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asked Dec 19, 2018 in Other Contests by -GEMHeart- (277,480 points)

Hello, fellow KSers. It is your friendly Gemmy, here again. My first contest in FOREVER. This contest has a few rules, but don't worry it is VERY freelance-style, because this contest is about coming up with the best story or plot idea that is ORIGINAL. The deadline is not existent. Just please, at least someone enter by the New Year.


1. Your idea MUST be original.

      1.1. For example, it must not have been published before.

       1.2. And by published I mean on websites such as Wattpad as well.

2. It must be INTERESTING. 

3. It must be somewhat-kid friendly 

     3.1. Violence is okay, but not overly graphic

     3.2. No sexual content

     3.3. Etc. Just use your common sense.

4. You must give credit to anyone who you have borrowed from. For example, if the idea was originally your sister's, or brother's.

5. Have fun, and post your prompt/story plot below.

But wait! What is the incentive? WHAT IS THE DRIVE TO ENTER? I am one of the best authors on here (at least I hope to think that), and a good anime artist. If you agree to post here, and you win, you will have a chance to work with me on a short-story version of your prompt. For more information on what I am looking for, please access this link.



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answered Dec 19, 2018 by Queeny (112,380 points)
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answered Dec 19, 2018 by toad aka star (326,920 points)
Okay, I will!
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answered Dec 19, 2018 by Snickerdoodles
Electro Man  is my title it's about a super hero who has a little brother he didn't know was evil. The story begins now. It was a fine day in Grodon city Texas. Suddenly the bank alarm goes off and two robbers emerge from the building before they get into there veichle Electro Man and his 2 side kicks, sun man and hair women jump in front of the veichle ." Get out if the way kid" said robbers #1." Yeah! Yo momma is probably worried!" Said robbers #2. "We're not just any kids" said Electro man. Electro Man shot a missel out of his arm. It hit robber one but did not explode. Instead the wah wa meme played and a flag that said "You're a looser" " Why you little..." Before the robber could finish Hair rapped around him like a rope Sun Man shot out a beam of light that blinded him for a while.  When his eyes opened, he reallized he was in jail with robber 2.Electro man saved the day, for now at least mean while under the city in a cave. Rockman ( the bad guy of our adventure) was plotting an attack. He explained his plan to his sidekicks, fire man and water man."I discovered an alean language that called them to this planet. When they here he lyrics to this song they will come and follow my orders. I will tell them to destroy the city and if the mayor doesn't give his job and his people to me a nook will set off killing every one!" The next day rockman stood on top of a skyscraper. " Me go boom boom me go dumb dumb me stupid idiot!" He sang then suddenly a swarm of saucers came to the city. Electro man saw and turned his legs into rocket boosters. Sun man was blinding some saucers while hair woman was crashing some into each other. Electro man was shooting lasers at the saucers. Soon there were no more exept the mother ship. They flew inside and saw rockman and his side kicks. Rock man said " well we'll we'll if it isn't" before he could finish electro man pressed the self destruct button and left with his freinds. They saved the day once more and went home. The end. (If I copied off of any thing I want you to know it was unintentionally
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answered Dec 19, 2018 by Snickerdoodles
Does it have to be like it says in the link?
commented Dec 20, 2018 by -GEMHeart- (277,480 points)
As long as you follow the rules (this post) you'll be fine. Yours qualifies!
commented Jan 4, 2019 by Snickerdoodles

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asked Jan 7, 2017 in Other by L (75,500 points)
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