Silens I ("The Silent Trio") Chapter 27

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Silens I Chapter 27

What's it to you?
Why do you care?
You don't, though you act like you do. 
Everyone acts. 
So, by logic, you do as well. 
"You okay?" asked Caim that night, during dinner. 
I shook my head. "No," I said, "I haven't seen Tom or Lucas all day. It's a bit depressing." I looked up to see Caim looking at me in an odd way. "What?" I said, a little snappily.
He flinches. "Er," he said, blushing, " nothing."
"Heh, you embarrassed, Caim?" Ace came over, his hair a bright blue.
I stared at his hair for several seconds before he clapped his hands in my face. "Hey! Earth to Abernathy," he said. "You notice anything?" he grinned so widely I was slightly unnerved, but I answer.
"It looks like someone jinxed your hair. Want me to change it back?"
Ace made a face. "Heck no! I like it. I went to dye it." he grinned again. "I have some extra dye. You want me to do your hair?"
"No!" I said, but he pulled out his wand and cleared his throat, muttering a spell.
"What are you doing, Ace?!" said Johnson, who was hanging around the Ravenclaw table, not sitting down to eat. He walked confidently over. "Don't jinx Asia, or you'll get much worse from her." 
"You better go back to your own table," I told Caim, and he nodded, still blushing. He got up and walked off while I watched Ace and Johnson talk. Ace was older than Johnson, but Johnson was taller. It was interesting watching them.
I looked around, catching a glimpse of blond hair. I saw Lucas being guided away by a tall woman. I called out to him. "Hey, Lucas!" I said, sprinting up to them, and staring at the unfamiliar woman. "Who're you?"
The lady stared down at me. "I'm Llyr," she said, her voice smooth. "You're Asia?"

"Yeah," I said. She walked off past me, guiding Lucas, but Lucas caught himself and comes over to hug me. 
"H-have you seen Tom?" he asked.
"I haven't seen him, no," I said, a little nervously. "I saw Ace, though. You want me to help you find Tom?" I looked around, picking Lucas's arms off me so I could grab his hand. Llyr nodded, and she turned to Lucas.
"Take care," she said.
We didn't find Tom. 

"I have to go," I said to Lucas. "I'll see you later," I said, leading him off to the Slytherin Common Room. "You can do it, right?" he nodded, and he walked off. Then I walked off, walking to Kuso's office. I knocked.

"Welcome," Kuso said. "I just want to assess you today. I won't teach you personally til next year. I'm quite busy this summer." he smiled. "Now, let's assess you."



Sorry so short! Hopefully I'll be able to make the next chapter much longer.There may be over 30 chapters, maybe 32? IDK. We'll see! Thanks for reading!

commented Dec 20, 2018 by luna midnight- im to lazy to sign in, sr
I think I missed something...

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answered Dec 3, 2018 by knightstar✧ (293,530 points)
I love it! When will this book end?
commented Dec 4, 2018 by -GEMHeart- (261,930 points)
IDK? I think we can have at most 32 chapters cuz otherwise it will feel rushed. I think another one or two chapters would do the trick tho!
commented Dec 4, 2018 by knightstar✧ (293,530 points)

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