How do you make more friends?

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asked Dec 4, 2018 in Personal by fungirly24 (1,660 points)
I am in middle school and none of my really close friends from elementary school go to my school. I am shy but I still want to make close friends. Please help me pop my bubble and make some friends.

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answered Dec 5, 2018 by hufflepuffqueen (4,400 points)
selected Dec 8, 2018 by fungirly24
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you'll find your people in no time, im sure.
If you really are eager, you should join a club or study group. remember to find common ground! i've made some of my best friends because they started up a conversation about harry potter or something with me. hope this helped!
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answered Dec 5, 2018 by Emelyisaway (2,010 points)
Yo! I'm in 8th grade now, I've been shy since I was in like 5th grade. Something that helps me is jokes. I have a type of meme humor so I like to share that with people. Nothing offensive ya know. Try to be funny, it helps a lot!
commented Dec 7, 2018 by toad aka star (342,530 points)
I agree! Helped me!
commented Nov 13, 2019 by anonymous
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answered Dec 5, 2018 by arkzo (421,960 points)
Get out there and create small talk with other people. You would eventually make some great friends.
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answered Dec 4, 2018 by Queeny (117,330 points)
Beats me. I'm in middle school as well, I haven't seen my "best friend" in months, and everyone avoids me like the plague. When you find the answer, tell me. I need as much as the next person.
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answered Dec 4, 2018 by toad aka star (342,530 points)
I've never had friends before, but I just made a new one today! Be open and kind, like complement their outfit, or make a funny joke!

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