Silens I ("The Silent Trio") Chapter 25

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Silens I Chapter 25

When someone finds something,
a missing piece of their puzzle
comes into place.
But of course,
all my pieces are scattered away and around
and I can't ever help to find them.
"So, what are you currently reading?" I asked, Tom and Lucas were sitting cross-legged on my bed. Obviously the question was directed at Tom, since Lucas was blind. 
"Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them," he said, a little excitedly, but I didn't care much for the book, despite the fact I liked magical creatures just fine.
"Do you want to be a magical zookeeper or something?" I teased. 
Tom shrugged. He was fingering a small trinket from my nightstand. "What's this?" he asked, a little like he was confused.
"Just a family thing," I said, snatching it away, quick enough to be rude. "Sorry, " I said, averting my eyes, "it's really fragile."
"When do we get to open gifts?" asked Lucas.
"In my house, you get gifts before bedtime. Also," I said, looking hard at Tom, but laughing as I switched my clothes back to their original color. "Good job with your spells, by the way. Your skill level impresses me. You're just a few major jinxes and hexes off my level, and that's saying something." I grinned widely.
"Thanks," Tom said.
After a few minutes, boredom started to seep in. I glanced at the clock. 6:30, PM. 
I waved my wave experimentally, slashing in through the air. All of my anime posters began to move, the girls leaping up and down and the guys glaring at them with disdain. I waved my wand again, and they stopped, only for the entire room to turn green. They were all visual spells, so I flicked my wand to where Lucas was sitting and turning that part of the bed into a couch cushion, so that it was still soft, only a bit stiffer. Lucas laughed, and I changed it back. But the boredom carried on.
Finally it was time to open presents. I didn't see what Tom and Lucas got, but I got a few books, and then some new sketch paper for my letters, along with several other things. 
That night, I headed off to my bedroom and Ms.Granger, Tom, and Lucas went off to their own. But before that happened, Ms.Granger and Draco had another talk, and this time I could here them loud and clear while I was taking a shower.
"Scorpius is my son, and I am going to try to be in his life. That does not mean I won't be in our kids' lives, Hermione, it just means I won't be in their lives as often." Draco said.
Hermione said something about her kids' welfare. I heard Lucas's name being thrown in there, along with the mention that, being blind, he needed as much support as he could get .In response to that, Draco referred to Hermione and Tom  me as being Lucas's supporters, I snorted at Tom being a "supporter".
I stepped out of the shower, went along to my room, got dressed, and sat down on my bed. Auru flew in, perched on one of the shelves, and began squawking. "Shush," I said, batting her away. I got into my covers and slept the night away.


The next morning, Draco had gone. Ms.Granger gathered up her kids and left a day before we had to go back to Hogwarts. Tom waved at me from the car, while Lucas made sure he hugged me before his mum led him out to the driveway. I waved from the house, smiling a little sadly, even though we would meet up on the Express the next morning.
The next day, Mum and  drove off to Kings Cross. I didn't see Tom or Lucas the whole train ride, which was annoying. Instead, Toby Caim found me and talked my ear off, but now I think back I remember seeing Tom, but I guess he was deterred by Caim and decided not to join me.
Classes started back up in full swing that day, and that night, I was scheduled to meet Luke Kuso for the first time.


Hope you enjoyed it! It's a bit shorter but yeah.... only  a few more chapters! The next chapter I do will probably be Kuso's lesson and then a few more classes. Things get sped up after this.

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This is great! I will make a chapter today or tomorrow!
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Thank you! ;D
commented Nov 30, 2018 by knightstar✧ (293,530 points)
NP! I woke up sooooo late today...……..

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