Asia Abernathy-Lovegood (Harry Potter: Silens I) OC Questions Edition PT2

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1. Say it's your OC's birthday: what type of party would s/he like the most and what type of party would s/he despise?
Asia would enjoy a party that is a full-blown wizarding party, but wouldn't mind a Muggle one despite her dislike of them. She would like a party complete with popping balloons and cat-centered talismans, but isn't selfish, so she frequently shares her birthday with people as if it was theirs as well. It's not uncommon for her to also give people gifts of her own on her birthday.
2. What is your OC's fave and least fave season? (and why?)
Asia loves winter, which is her fave season, because of the beauty of snow. Snow, in her mind, is like a symbol of being able to preserve-- snow covers the plants, but underneath they are still alive. However, she dislikes summer only because of how hot it is; spring and fall are neutral in terms of if she likes them or not. 
3. Fave and least fave type of music? (and why?)
Asia listens to music in her free time while she studies. She enjoys hard rock, dance, classical, and emo pop. Her tastes in music seems contrary to her personality. She also enjoys listening to and reading the sheet music made by Tom (unbeknownst to him?) and Lucas. While she isn't jealous of their musical ability, she does wish she could play like them (though she has no interest in learning). Her least fave type of music is soft rock, but she's not sure why.
4. Fave and least fave genre of fiction/nonfiction? (and why?)
She likes nonfiction and the only fiction she has read is The Tales of Beetle the Bard , which her actual parents would read to her, but in  a Japanese translation. She likes nonfiction history, and the only fiction she likes is historical fiction. Her least favorite genre is mystery because she thinks some of the stories are rushed and some don't allow her to try to solve the case before the detective. She enjoys comics and manga too, but not very often.
5. Fave and least fave color (and why)?
Asia likes dark and pastel colors. She does not like neon or light colors.
6. Fave and least fave childhood memory (and why/describe)?
Her least fave childhood memory  was her time in the orphanage, while her fave was when she first learned how to ride a broom at the age of 9. Because she begged Luna to let her learn for years, it was a great achievement when she did. She would practice everyday, after she was done studying, for a few hours, no matter what the weather or season. When she was 10, she had managed to learn all the basic moves and went on to learn advanced moves by the age of 15.
7. What does your OC look for in a friend?
Asia looks for whoever needs a friend, then decides by their traits if she wants them as a friend or not. For example, when she met Tom she decided to be his friend because she knew the secret about him and his brother, and she wanted to protect it. She looks for loyalty and genuine interest in others, which is why she became friends with Lucas, besides the fact that she wanted to help out Lucas when Tom wouldn't. She also looks for kindness and smarts, but she is easily annoyed by people who think they're brilliant or by people who are full of themselves.
8. What does s/he look for in a wife/husband?
Asia looks for kindness, humor, and loyalty in a possible husband. She really didn't start dating until much later in her Hogwarts life, though she had thoughts about who she'd like to spend the rest of her life with. A possible person for her to date in the book is actually Lucas.
9. Any special powers?
Dark magic (inherited from her deceased parents) , normal magic, and being able to turn into a cat. Her booksmarts rival those of her peers but aren't considered "powers".
10. What is your OC's fave and least fave food (and why)?
Asia like Japanese food and European food as well as some American and Spanish food. Her least favorite foods are Italian.
11. How do other people view your OC?
Others view Asia as sorta superior schoolwise. Friends view her as a friend, of course. No one has any hard feelings towards her at this point of the story. 
12. What is your OC fave animal (their spirit animal)?
Cats every day.
13. When is your OC's birthday?
She was born at midnight of the last day of December. Technically she was born at the start of the year, but she celebrates it on New Years only when she can't on the last day of December.
14. What was your OC's birth like (describe key points, like where, how, what weather, etc)?
Asia was born in Japan in the Mahou ("magic, witchcraft") mansion. In fact, her birth name, Ajia  ("Asia") Mahou comes from this mansion. It was a cold wintry day at this time, and her mother gave birth to her prematurely. Her mother survived the ordeal and Asia's parents raised her for 2 years before they died.
15. Your OC's fave activities?
Winter sports, Quidditch, studying, hanging out with friends, etc.

How about YOUR OC? Post below!

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answered Oct 31, 2018 by toad aka star (298,300 points)


Tom would enjoy more of an expensive party, but due to poverty, he mostly had small birthday parties. Of course, the parties were always fun, with many magical candies and other fun things. Lucas would like a simple party, more of a party celebrating with friends.


Tom loves the winter, mostly because it's Lucas's and Tom's birthday. He loves Christmas, and is his favorite holiday. He doesn't really dislike a season, but if he had to choose his least favorite, Summer would be it. Lucas likes all seasons, but likes Fall the best, and Summer the least.


Tom's favorite kind of music is rap and classical (two whole different things, but those are both my favorite), although he like alternative pop the best. He hates soft rock. Lucas likes Alternative pop, doesn't like soft rock either. Tom doesn't like soft rock because he finds it rather cheesy, and likes music that has meaning, like some raps and of course alternative pop. Lucas likes Alternative pop because he likes music that sounds good the ear. 


Tom likes nonfiction, and likes learning about the past. He finds it interesting. He's read Fantastic Beasts and where to find them, and so has Lucas. Lucas likes to learn about history more though, and Tom likes the study of magical creatures, which is what gets him a job in the future around finding magical creatures. 


Tom likes dark colors, only dark colors. He also likes silver, though. Lucas is blind, so sadly he can't see colors.


Tom's least favorite was when he was 13 and met Scorpius for the first time, while Lucas's is when he was pushed around for being blind at age 11. Favorite memory is when Tom met his father when he turned 12. Lucas's is when he was 4 and Hermione gave him some sweets, like gingerbread. 


Tom looks for a pureblood, and someone who doesn't go around and talk to blood traitors. Lucas likes someone who'll take care of him, and won't leave him behind, like put him on the side.


Tom looks for someone who shares the same interest as him, and can relate to him. Lucas looks for someone who can be kind and take care him, and treat him nicely. Basically same a friend.


Dark magic and normal magic, and the ability to care for magical creatures, but he figures that out once he's an adult. Lucas has plain magic.


Tom likes Italian, Lucas likes British food (since he's British, duh). Least favorite would be American food for the both.


People view Tom as a brat, selfish and rude along with oblivious. Lucas is viewed as sweet and innocent. 


Basically their Patronus? Tom's Patronus is a Artic Fox, Lucas's is a rabbit.


Tom and Lucas were born December 26. They celebrate Christmas twice.


Tom and Lucas were born in the Malfoy manor in Wiltshire. Lucas and Tom's father left after they were one year of age.


Like Quidditch, winter activities for Tom, and Lucas just likes eating snow.



commented Oct 31, 2018 by -GEMHeart- (270,710 points)
LOL, "just likes eating snow", "views Tom as oblivious" etc etc XD XD XD
commented Oct 31, 2018 by toad aka star (298,300 points)

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