door once more.

After awhile, I then decided it was plan b. Go to the boys restrooms.

I headed out, thinking perhaps the time Lucas was well awake, Ace would be out of the bathroom.

I almost rushed, looking at my watch constantly, keeping time. In the halls, I saw a small boy, staring at me. He had brown hair, that was rather messy, and green eyes, though it was a weird green color. I wondered if it was what I was wearing that got the stares, just some plain pajama of course, as he was in the almost same thing.

"So," he said, "your in your first year?" he confidently asked, though he seemed the type that would be rather shy in their first year.

"I'm Alex, and in my 3rd year," he acted like a pro. And I was mostly surprised. "Yes," I quietly said, as Alex nodded.

"Hogwarts is fun," he paused for a moment, laying a big smile, but a annoying one. "If your not in your 1st year, at least."

"Are you pure?" I asked, a question I would ask anyone. "Gryffindor, Muggleborn," he smiled, leaving me off to unwanted attention.

"So, you seem like a basic Slytherin," he said, leaving me silent, thinking about what I should do to the boy.

I held out my wand from my pocket, holding it near his face. "Wait," he said, fearing me a little. "I'm surprised you know magic as a first year," he nervously laughed, as I responded,
"I know much more than silly little spells."

He looked clueless all a sudden.

"I bet you don't know any spells," he laughed, seeming confident about his answer. "You want to test me?" I hissed.

He took out his wand too, as a duel was about to begin. "Baubillious!" I yelled, as a flame came running down to Alex. He fell over, but quickly getting back up, only slightly hurt.

"Bombarda Maxima!" he yelled in defense, making a large explosion.


He yelled, making a big thunder almost sound hit the surface, not hitting me, but me and Alex felt the ground shack, as it caused commotion.


"Cascading!" I yelled back, as it grabbed the attention of many teachers and students rushing down the halls. Alex and I looked over to Prof. McGonagal, as she had a worried expression on. "You two, are you hurt?!" she yelled, but more concerned.

"Yes," we both said, staring at each other. One of the boys that came over to see what happened was Lucas, being guided by a Slytherin prefect. The others I didn't pay no attention to.

"Get dressed, the both of you! Your expelled!" she yelled, still worried.

We both smirked at each other, walking in different directions.


After I was dressed, I headed off to the Great Hall. Prof. McGonagal strictly said to be there at five. I headed with Lucas, still with sleepy eyes.

It seemed most people left already being late in all. Never mind. We took a spot in the nearly empty Slytherin table, as I looked at my plan for the day.

Then, a decently small package came flying down, with an owl I didn't know. I opened the package, reading that it sent from mum, and a letter from Asia.

I read out loud:

Tom and Lucas,

Ace seems interesting. Introduce him to me sometime. Just kidding!

My biggest achievement? Most people would say the award I got via the debate with the Ministry of Magic guy (the head of the Magical Law Enforcement) but I would say the first time I managed to score a goal in Quidditch. Not many people know I can play. Do you two like to play? If not, what do you like to play? I  also like board games like traditional checkers, but making board games is fun too!

I like taffy, but it can get tiring.  I like chicken (hot wings in particular) and ramen that Mum cooks on Saturdays.

It must be nice to see Malfoy Manor. Mum says that it's not though, cuz during Voldemort's last years she was held captive and that it wasn't a very nice experience. Oh, yeah, I live near London, but Mum hid our house from the Muggles cuz its a rather peculiar house. Daily Prophet people come to interview us so Mum has to provide them with a fake address somewhere near Wales, which is far away from London (at least I think it is, I'm not good at geography). 

I have no idea if I have siblings that are actually related to me. You see, I'm from a family of Japanese purebloods (not a single Muggle married into the family), but when I was 2 my parents died. So I was put up for adoption. While in the orphanage, muggle boys would bully me pretty bad and that's why I'm not fond of muggles. During that time I learned I could turn into a cat (I was born an Animargus), so I could hide, but now I don't do it very often. I can also use a bit of dark magic cuz my parents were dark-magic users, but I am more or less sorta kinda happy they died cuz I don't want to be evil. 

I am a jack of all trades, I guess!

How about you guys? How was your childhood?

Write soon,



I sort of smiled, as Lucas smiled widely. I opened the package from mum, a jar of Droobles gum was revealed. I dropped one in my mouth, chewing it slowly.

I took out one of my school papers from a muggle journal my mum had she gave to me, mostly because notebooks in the wizarding world aren't cheap.

I wrote,


Hello Asia, Cool! My child hood was good. Although, just recently my half brother was born, and it seemed to sorta destroy it a little. I never met my dad before, well, when I was little in all, but I want to see him when I'm older, like now. There's nothing interesting about me! Although, you seem to have a fun-filled life!


Tom & Lucas

I closed the letter tight, sending it off to Asia.

I looked at my schedule for today, that was rather long.


8- 9:00: TRANSFIGURATION (1 hr)

9- 10:00: CHARMS (1 hr)

10- 11:30: BREAK (30 mins)

11:30- 12:30: POTIONS (1 hr)

12:30- 1:30: LUNCH (1 hr)

1:30- 2:30: HERBOLOGY (1 hr)


3:30-4:30: HISTORY OF MAGIC (1 hr)

4:30- 5:00: BREAK (30 mins)

5:00-7:00: DINNER (stays served for 2 hrs)


Thanks for reading!!! And I hope you liked it! This has maybe bad's 10:43 right now. Anyways, please comment/answer! This really helps me and Gem's story grow! Thanks for reading!

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Best answer
I liked reading this! (:
commented Oct 24, 2018 by im kanye (373,600 points)


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I really like the story so far! Okay, the only subjects they share are History of Magic and D.A.T.D.A (as well as their lunch and breaks). Tom should really keep his wand to himself... LOL!
commented Oct 24, 2018 by im kanye (373,600 points)


commented Oct 24, 2018 by -GEMHeart- (286,970 points)
commented Oct 24, 2018 by im kanye (373,600 points)
I just want to say sorry for being unable to make today's chapter. I had LOADS of school work today and I worked so late on school, I was unable to make chp10, I will post two chapters tomorrow to make up!
commented Oct 25, 2018 by -GEMHeart- (286,970 points)
Okay, it's okay. If you make 2, you can write Tom/Lucas's POV and then another with their POV that leads the story, or I can se write another then you can do yours .Hope that makes sense!

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