Silens I ("The Silent Trio") Chapter 19

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Silens I Chapter 19

The question that drives us all. 
Why are we here? Why do we do what we do?
I... I can never find the answer...
I should ask around.
I should find a common factor, 
I should ask and find the common answer.
Then, that may be the answer.
Graphs, books, and facts
can't prove everything.
I... I wish they could.
I would have a solid foundation.
But, I only have sinking sand,
and I just keep falling.
I walk the empty halls.
The windows make the halls drafty.
Cold, and nipping on my bare ankles.
I only have on a short dress that barely covers my lower thighs.
I can feel everything.
The cold, the pain.
And no way to be warm.
I continue to walk
the floor chilly to my feet. 
I step outside.
It's snowing.
I look up.
It's only swirling white.
I feel the cold all around me. I feel the pain all on me.
It seeps deeper.
And deeper.
Until it reaches my heart. 
It freezes my heart, and I can't feel.
Everything is numb.
And everything is... beautiful.
This... pain...
is beautiful.
"Huh?" I said, jolting awake. Slowly, I felt around my body without opening my eyes. I was on my bed, and everything was warm. I must've fallen asleep. 
Today was the day that Tom and Lucas and Ms.Granger came over.
"Good morning," I yawned as Mum waved to me from the kitchen. I was walking downstairs in my slippers and long T-shirt and shorts. 
"Hello honey," said Mum in her absent voice, eating at the oddly-shaped table. 
"Mmmhmm…" I said, skipping over breakfast and walking into the living room. I sprawled across the couch, watching the Christmas tree twinkle with it's Muggle LED lights. Mum had gotten those cuz they were cheaper than the wizarding brand. I turned my head to stare out the window at the snow, which was coming down on our house in gentle, swaying waves.
"You better go get dressed into something more... modest," Mum said laughing. 
I yawned. "Fine, fine," I said, grinning. 
I ran upstairs, throwing on a short T-shirt with a logo on it and some black sweatpants. As I pulled on some ankles socks, our family owl, Auru, soared into the house via my window, like she always did. By the way, Auru actually means owl in Japanese.
"Hm?" I said, looking at her sternly. I was sitting crosslegged on my bed, ad she had flown right on top of my shelves that held my odd trinkets. She cocked her head and leaped over to me, shaking a letter off her leg onto my lap. "Thanks, Auru. Would you mind finding Hikyuu for me?" I asked. 
Hikyuu, whos name means warrior, was my little tom-cat. He was a fixed kitten, so he didn't spray urine all over the place or go around impregnating the local female cats, which both Mum and I were thankful for. He was a calico number, with white paws and blue eyes, and he was quite interesting considering the fact I could talk to him in my cat form. He always ran off, though, so Auru was more or less the cat-catcher.
Auru, being a smart owl by any standards, nodded her little nod and took off through the window. Being on the second floor of the house, Auru had a good vantage point for taking off when she took off from my room.
I went downstairs, leaping down two at a time, as I opened up the letter. I went back to the living room, sat back down on the couch, and began to read, chewing on some taffy Mum had made me eat. For all I knew, she could've injected all my daily vitamins and minerals in there so I stayed healthy even with no breakfast.
Dear Asia Abernathy:
You may not remember me. Frankly, hardly anyone does these days. I was the man who found you and placed you in the orphanage care. I invite you to come back during Christmas break (after your birthday party, of course, I wouldn't want to interrupt any celebrations) and find out more about your parents, as the orphanage staff have found some information about you. They may not understand, being Muggles and all, but I do. Not because I knew them (or you, for that matter) personally, but because I am the wizard hired to teach you for your seceding years at Hogwarts. 
-Luke Kuso, Professor.
I was a little skeptical about this Kuso guy's credentials until I unfolded another piece of paper, this time from McGonagal, which confirmed  the fact that he was to be my new teacher. Mum came up to me, and I turned and handed her the letters.
"What would you do?" I asked.
Mum looked at the letters. "I don't know," she said. "Well, if I were your age, I wouldn't go. You're not allowed to use magic outside school, and what if you need to defend yourself? Maybe I could go with you."
"Yeah, maybe," I said, stretching across the couch.
An hour passed until the door bell rang. It had been completely silent up until this point, so I was startled. I had almost completely forgotten about the guests. Mum went to go open the door, and then she came in, with Ms.Granger, Tom, and Lucas trailing her a little nervously.
"Hey guys!" I said.
"You look different," said Tom tersely. He was probably so used to seeing me all crisp and clean in my school robes with my hair neatly brushed. Instead I had on loose clothes and my hair was thrown around by the wind.
"Could say the same about you," I said. "With your suit and everything."
Tom was wearing a formal suit, which contrasted with his sallow appearance. He shrugged. Lucas was wearing a casual T-shirt but stiff pants.
Mum grinned. "Let me show you guys to the guest bedrooms," she said, and led Tom, Lucas, and Ms.Granger off. I wrote back a short note to Kuso as they went off upstairs. I heard Mum showing them my room.
 I'll be there before Christmas break ends, just send me the address and the time. 
-Asia Abernathy 
I sealed it up and whistled for Auru. She flew in from upstairs, dropping Hikyuu onto my lap and landing on my shoulder. I handed her the letter, she clamped it in her beak, and she leaped off my shoulder, soaring off. I smoothed out Hikyuu's fur as Lucas called down the stairs,
"A-asia? A little h-help h-here."
I got up and helped him come down the stairs, gently yanking him towards the couch. "How are you?" I asked a little absently, once we had sat down.
"F-fine," he said. 
I smiled. "You seem a little down. Hey, I have an idea. You wanna see the unicorns?"
Lucas looked at me. Even though he was blind, his pale eyes still held a frighteningly accurate hold on my face. I smiled, gathering Hikyuu up in my arms. He mewed a little painfully, his skin still soar from where Auru had carried him back home.
"My M-mum doesn't let me go o-outside a-alone," Lucas said. 
"You won't be alone," I said. "Just hold onto me, okay?" He nodded, and I helped him pull on his coat. I grabbed my own, yanked it on, and let Hikyuu down on the ground. He'd led us to the unicorns.
"Mum! Lucas and I going outside to see the unicorns," I called upstairs. 
"Okay, just keep an eye on him," Mum said, and Ms.Granger called a little worriedly,
"Don't let him stray too far away!"
"Okay," I said, and I opened the door. Holding Lucas's hand, I walked to the side of the house. "Are you scared of heights?" I asked. He made a little "eh" movement with his head and shoulders, like, "yeah, sorta". "Okay, stay down here then. I'm going to climb up to the roof."
"Huh?" he said.
"It's okay," I said. 'Okay' seemed to be my catchphrase at that time. I climbed up to the roof, peering out into the backyard, and saw two little golden foals trotting towards the house, leaving hoofprints in the snow. Grinning, I leaped down onto the ground, and pulled Lucas gently around to the backyard. Hikyuu led us to them, a little brown, black, and white speck in the distance. 
We reached them.
"Hi, Yunikon," I said as the head male, the largest and oldest unicorn on our property, walked towards us, head high. "Mind if we pet you?" Yunikon, whose name meant unicorn, tossed his head a little like he was annoyed, but let us approach him. I pulled Lucas's hand out and let him stroke Yunikon's muscular and well-endowed back. Though Yunikon was the oldest on our property, he was still quite young for a unicorn.
"He's s-so soft," said Lucas. I smiled, and turned to see Tom walking towards us.
"You wanna pet Yunikon?" I asked. 
Tom took a step towards him, and let his hand dip into Yunikon's smooth back. Yunikon was joined by his mate, Hakuba, whose name meant white horse, who let us pet her immediately. She was quite a sweet unicorn, and she frequently let people ride her.
"Who wants to ride Hakuba?" I said, a little mischievously. 
"Are you mental?" said Tom.
"No, just confident," I grinned. "Are you scared?"
"No!" said Tom. 
I smiled. "Don't worry, you don't have to ride her. Maybe another time. Plus it's getting cold out here." I shivered. "You guys like the guest bedroom?" 
"It''s okay," said Tom.
"Good! Do you know what they're doing in there?" I asked, pointing towards the house as we walked back to it.
"Setting up the party," Tom said. 
Lucas nodded, but then stumbled. I seized his hand to keep him from falling.
"Well, you guys feel like hot chocolate?" I smiled. "We have plenty." They nodded, so when we reached the house, I made some and gave them a cup full each. Mum came down, grinned, and said that the party would be held in the den that night.
"So, occupy yourself til then. There's a wizarding town not too far from here, if you'd like to go. I'll go ask Hermione if Lucas is allowed." Mum said, and I felt Lucas tremble a bit in my hand. Was he angry, or scared? Tom seemed excited.
"Okay..." Ms.Granger said hesitantly. "Sure."
We grinned, and pulled on our coats. We walked a few blocks to an empty expanse of brick. "It's hidden," I explained, "behind here. I've been here a few times, and it's really fun. I think you'll enjoy it." I waved my hand in front of the brick, stating my name, age, and a few other things, which the wall processed with your appearance, and fingerprints to let you in. While it couldn't make sure every criminal stayed out, It kept Muggle out.
The wall melted away, and I pulled Tom and Lucas inside before it sealed again.
The town was small, encased with the wall, but was bursting with life. It had a candy store, a joke shop, a restaurant, a pub, and an entertainment's area. They were all large stores with wizarding management, and were all very kid-friendly, except the pub, which you had to be 17 or up go to.
"Alrighty then," I said, "let's go!" I smiled, and took Lucas's hand as Tom followed us.
A long chapter! Yay! Hope you enjoyed. Christmas break will be soon for us, you know, it's almost Thanksgiving. If you enjoyed, vote up and comment. Knight, if you'd like, you can write your chapter with their adventure in the town!

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This was GREAT! Wish I made mine longer, just consumed my time on the "poem". I will write Chapter 20 soon!
commented Nov 14, 2018 by -GEMHeart- (292,470 points)
Thank you!!!! And great!
commented Nov 14, 2018 by im kanye (374,590 points)
I have to travel tomorrow and I have a lot of school work, so in two more days? I know!!! So much waiting!
commented Nov 15, 2018 by -GEMHeart- (292,470 points)

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