Silens I ("The Silent Trio") Chapter 17

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We are almost at this book's halfway point!!! Thanks to everyone who has been reading, rather you comment or not! 

Silens I Chapter 17

Listen to me, Asia.
You're special.
Parents always say that to their kids, but I mean it.
You're really, really special. I can't say how much of that you are.
But others will view you as a snotty, maybe even unfair, type of person.
All because of the fact you're not like them.
You have knowledge beyond your years, and skill beyond your classmates.
But, you need to keep your cards close to your chest.
You've done a great job with that already.
Keep them waiting. 
As the saying goes,
"Speak and they'll think you're a fool.
But become silent and they're become curious." 
I know about your inner demons, 
but you have the power to stop them.
I fall like a cherry blossom in spring.
The wind carries me up and down, like
emotions, fake and real.
I can't stop it. 
I can't stop anything.
I fall again, twirling in a stream of disbelief.
The wind brings me up.
It knows
But at the same time it doesn't.
What is it?
A friend?
An enemy?
I don't know, 
but I care... 
I fall down like the cherry blossom,
but this time
I'll never move again,
unless another gust of wind
no matter if it's my friend or my foe
comes along to help.
The next day, it was the day to head back home for Christmas break. I woke up, dressed, packed, and hurried down to eat breakfast as quick as I could. I grabbed some toast, frantic, as I had slept in and when I had woken, Abby and Lizzy had gone.
What do you know, Asia, you didn't preplan for packing and now you're late.
I walked into the Great Hall, ready and panting, and went over to join the Ravenclaws, though I would have much rather not have. They looked at me with a kind of awe, again, and I turned away, which was not the correct decision. One of them tapped me sharply on the shoulder.
"Huh?" I said, a little annoyed. 
"How's this semester been for you?" asked the tall, dark 5th year. He was rather a good-looking guy, but he had the feel of a player, like the guys who try to get a girl only to break her heart, you know. I only knew this cuz I used to watch lots of soap operas when I was younger. I don't know why, but the acting in those seem cheesy to me now. But the wizarding soap operas are a lot better than Muggle ones.
"It's been boring," I said.
He smiled. "Ya, it has, hasn't it," he said.
"You're a 5th year. That's when it starts to get harder, right?" I said, trying to act as non-annoyed as humanly possible.
"Sure, sure," he said. 
One of his friends came over, a tall, blond girl. She smiled. "Is Gerald annoying you?" she said. I nodded, she pulled him away, and then 2 more Ravenclaws, in my year, began to talk my ear off. I sighed heavily. 
Why, why, why are these Ravenclaws so annoying?!
Tom and Lucas came over, and for the first time I was grateful that they had come to rescue me. We went down to the train once McGonagal had wished us luck, and climbed into a compartment.
Tom had been annoying me due to the fact he hadn't been helping Lucas the last few days, but I wasn't letting that effect me. Which was a first, and Tom obviously noticed that and seemed a bit grateful. As I set my pack down and sat down beside Lucas and across for Tom, I began reading the Daily Prophet as the train started to move.

The Daily Prophet, Dec 2009 Special Edition

This month a mysterious stranger by the name of Handison was spotted in Hogsmeade, a few months after appearing upon the Hogwarts Express. Nothing has been confirmed about this mysterious man except he had murderous intentions. Keep tuned into the WWN and keep reading the Prophet for more, updated information on this developing topic.
"Anything good?" asked Tom.
"Not really," I said, but for Lucas's sake, I read the short paragraph. "I'm sure we don't have to worry about it," I said. "At least for now. Be right back," I said, and went off to change into a T-shirt and ripped jeans, tossing a coat around myself and coming back.
"But didn't you say you wanted to investigate?" said Tom a little coldly.
It took me a minute to register what he was talking about. "I did, but let's wait til the Prophet gets a lead on him. We don't know much about him as it is, and anyway we don't even know if it concerns us." I said.
"It involved Ace," said Tom..
"Yeah, but I don't know..." I said. "I'm not sure if Ace was Imperio-ed to attack me or for another reason and he just happened to attack me. I mean, I don't know, and I don't want any of us getting hurt. For all we know this guy could become the next Voldemort." 
"Don't say that," said Lucas.
I shrugged. "Anyway, let's just enjoy our holiday. What do you guys have planned?" 
"Well, it is our birthday soon," said Tom, a little smugly.
I grinned. "Congrats," I said. "I'll be sure to buy you something if I'm invited."
"I think your mum invited us over," said Tom. 
"Huh?" I said. I wasn't expecting to be invited, and plus I didn't get allowance, so now I was entitled to buy something, just great. "When?"
"Well, Mum said that the day after tomorrow we'll be going and staying for the week." said Tom, running his fingers through his hair as if he were nervous.
"Okay, I'll make sure to clean my room," I said. The view outside the window was getting more tame, with fields of farmland starting to pop up, which meant the trolley lady was going to making her stops soon.
"W-what about y-you, when's your b-birthday?" asked Lucas, stuttering once more. The lunch lady came in, offering sweets, and Tom bought some for everyone as I answered. 
"Heh, it's on the last day of December but also in the first day of January," I said. "I was born at exactly midnight between those two days, but Mum celebrates my birthday during the last of December. That probably means that our birthdays will be combined for this party," I said, chewing on some Every Flavor Beans.
"Does your mum throw good parties?" Tom asked, chewing his gum.
"Oh, yes, they're wonderful," I said, grinning. 
The rest of the train ride involved random people popping in to tease or annoy us as we ate our food. One of the professors who was on the train began popping in every hour to say something to us, and Wyvern Moody, the DATDA teacher, started trying to teach us defensive spells but someone caught him very quickly. Basically it was a fun time.
Halfway through the ride, I pulled open the window, and cold air flowed through. I leaned my head against the window, letting the icy wind tussle my long hair. I could feel Tom's eyes burning into the back of my head.
We pulled into the train station, and people starting bustling off. I could see Mum and Ms.Granger on the platform together. I pulled my trunk off the train, holding Lucas's hand as Tom jumped ahead, giving Ms.Granger a small hug. 
"Aggy!" said Mum, which was her nickname for me, since Asia couldn't be broken down to a nickname. "How was your semester?"
"It is uneventful," I said, and Mum smiled.
"That's good," she said, laughing. Then she turned to Ms.Granger. "We'll be going now, Hermione. Hope you and your rugrats have a good time at home. Thanks for waiting with me and see you in a few days!" she said, saying it in her unusual and floatly voice.
"Okay, Luna," said Ms.Granger, grinning. 
"Bye, Tom, bye Lucas," I said. Unexpectedly, Lucas trotted over and gave me a big hug.
"Bye Asia," he said, hugging me.
A little uncomfortable, I hugged him back and he let go. "See you guys in a few days," I said. Tom stood there, still, hands in his pockets, so I came over and extended my hand. "Friends, right?" I said. 
He nodded after a minute, and shook it.
We departed. I climbed into the Volkswagon and off we drove.
Our house was a small and quaint white-picket-fence type home without the picket fence. Snow laid neat and crisp on the lawn, and I could see a few unicorn foals in the distance. They liked our house this time of year, and I was well acquainted with them. I got out of the car and dragged my heavy trunk behind me onto the driveway. We had a good 5 acres and there weren't too many people around, and while it looked ordinary on the outside it was perfectly unusual on the inside. This was what deterred the Daily prophet people: they saw a normal house and were like, "NOPE they don't live here," and would go try another house.
I opened the door and Mum followed me. The den, which was what you entered first thing, was the 2nd most normal room in the house. It was a large room for guests to hang out and only had a few odd trinkets in it. It had deep blue seating and a dark green rug, and it was very open. The kitchen and dining room was also quite normal in comparison to the rest of the house. But the living room, attic, Mum's bedroom, and the library were bursting with unusual things, things I loved to look at all the time. 
I went to my room, the most normalish room in the entire house. I quickly unpacked my suitcase, and flung myself on my bed once I had tossed my coat aside. The room was medium-sized and had lots of things neatly up on the shelves, like medals, trophies, keepsakes, and interesting books. I had laid my wand up on the topmost shelf.
I sighed heavily. The scents of Mum's cooking wafted up through the house, and thankfully it wasn't nasty soup, but cookie smells. I grinned, sinking into my pillow, glad that I was back home, even if for only a week.
Okay! Yay! Christmas break! LOL. Anyway, this was the train ride and half of the first day home. After Knight's chapter, we will write out the party. I hope you enjoyed this!!!

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Wow! Great!
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Thanks! You! XD I write all these chapters myself in about 30 or 40 mins XD
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