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ok this is amazing guys (life to death and back:

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asked Oct 26, 2018 in Today I Learned... by LunaLight (88,430 points)

i saw this post:

Cindy7872 AJ's death.

then i saw this post:

Cindy7872 AJ's revivel

everybody use #cindyisstrong

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answered Oct 26, 2018 by -GEMHeart- (277,950 points)
selected Oct 26, 2018 by LunaLight
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Yep, I was here at that point! She is still battling tho...
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answered Oct 26, 2018 by toad aka star (327,220 points)
I saw it too.

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he girls i had not started my p but i am 13 turning 14 this year had not start it yeat every girl in my school start it i havent girl say i am lucky so i had not start it is this bad can u give me tip about this

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