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do i have some LGBTQIA+ buds on kidzsearch?yay

asked Nov 27 in Other by hufflepuffqueen (2,860 points)

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boogieheck yes! I'm ace btw

answered Nov 27 by Huggyvtfvygv
selected Nov 28 by hufflepuffqueen
cool, im bi
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I'm not, and I don't "support" it, but I don't "reject" it either. Being a Christian, it is my job to be open and accepting, which doesn't mean I have to be "LGBT".


EDIT: To me, LGBT is "there" and it "exists". I'm indifferent to it though I am still against it due to my morals. I wont treat anyone whose LGBT different from someone who isn't, if that clarifies it a bit.


I am glad KS is diverse, and I'm okay with your choice, as long as you don't force it on us. ;) Have fun on KS!
answered Nov 28 by GemHeart (126,250 points)
edited Nov 29 by GemHeart
how does one force lgbt on someone else? that confuses me. but thanks for being accepting.
I mean by trying to get you to support it. Like, say someone's gay. Perhaps that person likes someone who isn't LGBT, and that person wants to have a relationship. That's forcing, at leats to me, cuz the other person feels entitled to be nice which the other person may take another way, etc, etc, etc
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I'm not, but I "support" it?
answered Nov 28 by Knight Star (109,020 points)

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