dear the fighting twins (knight star and queeny)

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not to be offencive but you guys have a wonderful thing a being sisters even more amazing your twins. you have some one to talk to. While growing up an only child definitely had its perks — think undivided attention, the entire back seat during car trips, forced independence and maturity, and strong imagination development — I always felt like there was something missing.Growing up, I listened as my close circle of friends would complain about fighting with their sibling over something like having to sit in the undesirable seat in the car (the one behind Dad with less leg room) or that they got pummeled to the floor over whose turn it was to play with the one Game Boy in the house (another perk: I had my own; it was see-through purple and amazing) — and it would make me jealous that they even had someone to fight with.The times I really felt the jealousy, though, were when I'd be over at one of their houses, and I'd see the tender moments between siblings. How fun it was for them to always have someone to play with and bounce ideas off of.There was no one to ever blame anything I did wrong on, like forgetting to unload the dishwasher.I had no one who would truly understand to complain to about my parents. Yeah, all parents are alike, but I wanted to talk about my parents with someone else who shared them with me — our parents.An older sibling would have carved a path in life that I could have either emulated or learned from.A sibling's friends would mean new friends for me, and who doesn't like new friends?Even when I could finally get an adult to agree to play with me, their imagination was the worst. I needed a little mind like mine to dream up magic worlds and new games with.There would never have been a dull moment in the house. You can only pretend your stuffed animals are alive and talking to you for so long.A brother would have been a protector, someone to give me insight into the other half of the world, someone to beat up all of my ex-boyfriends.A sister would have been a partner in crime, someone to share clothes with (and fight about said clothes with), to talk about boys late at night with when we thought our parents weren't listening (they would have been).I think I would be a much more patient person if I had to deal with sharing and fighting with a sibling. Alas, I am kind of impatient.Some of the pressure to be successful and intelligent would have been shaved off the surface and shared with others, which would have made things go a little smoother for me on report-card day.I constantly make fun of the characters that are my parents, and let's just say my comments and sarcasm don't always go over so well. It would have been nice to call in for backup once in a while.When the unthinkable happens and I need to say goodbye to my parents, I will carry the burden and sadness on my own.Friends come and go, but a sibling is tied to you forever.I think a part of me will always long for the versions of siblings I've created in my head, people who look and act a little like me. I have grown to accept that the closest I might ever get to being called someone's sister is if my future husband has a sibling, but it makes me truly sad to know that I'll never have the real thing. A sibling is like a built-in best friend, so if you have one, tell them what they mean to you, because maybe not everyone would agree with me, but I think you were given one of life's greatest gifts. i could only imagine having a full on sibling instead of a half brother whom i don't even see anymore.

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What the is this
commented Feb 26, 2019 by cookie122105 (75,190 points)
read it lol

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This made me cry while smiling. This was really nice. Though there were times that I wish my sibling would've never existed, this made me realize how lucky I am to have one. I also have two older half sisters, but we never see them either. I'm pretty sure they hate our guts.
commented Oct 27, 2018 by im kanye (371,470 points)
Liar. But that last part is true.
commented Oct 27, 2018 by LunaLight (96,220 points)
i would give almost anything to have a sibling to talk to and love.
commented Oct 27, 2018 by LunaLight (96,220 points)
tell Stella that. that you appreisate her always being there for you, twin or otherwise.yes i know her name
commented Oct 27, 2018 by Queeny (123,730 points)
Ok I will, and thank you!
commented Oct 27, 2018 by im kanye (371,470 points)
like Star better
commented Feb 13, 2019 by cookie122105 (75,190 points)
wait sorry to ask but  knight star name is stella
commented Feb 14, 2019 by im kanye (371,470 points)
yes, but please don't use it.
commented Feb 15, 2019 by cookie122105 (75,190 points)
i promise i wont
commented Feb 15, 2019 by im kanye (371,470 points)
K! Thanks!
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answered Feb 14, 2019 by -GEMHeart- (282,790 points)
Heh, well, Imma put my two-sense in.

I have 3 siblings all my age, which means I am a quad. Sometimes I wish I had an older sister or brother to help me and so I wouldn't have to mature as fast as I am having to. Sometimes I wish I had a young sister or brother so I could be protective, more protective than I can be with my siblings.

But it's cool to have sibs my age. We go through the same things at the same time, and we can share the same fandoms cuz we are all the same age. We can talk about things teens and adults know about, but I'm stull the oldest and most protective.
commented Feb 14, 2019 by cookie122105 (75,190 points)
commented Feb 15, 2019 by -GEMHeart- (282,790 points)
No, quads. I am 14, as is my 2 bros and sis.
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answered Feb 13, 2019 by cookie122105 (75,190 points)
i have my li sis shes 10 and some times get in my last nerves but  still i still rember when my  lil sis went to someone else house she steal candy and gave me some we always play

but i also have a bro he is 18 and hes nice gives candy helps me play with me

i would have 2 more sibling but they died and there one supose to be 11 almost 12 anther soopse to 16

but god know why

some times i wish not having my ll sis but i can see i how lucky i am


i am very sorry luna

but m freind here in the screen are sibling to i well alway talk to u because u won't move away

my life might seem but it not thhis year i moved to oklahoma i miss my best freind but next year i am back to texas i alway been bully felt hopeless i wish sometimes i wasnt born

i get bully because stupid reason i had fake freinds  they treat me as a slave

make fun of my name they call me dora when my name  is actully Darolin  or they call me doroin they make fun of my name or they make fun of how ilook they tell me too look at the mirror that i need make up


idk way i changed the subject


commented Feb 16, 2019 by Overcomer of Dark (7,990 points)
As for you talking about the bullies, you are perfect the way you are and the bullies can go live in hole the ground tbh. (Wow, that was surprisingly savage.) Bullies are jerks, no other way to put it.
commented Apr 8, 2019 by NATHAN (63,550 points)
It's ok your fine just the way you are
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answered Oct 27, 2018 by im kanye (371,470 points)
Thanks for this! I have always played as a single child, and have always competed with my sibling. I would love it when she would get bad grades, and I would get better grades. When I was nine, I was "bullied" by my twin, and i was forced into depression. She never help me go through it, she only made it worse. I then I started having friends, and she would get angry at me. She made me feel guilty, and so I loss my only friend because of her. I lied that I had a friend, but every time I see my friend she makes no reaction to me at all. I always felt guilty. I have two half sisters, on that is 27 and is rude to me. She is still in college, and is draining money from our family. By the time I need to go to college, I would have no money. Now, I'm friend friendless and have and anxiety...
commented Oct 27, 2018 by LunaLight (96,220 points)
Even if your siblings have done things you don't like, it is honestly better than having no one ever to talk to because you never had a sibling and every friend you have ever been close with walk away and hate you forever. Honestly that's worse than having a sibling tease you a bit.
commented Oct 27, 2018 by im kanye (371,470 points)
Well, I keep my feeling inside, I pretended I still had friends, and my sister still doesn't know. I don't talk to my sister, my secrets are never safe with her. I always felt like there was no one ever trust in this world. I don't know if it's just my trust issues, but I talk to myself. I even created someone inside of my head when I was seven, making me go insane. I never told anyone my depression, and kept it to myself. My twin is just a copy of me. I still talk to her, the person I created in my head is still here now.
commented Oct 27, 2018 by LunaLight (96,220 points)
You are not insane. When i was little i had an imaginary twin named tina and an imaginary friend named rosie who had red skin short red hair and thorn vines around her and a little dog named Cinderella.i still sometimes talk to them in my head. There the only friends who never left me.... and i talk to myself a little. Also whenever i think about my life for 5 seconds i start crying about how majorly messed up it is.
commented Oct 27, 2018 by im kanye (371,470 points)
But the feeling I feel for the thing inside of my head is hate, and discomfort. I never thought of her as a friend, more like an enemy. I like they say, keep you enemies close...
commented Oct 28, 2018 by LunaLight (96,220 points)
Imagine being in the people you hate most shoes. Think how they feel, think, and see to do what they do and what you do effects them. Everybody does feel. Even the toughest person in the world can feel hate and revenge and love. If they don't give you enough to see what there feeling, ask them. It may sound like the worst possible idea but it reveals there true emotions to you. Try once you get there emotions try thinking how you could fix things between you two. NEVER DO A LETTER OR TEXT OR CHAT! They need your full attention as you need there's. Do it in person. I hope you fix it cause no one else can but you.
commented Oct 28, 2018 by im kanye (371,470 points)
I don't have anyone I hate, well, my step sisters, but if I did that, I would be dead. I have imagined that, and in my imagination I hated myself. One thing is, I would never want to grow up to be like my step sister..
commented Oct 28, 2018 by LunaLight (96,220 points)
At least you have a sibling. I am really sick and tired of people(not naming you) complaining about there siblings when they have no idea how lonely it is without them. I am all alone without my brother that is not the same person as he was before, cause he grew up. Now i miss him more than anything in the world....

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