Silens I ("The Silent Trio") Chapter 11

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Silens I Chapter 11

Before I begin, I want to say: thanks everyone for reading this! WE ARE ON CHAPTER 11!!! And Knight, I decided to write Chapter 11 for you! I think you're straining yourself, so Imma help you. I am the coauthor, after all. So! Hope you enjoy, and here, a little peak into Asia's head, like Knight did with Tom. Thanks for reading, and I hope you'll cont. to read as long as we write this story!
Stop, don't say a word. Just keep moving, they won't know what's wrong if you never let them. 
Just keep running. If they can't keep up, they'll never, ever see your true hurt. 
They'll never know if you hide behind books, if you keep working so hard you never have to see them again.
Just move.
Don't tell them the truth.They'll never accept you. You may have told someone the truth- but that was only half the truth, the part they wouldn't judge you so harshly about.
Everyone has problems. Don't let them see yours.
Never... never... never open up. 
If you do, the ones you love will only hurt you.
Like... like they did last time.
Like they've always done.
Like they always will do.
Just keep running, away from your friends.
Away from your problems.
Away from the dark.
But it only catches up again, to bite at your heels like a cat playing with it's prey.You should be that cat.
But it never lets go. It only keeps on. It keeps running right with you.
It will only keep coming, and you will never escape.
There's no way out. 
No one can save you.
You're left to struggle alone.
But maybe, if you become the struggle... 
if you become the evil you so struggle against...
you may have a chance.
But then you'll be lost.
You'll be lost to everyone.
Even...even yourself.
"Huh?" I said, looking up and around so quickly my neck cracked. "Ow..." I said, and Tom poked me.
I had just realized something, that Tom, Lucas, and I were sharing Potions. Huh? Oh, I had forgotten. Prof. McGonagal had messed up on the schedules and had to scribble something new on each of the first year students' schedules. Which was a hassle I am sure. Anyway, Tom and Lucas were sitting at my table, Prof. Doladure was going around making people sign in. I signed in, then took a long, hard stare at Tom. He caught me, hissing,
"You-" I said, but I was cut off. I was about to comment about something I have since forgotten, but oh well.
We sat down.
Potions was boring, mashing stuff up and trying to balance and everything. This was obviously one of Tom's strong points, he was excelling in everything that came his way, including complex questions. I answered the more difficult questions that I knew Doladure was asking for my sake- McGonagal had obviously told her about me. I took my homework, and we all left the class. Tom stayed behind for a few minutes for something, it might have been to talk to Doladure. 
Sighing, I helped pull Lucas along to Defense Against the Dark Arts.  Tom came up behind us and sat down with us once we had all signed in. 
We were now sharing 3 classes with the Slytherins, Potions, Defense Against the Dark Arts, and History of Magic. 
"Okay," I said, quite annoyed at the fact that the teacher hadn't appeared yet.
"Where's Prof. Moody?" said someone, a timid little Slytherin. She was wiping her eyes on her sleeves, allergies maybe?
"IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII-M HHHHHHHHHHHHHH-ERE!" said a man, sliding into the classroom. He looked at his students with an eager look on his face, and  he began talking. "WELCOME to your first year of DATDA!" he said, saying the acronym as one word, 'Dat-da'. Sorta like 'ta-ta' but stranger. "I will be teaching you how to defend yourselves against even the evilest werewolf, the most screamy Banshee, the most rotten leprechaun, and the most horrible pixie, and the-"
"We get it," I said, "Can you tell us your name?"
"I???? I am the world-famous WYVERN MOODY!" he said, grinning. "NEPFEW OF THE DECEASED ALASTOR MOODY!"
"Wyvern?" muttered Tom.
"Yes, young sir! My actual name isn't as cool, so I use a cool word," he said, winking. "And I know your name, isn't it Tim Mal-"
"Tom," I corrected quickly, stepping in for Tom.
"You're Annie Aber-"
"Asia," said Tom hastily, stepping in for me.
"Oh, yes." said Wyvern a little breathily. "Sorry, children. ANYWAY!" 
He began teaching. DATDA was a bit more interesting, so I listened a bit more than usual. Nothing much happened, however, until we were called up to demonstrate spells. I went up after Tom, did fine, and was grateful that none of us (being Tom, Lucas, and me) slipped up and accidently used dark magic (though I wasn't sure if Lucas could). 
I sighed at the end of class, and we all headed off to dinner.
Sorry it's so short! Hope you liked it. I think for our next chapters, Knight, you could write something that extends the story at the end of your chapter and then I can add that in my next chapter. Hope that's understandable. Also, haven't been able to get on KidzNet, so sorry if I haven't responded to anyone!

1 Answer

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answered Oct 26, 2018 by im kanye (373,620 points)
Great chapter! I actually wrote the first part because Tom deals with depression and so do I. I guess through his writing is the way I dealed with it. I think you did great!!!
commented Oct 26, 2018 by -GEMHeart- (287,320 points)
Thanks! I've dealt with depression a bit before. I decided tho that Asia is a pretty secretive character... tho she doesn't seem like it!
commented Oct 26, 2018 by im kanye (373,620 points)
Like i said before, Tom writes a lot to get his emotions out. In my bio, I did say he became a sorta bad guy, and was always tortured to that decision. The only thing special I did about Tom was his writing, it was always something I did every time I had depression, which was very often. Tom is much like me, I've been dealing with depression non stop for 3 years. He was created so I could feel like a weight was lifted. So, I wrote poems and songs about his life, most of them seemed like love stories, but it was just his love for the depression. I never told anyone, and that's what me and Tom share. Its something that's just going to stick in his head. I will write more of things like that. Maybe I'll actually show one of my real songs, poems I guess, in a chapter!
commented Oct 26, 2018 by -GEMHeart- (287,320 points)
Sure! I hope you're feeling better about it all now (the depression). Oddly enough, I used to write such sad poems I wouldn't feel good for several days, I've never shared them either. It'd be interesting, give the story more life, you know, if we included real-life emotions and things.
commented Oct 26, 2018 by im kanye (373,620 points)
Ya! Great idea!! I'm writing the 12th chp now!
commented Oct 29, 2018 by -GEMHeart- (287,320 points)
About to read and comment!
commented Oct 29, 2018 by im kanye (373,620 points)

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