Silens I ("The Silent Trio") Chapter 24

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Silens I Chapter 24

If I died, would you still be there? What if that person was you? It's hard die, but it's harder to live.

I smiled at my notebook, that lost the dust it was known for. I had barely written in it lately, I was too caught up in Asia and my dad.

My Mum sat closely next to me. I was on my bed, which was rather firm. Lucas hugged Mum tightly, which was usual.

Mr. Malfoy- I mean father- was coming today. I was shaking in utter excitement. So was Lucas, but not as much as I did, which was expected.

Mum then sat up, getting up and kissing Lucas on the cheek. She then walked out the room slowly to cook some food for the party.

I looked at Lucas bleakly, as he just smiled happily. I stood up, nudging Lucas a bit. I then rushed down the stairs, following Mum.

I then saw Asia practicing spells. I watched in amusement. She shook her wand, which made something that rather interested me.


This then starts as a spell session. Please read Gem's chapter to understand!


"Depulso!" I yelled a bit angrily, which is a good reaction. We were in Asia's "study room", which was a good place to study spells.

There was a grand clock and a small table that had all sorts of trinkets that Mrs. Lovegood didn't really care much for.

One that caught my eye was a blue crown like object, that had a raven in the middle of it. The charm made the object vanish, which it is a vanishing charm.

Of course, the object would end up somewhere else, like possibly Asia's room, as an example. Lucas looked to Asia in boredom. "Anything interesting?" Lucas grinned, while biting his lip.

I looked to Asia, that at a rapid force, pulled out her wand. "Baubillious!" she looked amused at the result. A flashing yellow sparked bolted in the air, hitting another trinket on the table.

The green trinket, which was a odd, dusty one, dusted. There was none of it left but a pile of ashes.

"Wow! That's so cool!" Lucas giggled. "I could do better," I said, but at the same time impressed. I took out my wand, looking at Asia and Lucas. "Colovaria!" I said, while Asia and Lucas giggled.

Asia's clothes color changed to a light blue, more like a aqua color.

I heard Father and Mum's conversation grow louder, but I blocked it out.

It seemed Lucas and Asia were confused about it, but even though I couldn't exactly here it, it seemed like it was about me and our new little brother.

"Anyways," Asia continued with her head raised high, "do you think we could go some where else?" she smiled. "Maybe!" Lucas quickly responded.

The three of us headed up to Asia's room, which was near the living room. I heard the conversation getting louder, which made Lucas look gloomy.

We were in Asia's room, again. It had anime posters, which didn't appeal to me at all. I've heard of it, because it popular in the muggle world.

Asia looked at me for a second, then looked over to some books she had. "So, what are you currently reading?" she asked. "Oh, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them." I responded.

"Cool!" She seemed uninterested, but so did Lucas.

This chapter and grammar is so bad. ): I was rushing! I can't wait for the next chapter though! (;



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YAS love it! Then again, I love dem all XD

I will start on the next chapter now! I enjoy waking up to the next chapters! ;D BTW we're almost done with da book! ;D
commented Nov 29, 2018 by im kanye (373,050 points)
KK! And thanks LOL
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Ok I really like your guys's writing, i'm a big fan of Silens by now, keep writing!meowla

commented Nov 30, 2018 by im kanye (373,050 points)
Thanks so much, Luna! I'm a big fan of your writing too!
commented Dec 3, 2018 by -GEMHeart- (283,730 points)
Thank you Luna!!!! ;3

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