Silens I ("The Silent Trio) Chapter 23

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Silens I Chapter 23

They say it's best to stay quiet,
because if you do,
you may stay safe,
but I don't believe in quiet.
Then, how could I believe in being safe?
Safe is not having freedom. 
So, I'll be free,
But instead of being in danger,
I'll be the danger.
I ran downstairs to meet Mum, who had just called me down.  "Yes?" I said, leaping down the stairs two at a time. She smiled at me, and beckoned me over.
"I need some help with this," she said a little meekly, pointing at a huge balloon she was floating over the dining room table. I smiled back, and took my place in front of the table as Tom and Lucas came down.   
I waved my wand in a single sweeping motion, and the balloon began to swell. Tom watched with interest. He seemed happier than normal to me, and somehow that made me feel somewhat happier as well. The balloon began to float a little higher, towards the low ceiling, and then I waved my wand in a series of complex circle motions, with loops in odd places, which produced a series of confetti blasts from midair. 
"Whoa," said Tom.
"I know, right?" I said, grinning. I turned to Ms. Granger, who was cooking in the kitchen, and asked, "Ms. Granger, what're you making over there?" 
She smiled. "Italian for Tom, British for Lucas." then she frowned. "Don't worry, your mum told me you don't really like Italian, so I'll make some tacos or something.." she paused and flipped her wand in her hand, the food simmering in the pans.
I smiled. "It's okay, I'll eat anything!"
"Asia!" said Mum, and I turned around. "I think Mr. Malfoy is here, would you mind escorting him? We'll finish up the party and everything while you're gone."
"Okay, Mum!" I said, slipping on some boots and a coat, and waving at Tom and Lucas. "You two wanna come?"
Tom seemed to be shaking with excitement, as was Lucas. They didn't answer- nerves, maybe?- and so, I went outside on my own. I walked to the driveway, where Draco was waiting, looking around. 
"Greetings, Mr. Malfoy," I said a bit too formally. Draco didn't seem to mind.
"Hello," he said, and I beckoned him to the house.
"This is where we live," I said. "Your sons are quite happy to see you." 
We walked along to the house, and before I knew it, we were back. I turned to look at him, and said, "Tom is particularly happy, please don't let him down. It's rare to see him like this, so please, please don't do anything rash."
He didn't answer, but I opened the door for him and let him inside. 
It was complete silence for a moment as everyone's eyes fell on him. Ms. Granger held her hands up to her chest, like she was scared, though her expression showed otherwise. Mum had an arm on her shoulder, staring at Draco indifferently. Lucas, though he was blind, had his eyes on Draco like everyone else.
Tom was positively bursting with pure happiness.
"Hello," said Draco, a little wearily. His eyes coasted over his former wife, his children, me and Mum. He settled for half a second longer on Lucas and Tom.
"Hi," said Mum, happily. "Come," she said, and beckoned everyone into the dining room.
The room was decked with everything from balloons and ribbons to photos and memories. It was very colorful, and shiny, and it warranted more than just a grin. Everyone was smiling, even Draco, with his weary-worn expression.
We all sat down. Mum served some food, and Ms.Granger sat down next to me. She smiled, and once everyone started eating, she kept making small talk with me, as if not to talk to Draco, who was talking to Tom.
"It's nice to finally meet you and everything," Ms.Granger said to me. "I appreciate the fact that you cared for Lucas this semester."
"Who told you I did that?" I said, eating slowly so I could speak. I didn't say it rudely, mind you, but with an air of interest.
"Lucas did. He seems very fond of you," she said. 
"That's nice," I said, and there was a long pause. Draco and Tom were talking in hushed whispers, but they seemed to be getting on very well. I turned to Lucas, who was sitting beside me. 
"You okay?" I asked.
"Yeah," he said brightly, his plate half-gone. 
I heard a rustle of feathers from the window, which was high up in the wall to our right. I leapt up just in time to catch Auru as she flew into the room. She would've collided with the Christmas tree otherwise. That's why I'm here, Auru: to save your feathery butt.
I opened the letter that was attached to her legs as I sat back down in my seat.
"What is it?" asked Mum. 
"Um," I said, "I need to go. I'll be back by dinner," I started for the door, but Mum grabbed my shirt hem. 
"Where are you going?" she said. "It's your birthday, you should be celebrating."
"How old is she?" asked Draco.
"She's 11 now," Mum said, grinning.
Draco appeared surprised. "I thought she was 14 or 15," he said.
"Everyone does, Mum, let go please. It's another letter from Kuso. He sent me the address and time-"
"You can go later, okay? Right now, just enjoy your birthday." 
"Ugh, fine," I said. I sat back down. That night, I was determined to go. I wanted to find out about my history, but then again, maybe it wasn't all that important. Maybe it could wait. I sighed, and sat back down, smiling at Mum and the others.
Tom and Draco went up to the library to talk after cake. Lucas and I went up to my room, and I "showed" him around, letting him touch the artifacts he seemed interested about. I sat on my bed and straightened out my poster on the wall, which was of a Muggle anime that was pretty popular. 
"What do you do for fun?" he asked.
"Well, I sorta like to draw," I said. "But I'm terrible at it. How about you?" 
We talked the afternoon away. Tom came in by the evening.
"You guys want to practice some magic?" I asked. 
They nodded. We crept past the living room, where Ms.Granger and Draco were talking. They seemed sad. I couldn't hear what they were staying, but judging by the look on Tom's face, he did.



YAY! A longer chapter. Knight, I would like if you started the next chapter with the spell session, LOL. I wanna see what sells Tom and Lucas can do. ;3 Hope you enjoyed!


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Great chapter!

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