Silens I ("The Silent Trio") Chapter 29

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Silens I Chapter 29

Tick-tock, tick-tock, the time is coming soon....
tick-tock, tick-tock, by the light of the moon...
tick-tock, tick-tock, the time is coming soon...
tick-tock, tick-tock, leading to your doom. 
The world is full of negativity. 
Negativity is a big word, as it holds a lot of meaning.
Bad actions, bad words, bad people... 
I am that very embodiment of negativity, 
because all I see in my future
is destruction. 
Kuso droned on and on without moving his gaze from me once after the assessment. All this time, my mind was straying away from him and back to my friends. I hadn't seen Tom all day, and only saw Lucas once, when we were looking for Tom. I looked back at Kuso, and he was staring at me, with his striking blue eyes, almost like Lucas's. 
"Is something bothering you?" he said, sweeping his brown hair out of his eyes. Only with this motion did I notice how young he was. He must've only been 16 or 17. I felt my face burn but didn't take my eyes off him. He chuckled. "Heh. Okay."" he walked over to me and sat down on the chair nearest to mine.
I looked away.
"It's okay, I won't bite. Anyway, about your assessment-"
"How old are you?" I spat out. "You don't seem old enough to be a teacher."
"I'm 16. Graduated from here about a year ago. And I'm not a teacher, I'm a tutor. And you don't have to feel uncomfortable around me cuz I know I'm handsome, " he said, in a self-centered mocking tone. Then he paused. "That was supposed to make you laugh. I'll lose my job if you don't."
I shrugged. "I don't laugh easily." Well, at least around those I don't know.
Kuso grinned widely. "A challenge!"
I interrupted him. "Listen, Professor, " I said, "I'm here to learn, not laugh."
"Well, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy," said Kuso. "You need to have fun here as well. That's what makes it entertaining, and makes you wanna come back." he paused, wand in hand. "So, let's start. Your assessment is as followed."
I looked hard at him, my blush fading. I was now annoyed at him, which left no room for embarrassment. He grinned and wave his wand, and a large piece of paper fell from the sky into his hands. 
"Apparently, you are a genius, we all knew that. Also, 'you are good at attack spells and great at defensive, and you have a knack for learning useless spells that most likely won't have any use one day.'" he glanced at me, only to see my wand raised and pointing at him in anger.
"Useless?" I said, in a shrilly voice. "They just need some creativity, that's all!"
"Hey! I'm just quoting the assessment!" Kuso said defensively, adopting a more professional tone. "Anyway. It says you need improvement on hexes and jinxes, and that your potions ability is only up to par with a 3rd year. You have enough experience with Herbology to pass fairly well, and blah, blah, blah.
"Basically, you need help with Potions and some spells. Otherwise you're good. Wow, you're smart. A Jack of all Trades!" he grinned again. "Well. Now I know. You're free to leave. I'll work out some things to help you over the summer. See you next year!"
It was all rushed. I stood up, and started towards the door, but Kuso cleared his throat.
"By the way, Asia. You may wanna keep a close eye on your friends. You don't know how quickly they can slip from your life if you don't: one day you'll be best friends, the next they will have slipped away, grown up, gotten a family." he had a twinge of sadness in his voice.
"I'm guessing it's happened to you," I said. 
"Yeah. I was like you, and had just gotten some friends I could actually call my friends. They were very nice but they didn't seem to understand me. They left soon enough, and I was left all alone, and no one wanted to be my friend because of what I am."
"So, what are you?" I asked warily.
"Smart and dangerous." he said.
"Ditto here." I said, grinning a little. "I can be your friend. We have some in common."
"Sure, sure. See you next September." Kuso smiled. "And keep your friends close, and your enemies closer."

I woke up the next day, tired and worn out. I sat up on my bed, feeling a little depressed, and decided to head off. I pulled on my robes and went down to the Great Hall, but made  a detour off to the Slytherin Common Room. I walked slowly down the hallway, trying not to disturb anyone, but some people asked me if I was lost. I told them I was meeting some friends. 

"Hi Lucas," I said, bumping to him in the hallway with Llyr, and sighed in relief. "Where's Tom?"

"He's sick," said Lucas. "A perfect told me that. He's studying in the Common Room but he can't go to class today." he gestured to the Common Room door, his gesture surprisingly accurate considering he was blind. 

"I could go in and help him. I don't have to study today either. Kuso said just to go around and read or something today." 

"Do you like Kuso?" asked Llyr. 

"He's okay. A little too-"


"Yeah." I rolled my eyes. 'He annoys me, despite his good looks."

"He's handsome?" asked Lucas a little unexpectedly.

"I guess. But I'm not bias." I yawned. "I'll go in and help Tom. That okay, Llyr?" I asked the woman the question like a threat. I didn't mean to, but I didn't exactly like her leading Lucas around. I felt like that was my job: it was the reason we forged a friendship at first. But I sucked it up. Llyr nodded and let me in, saying she would tell a teacher you were there so no one would freak out.

Tom's eyes were hazy from sleep. "Hi, Asia." 

I sat down beside him at the Common Room table. I looked about, a little taken aback by the Common Room décor, but I didn't show it. "Hey, Tom. How do you feel?" 

"Sick, how else?" he said. I chuckled a little.

"Sure, sure. Has anyone written to you yet?"

"It's the second day back, of course not." he said. 

"I keep on seeing Llyr with Lucas. What do you think about her?" I asked, interested n his view on the matter. 

"She's okay. Ace seems to like her though." Tom began scribbling away on his homework, coughing. I was glad I had enchanted myself with one of those anti-virus spells before entering. 

"Well that doesn't say much!" I laughed.

We continued on, talking about Tom's dad and mother and whatnot. Before I knew it, it was lunch time. I went off and ate, bringing Tom something back. When dinner came around, I did the same, and left the Common Room. As I left, Tom said bye and Lucas did too, as he was there by that time.

I smiled.

Keep your friends close.

A few weeks passed by the time Tom got better. Nothing eventful happened, and before long, months had passed and the time for our final exams got closer, and closer. Before long it was only a day before we started. Everyone had been cramming themselves with knowledge and everything, but I was fairly sure I would pass the exams given to me, the 3rd year tests, as all my lowest subjects matched that year level.

I sat down at dinner that day, as the next day was the tests. Caim sat beside me. He was confident he would pass with my guidance, and kept on thanking me and assured me that he would buy me something if he got the best scores in the year. I grinned and said it wasn't necessary. 

Ace stumbled over. His hair was still bright blue, but it wasn't new anymore.

Lucas and Tom and I had agreed to meet under the tree near the lake after the exams were over, just like their mom used to do with Harry and Ronald. I was looking forward to it as I headed into my first exam as a Hogwarts student.

Hope you enjoyed! It was longer so yay and I had fun with dis. I did quite a big timeskip but I hope it won't effect anyone. ;) Looking forward to yours, Knight!

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Love it! Can I have for info on Kuso?
commented Dec 19, 2018 by -GEMHeart- (279,060 points)


Kuso is a young tutor (as seen here, he is only 16), and is very smart, like Asia. In this sense, they are very alike. In fact, Kuso finds Asia very intriguing, and her smarts attractive. Kuso is the type of guy to go after girls or women who have his level of intellect: he can't stand idiots. In fact, he would much rather not teach than teach a class full of dumb first years, so,therefore, McGonagal gave him the tutoring job.

He is from a muggleborn family, so I guess I would expect Tom to rebuke him. Kuso's first name is Yew, which he never liked and changed to Wilson, which gave him the impression that he was older than he was. He enjoys doing things like debates.

You would expect him to be a wimpy, skinny starving-artist type guy, which is sorta is, but he actually is stronger than most kids his age. He is quite kind to children, and he has opinions on everyone. For example, he sees Asia as smart, Lucas as sweet, and Tom as slightly deterring. He tries to keep an upbeat attitude.


Does that help, or do you need more info?
commented Dec 19, 2018 by toad aka star (342,530 points)

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