Silens I ("The Silent Trio") Chapter 16

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Silens I Chapter 16

Faking it is only going to make the pain worse, as the silence overcomes whispers that are soon to be screams, and it seems to be impossible to realize that pain that sucks that soul of others, their weakness spreads out of their body as you glare In shock. But of course-

 "Tom! Are you awake?" I slammed the leather bound book shut as a familiar voice entered my ears. Lucas was stumbling around for a bit till he heard the book close. His pale blue eyes looked into mine, but more  like through mine almost.

 In a way, it was unnerving. Snapping my own icy steel eyes to him, I let out an unwelcoming hiss. "What!?" I whisper-yelled. Lucas climbed onto my bed in the least graceful way imaginable. I was tempted to push him off seeing as he was just barely on, but I managed to hold back. 

Sitting in front of me in with criss crossed legs, Lucas seemed to stare behind me. Gradually becoming more unsettled, I turned my head to face the wall. Seeing as there was nothing there, I glanced  back at Lucas. His eyes were gazing at me now. I involuntarily glared at him, though I knew he wouldn't care.

 "What are you doing here?" I made sure to pronounce the words very slowly, so he would be able to get it in his head. His lips began moving, though no words flowed from his mouth. As he laid there silent, I quirked up an eyebrow. I glanced over to my watch I always kept with me, as the arrows were pointing to 7:30. We had been sitting here for longer than I thought. Pushing Lucas and a few sheets off my bed, I heard a satisfying 'thump' as he tumbled down to the wooden floor. Grinning to myself, I headed to the washrooms to get ready for the day.

Dragging Lucas through the halls after seeing him bump into a few other students, we had arrived to our first class of the day, Transfiguration. Opening the door and heading inside, Lucas and I parted ways to get to our own seats. I could practically feel the holes that burned into my head as Mr.  Glentonburg glared daggers at me.

 I was obviously not his favorite student. He began "teaching" us about human to animal (or vice versa) transformations, though he said we would get into learning that when we were older. Lulumoon seemed particularly interested in this lesson, seeing as her head perked up when he mentioned it.

 Mr. Glentonburg pulled something out from under his desk, which looked like a small cage with a white sheet covering it. Tearing the sheet off the cage, a small toad laid in it. I could hear a small 'Aw' come from behind me, though I paid no mind to it. Mr. Glentonburg had a wild grin plastered on his face as he reached in and pulled the unimpressive amphibian from its prison.

 "See this class? Today you get to witness first hand how a transformation spell really looks like!" He made it sound like a big deal by lifting the toad a little higher than necessary. I almost rolled my eyes as he did the most basic transformation spell created. Some less experienced students 'oohed' and 'awed' a little, though my face remained emotionless through the entire process.

 A saw a hand raise once Mr. Glentonburg turned the poor toad from a mutated rat back to it's normal self. No surprise was evident on my features as I saw it was Lulumoon. She was intently staring and paying close attention to the teacher ever since he announced the activity for the day. "Excuse me Mr. Glentonburg?" She asked as the teacher snapped his head in her direction. "Hmmm?" He questioned. 

"Is it possible to turn a human into an animal, like a wolf?" He looked to be deep in thought for a split second before brightening his face and giving her a wide smile. "Well of course! Though, it is quite a complex spell that would take years to perfect, but if you truly wish to learn it than I would suggest starting out with something simple, when your older." She seemed disappointed at how long learning the spell would take, though I could care less. After explaining the magic behind the spell in a bit more depth, we were finally free to go as the door opened and students piled out. I looked to see what my next class was. Charms with Mr. Flitwick. Grabbing my bag with a few books peeking out from the top, I headed to the next class.

I saw Lucas enter the class five minutes before the expected time, as I was ten minutes early. Prof. Flitwick was scribbling unreadable words onto the board, as more students flooded from the door and into their seats. I could see a few familiar faces in the crowd, Lulumoon, and Lucas was obviously here.

 Turning to face the torrent of young wizards and witches, a stern expression settled onto his aging features. In a monotone voice, he began the class. "Hello children. Today we will be learning about protection charms." My head drooped as he droned on about the most simplest of charms. I wasn't one to sleep or miss out during class, in fact, that was quite the opposite of what I would do.

 I couldn't help the sudden tiredness that washed over me as he spoke in the most emotionless tone possible. I yanked my head up as soon as I could feel the cold of my desk come I contact with it. I refused to be a slacker. That was something I'm not and will never be.

 I focused on the board as I made out the letters written in a neat, big, bold cursive. "CHARMS" It read. Deciding it would be best to participate in order to make sure I was going to stay active through he entire lesson, I slowly raised my hand. Turning his attention to me Prof. Flitwick drawled out some words.

 "Would you like to participate Mr. Malfoy?" Nodding my head, I stood from my seat and made the small walk to the front of the room. "Here's an apple." he handed me the bright red fruit and continued, "Why don't you show us the Anti-theft charm? Try and prevent me from taking the apple away from your grasp." He finished with a professional tone.

 I gripped the apple and mumbled a few words before handing it back to the Professor. Of course, he was unable to achieve it as he pulled his hand back. I walked towards my seat once again and waited for the class to continue. After showing us a few more examples of charms we'll be learning, class had ended. 

Shuffling out of the room, I made my way to the Great Hall. I saw Lucas trailing behind me like a lost puppy, probably following the sound of my footsteps. Rolling my eyes and ignoring him, I had arrived at the great hall. I spotted Asia rather quickly, noting that she was only a few feet ahead of me.

 I saw her take a few steps before standing directly in front of me. Her brow seemed to arch and her lips bent into a frown. "What!?" I snapped, much like I had with Lucas. "Where's Lucas?" she asked. "I don't know, probably stumbling around trying to find us." "Then why don't you help him?" She questioned rather upset. 

"Ugh, he'll find us soon... maybe." She rolled her eyes and grasped my arm with a firm grip, as she starting to make me "help" her look for Lucas. Finally finding him in a group of assorted houses she dragged him back to where we originally were. "You okay, Lucas?" she asked concerned, and ignoring me.

 "He's fine." I deadpanned. She glared at me in a threatening way as her golden eyes narrowed. "I wasn't asking you, Tom." She quickly disregarded me and went back to fretting over the perfectly fine Lucas. "I'm okay." He said quietly, "Just got a bit confused. I thought I was folearly Tom but it turned out to be another boy." Lucas explained shyly.

 "Oh, well good. Tom should of helped you, though." Asia glanced at me with a disapproving look. I shrugged my shoulders. "I don't have time to babysit Lucas." I may have sounded a bit harsh, seeing Lucas's expression dampen for a couple seconds before he put on a meek smile. "O-oh, well how was your day Tom?" He asked me, trying to start a conversation.

 "Uneventful." I answered. "Oh." He squeaked out. I couldn't stand his awkward stuttering. Huffing, I got up and left. "T-tom! W-where are you going?" I didn't answer as I simply rolled my eyes. I walked over to a shaded corner, where a girl happened to be standing. Noticing that she was Lulumoon, I speed walked out.

 "Hey! Tom, was it?" I wanted to roll my eyes for the millionth time today. I groaned and turned to face her. "Yes?" Her eyes bore into my own, keeping eye contact the whole time she walked over to me. "Haven't seen you 'round much." she spoke. "I was in class." Ignoring my rather blunt statement, she continued as if I never said a word. 

"We have Transfiguration together, right?" Raising a brow, I answered, "Yes?" Blue eyes lighting up, she looked excited. "Do you like that class?" I asked. "Well, we are learning some quite interesting things. Can you imagine turning into another species?" I involuntarily shuddered at the thought.

 "I'd rather stay human." She looked surprised as she spoke once more, "Really? What if you could be your favorite animal? Wouldn't that be amazing?" I glanced at her weirdly before shrugging. "I guess." She sighed. "Imagine being a wolf, running freely, paws colliding with soft green grass, wouldn't that be spectacular?" Hearing the bell ring and excusing myself, I left the ravenette with her strange daydreams. 

Just want to say, this is tomorrow on the train ride. Here is Gem's part:

It was time for the train ride, a rather long one to imagine. I pulled myself out of the thought, in my robes with a grin on. But of course, it was my birthday soon after all. "C'mon," I picked myself up from the firm seat I sat on, looking over to Lucas with his eyes glancing over to me. "What?!" I snapped, as started in wonder. He laid his pale eyes off to a wall, then to a refection in the mirror laid in out dorm. It was time. I packed all of my clothes up one by one quickly, as Lucas did slowly without looking at what he was doing.

"Sorry," I coldly apologized from me snapping at him, and he smiled in a happy reaction. "Don't be too sure of yourself," I grinned, holding a green sweat shirt in my sweaty palms. Soon enough, my clothes were all packed, but as expected, Lucas's wasn't. I hadn't a care in the world to help him with packing, he was barely done, after all. He sighed, feeling my reaction of stopping to pack. "Done already?" he questioned in a sad manner, wishing me not to go already.

 "Yes," I replied, as he laid his head on his chest. "Co-could you help me?" I looked down and up, thinking about the offer given. "And what would you give me in return?" I asked, smiling lightly.

Lucas stuttered, "A-all my swe-sweets." "Good enough," I sighed, going across the room to help him. In minutes, which felt like seconds, I was done packing his clothes. "Okay then, lets go to the train," I sighed, as we skipped off in the Slytherin hall ways. We then made it to the loud, cheerful crowd of all the houses mixed together. I pushed around with Lucas to find Asia fiddling around with some Ravenclaws that seemed to annoy her. I saw Ace, too, but he didn't seem so happy. I rushed over to her, when we were about to board the train. I was awfully happy, a feeling I hadn't felt in a rather long while.

"Alright then," Prof. McGongal said, about to lead us off to the train, "have a great train ride!" she said enthusiastic to have finally gotten us off her chest. "Bye!" said a crowd of at least 100 children making loads of noises. We headed off to the train with Asia, while rest of the Ravenclaws said good bye to their teachers. I was rather happy to have them gone for at least a little while.  We boarded the train, all made up in our robes. Asia sat with us in our Slytherin compartment. 


So, my sister HELPED me with this chapter...………..*this betta be good* hope y'all enjoyed! I also realized that I made a I had to edit it...sorry there wasn't a lot of the train scene. I forgot that the story took place in the train, and I realized I had no money to pay my sister to write a whole other thing, so I wrote as much as I could!

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Good job
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Thanks! Thanks to Queeny LOL

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LOL, reading the Transfiguration part. Asia would be like, "LISTEN UP Y'ALL I'M AN ANIMAGARUS" but she's not vain XD If she was, she'd stride up to Lulumoon like, "LISTEN UP, BEING AN ANIMAL AIN'T ALL THAT GREAT"...


BTW love it, and will cont. it soon! ;D
commented Nov 7, 2018 by toad aka star (343,180 points)
LOL my sister made that part and I was too lazy to read so I was like "YOU KNOW WHAT? I DON'T CARE IF YOU GET THIS WRONG, I'M LAZY!!''
commented Sep 14, 2019 by toad aka star (343,180 points)
shhh, younger me!! You are not supposed to admit you lazy crab!
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Wow! My older chapters were LONG!
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True younger me, but you'll be better sooner, trust me

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