Silens I ("The Silent Trio") Chapter 13

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Silens I Chapter 13

The world was shaky, everything was loud. And I felt nothing but pain. 
Pain screamed in my head, but wrapped itself around my stomach and put to my chest, squeezing.
The boy had his arm wrapped around my nose and mouth, choking me.
I pulled, he tightened, and nothing was silent.
Screams filled the air. My screams, his laughs, my labored breathing, and his cheers. 
The pain.
Make it stop.
He laughs again.
I cry again.
He doesn't let go..
The world went dark, everything was silent, and all I felt was pain. 
The pain never lets go. If it did I wouldn't notice.
Cuz I've always had pain.
No one notices.
Not even the loud-mouthed Slytherin, or his quiet brother.
Not my parent.
I only notice, cuz I'm the only thing in their worlds that isn't real. 
The week passed quickly. Everything was the same as before, except I didn't attend a lot of classes, I only went to D.A.T.D.A: otherwise I stayed in my dorm, studied, and went to lunch and break and everything as if actually attended. I taught Toby and he improved a little. Nice. He was a bit annoying though.
Tom and Lucas were doing fine. Lucas would sometimes visit me during breaks. I liked that cuz no one else would, but Lucas was blind, so he had a hard time walking up to Ravenclaw Tower. Lots of steps, steep ones, you know.
By the time Halloween came around, I had finished lots of homework and eaten lots of candy. I received letters from Mum, and from some people I didn't know. Basically, Daily Prophet reporters. Here's one of the letters one of these gossipy, horrible little sneaks wrote to me:
"Hello Ms. Abernathy-Lovegood:
Congrats on getting accepted to Hogwarts (we all knew you would). We will be visiting Hogwarts soon to interview you on the recent break-in on the Hogwarts Express. You are a valuable witch and your side of the story would be greatly valued. 
Please let us gate crash your party and take pictures of your dorm, roommates, and other things at Hogwarts for a special section in the Prophet. Thank you and we will not take no for an answer. 
Thank you in advance:

Anyway just imagine that times ten. Also, this is the nicest request I have gotten from the Prophet in a long time. It's gonna be hard hiding my whereabouts now. Maybe I should ask McGonagal about it... maybe she can deter these annoying reporters who only want juicy love stories and mysterious and whatnot. One time, I was hanging out with Mum's friend's kid, Olly, and next thing I know, we are slapped across headlines proclaiming we are childhood sweethearts. I actually liked Olly, he's a very attractivish and sweet kid, a bit like Lucas more or less, but, really? That was last year. It hung over my head in every single letter I got from the Prophet, but it died down once I got accepted to Hogwarts. Anyway, Mum hid our existence so well that I was more or less old news, except I wasn't and people still managed to find our house and bang on the front door. Plus, I only did interviews for the Quibbler. Which was a whole more fun. 

Anyway, enough about that.

I woke up, it was the 2nd weekend of the semester. I bolted up immediately, as someone had, again, left the window open. Most likely it was Abby. She did that a lot. I got up, barefoot, and closed the window with a snap. I turned around, realizing the door was open to the common room, and sighed, closing that too.

The dorm was empty except for me, I felt rather lonely. What was Tom and Lucas doing right now? They seemed to have it better, they had siblings, I didn't. At least, I didn't think so. I could have easily had more siblings before my parents died.

Sob story, my childhood wasn't very nice. My parents died when I was very young, I never met them, and plus, Mum adopted me when I was around 4 or 5. So, yeah. Tom and Lucas had a mum throughout their whole life, even though they didn't have a dad around. I decided I would write to Draco, I had written to him last week, something about his kids and Hermione, but it probably got lost in the mail. No matter, it was Tom and Lucas's job to reach out to him, not me.

"GET UP, GET UP, TIME TO GET UP," sang a house elf. Our house elf, Iggy, who would clean our House dorm and everything. He was very vocal, and loved talking about the battle on Hogwarts and his noble part in it (stabbing Death Eaters with kitchen knives, in the ankles). Very noble, Iggy, great job. That's sarcasm if you can't tell.

"Morning Iggy," I said.

"Oooh, morning Master Asia," he said, bowing. "It's your weekend, mind hearing a story about MY NOBLE SEIGE ON THE DEATH E-"

"No thanks, Iggy," I said, "I have somewhere to be today." 

"And where's that?" 

"Meeting up with some friends, you know," I said.

"The two Malfoy kids?"

"Yeah, who else?" I said. "And how'd you know?"

He touched his long hooklike nose. He looked part goblin, but it would've been rude to say that. After all, he was quite a nice elf compared to some I had met. He winked as if to say it was his secret about how he did it, then he said, "I would've expected you to go meet a boy you liked," he said, "You seem that type of girl."

"I'll kick you across the room if you say that again," I said. It wasn't mean, but everyone had said that to Iggy at one point in their Hogwarts attendance, and Iggy took pride in that.

"I have ticked off my 1 millionth student," he said, grinning.

I grabbed my bag and walked down to the Whomping Willow. I had told Tom and Lucas to meet me there.

They were late, once again. They sat down and we began talking.


That's the next chapter! Knight, you can write out the convo cuz you said you wanted to write a part with Asia, so you can do it in your next chapter! Looking forward and sorry so short, I was busy today!





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answered Oct 29, 2018 by LunaLight (112,740 points)
btw knight please make tom meet up with Midnight afterwards!
commented Oct 29, 2018 by -GEMHeart- (286,350 points)
Knight can write it how she wants. I do want to say this, not to be mean, this is our story and since you suggested the character we get to develop and make her do what her personality allows. So whatever you wat her to do we will consider, but since it is our story, we can change and flip things. Thanks! ;)
commented Oct 29, 2018 by im kanye (373,560 points)
Awesome!!! I will do!!
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answered Oct 29, 2018 by im kanye (373,560 points)
Okay!!!! Great chapter!!! I wish I was a good of writer as you are!
commented Oct 29, 2018 by -GEMHeart- (286,350 points)
Thank you, I've been writing forever anyway...
commented Oct 29, 2018 by im kanye (373,560 points)
NP! I am writing the fourteenth chapter!
commented Oct 29, 2018 by -GEMHeart- (286,350 points)
KK! Will look at it and follow up in the morning!
commented Oct 29, 2018 by knight (960 points)

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