How do you make a blog on KidzTalk?

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asked Dec 4, 2018 in General Blogs by fungirly24 (1,670 points)
I want to make a blog on kidztalk but I do not know how to? Please help me.

1 Answer

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answered Dec 4, 2018 by toad aka star (346,600 points)
selected Dec 5, 2018 by fungirly24
Best answer
You ask Kidzsearch by making a post that asks for one!

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So I recently joined KidzNet as LesbianWolfFurry, and now I made an account on KidzTalk!!!

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I want to make a blog. Can its name be fungirly24's blog?

asked Dec 5, 2018 in Ask KidzSearch by fungirly24 (1,670 points)
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I am in middle school and none of my really close friends from elementary school go to my school. I am shy but I still want to make close friends. Please help me pop my bubble and make some friends.

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How do you clear browser cache on a Samsung tablet?

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I would like a blog named "star's blog" please. Thank you in advance!!

asked Feb 15 in Ask KidzSearch by toad aka star (346,600 points)
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i want to make slime one day, but we always do not have the ingredients. So is there one recipe that is super easy and almost everyone has the ingredients. Sorry, I am really crazy for slime so do you have any recipes. Thanks!

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What can you do with a Kidztalk account??? I am considering making one...

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Well, I have this book my friend and I have almost finished writing and I need an agent to help us find publishers, how do I go about doing that?

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I want to make a club called Gymnastics Girls Club. This club could let girls who do gymnastics to talk to each other about things. Or girls who want to learn gymnastics.

asked Dec 4, 2018 in Ask KidzSearch by fungirly24 (1,670 points)
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Hey, y'all! This is my first post on my blog, I'll post maybe weekly maybe more frequently idk. If this works out well, I might get an advice column. Anyways ... I wanna end this blog post with a question. What are you doing over Thanksgiving Break?

asked Nov 24, 2019 in Lemony’s Slice by Lemony The Bean (75,390 points)
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Hi, everyone. If you couldn't guess by my username I am a big Harry Potter fan. I have been wanting to do a survey on this for a while. So here it is. ... are better. c. equal d. Other:______ Put your answers in the answers please. Thanks, LLM.

asked Jul 21, 2019 in LLM's Place by lunalovegoodmolly (249,090 points)
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Im am only 7 yers old so i need abit of help witrh this. How do i return a pointer to an array from a function in c++. thanks guys

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Hi KS! Can I have a blog? I'd just like to name Queeny's Blog. Thanks!

asked Feb 14 in Ask KidzSearch by Queeny (117,280 points)
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Do you just ask? Or is it invitation only? Thx!

asked 5 days ago in Announcements by Ammy-k (28,670 points)
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How do you download an app with a QR code? Where do you go to scan it? Please Help Me!!!

asked Jan 13 in Other by PrincessKittens Left (201,870 points)
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I don't know how to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

asked Jan 12, 2019 in Personal by unicornlover01 (1,320 points)
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I already used the 48 trial just dance unlimited mode but i want to dance to more of just dance unlimited. How do i do that?

asked Feb 10, 2016 in How-To by ❤☮LouTheLuver☮❤ (160,150 points)
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So, this is my first time ever using this blog lol. Anyway, this is just a quick update. Currently, I am doing some school, and it's kinda foggy outside. I've ... KidzNet. Anyway, that was my quick update. I've never posted on this blog before lol.

asked Feb 18 in Moonlight's Blog by -Moonlight- (63,800 points)
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Hey guys I'm back! -------------- What are your resolutions for 2020, if you I have any? Mine are to probably get better grades and eat healthier. A mini Q and A for people ... media lol Age? A 12 and in 7th grade ------------ Ty for reading <3

asked Dec 20, 2019 in Vivi's Blog by Vanilla Bean (85,120 points)
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This is my new blog where I will write about my life and other things.

asked Jul 9, 2017 in The Blessed Blog by BlessedPrince (1,110 points)
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Can I have a blog? I think I have enough points.... if I do can you call it Coffee Cake’s Corner?

asked Nov 24, 2019 in Ask KidzSearch by Lemony The Bean (75,390 points)
+20 votes
2 answers 32 views

A few ideas for new features! 1. Profile photos 2. Wall posts on your profile pic 3. Let users write a short descriptive bio, like on kidznet. 4. Not have ... that has those features and can help you relaunch them:

asked Oct 19, 2019 in Ask KidzSearch by Kitten (569,050 points)
+9 votes
7 answers 159 views

LLM: Hello and welcome to my first ever OC show! Oh course, I only have one OC to interview, but I can deal with that! There will be more shows with more ... Recorded by LLM Studio Hosted by LLM Check out our sistering show 'The GH Type Show'

asked Sep 22, 2019 in LLM's Place by lunalovegoodmolly (249,090 points)

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