Silens I ("The Silent Trio") Chapter 30: Book One

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Silens I Chapter 30

The light runs from my hands. An empty man with a filled past. Growing up too fast but still staying the same. The lights getting brighter and harder to reach. Running to find something, only to find nothing. A heart overfilled with sadness and anger. Time is getting shorter, years feel like days and most times it feels like it never happened. Yesterday feels like year ago, pain feels like an everlasting memory. Running from others that run from you. A face with a smile plastered on, a voice with scripts to be read by it.

I wear a dusty crown,

I walk this land alone,

I fill eyes with tears,

I'm the one that all shall fear.

Anger runs in me,

Roots like a tree,

All cut down,

I scream and yell,

No one can tell.



I'm almost thirteen. It seems weeks turned into months. I looked around my surroundings, a tall pale boy standing in the corner, his eyes leaving mine.

I sat in a dark corner alone, looking at Slytherins running through the hallways, their heads raised high with pride. I cuddled against the firm wall, holding on to my legs.

One boy looked at me. He smiled, as I plastered a smile on my face. Afterwards, I quickly bolted up. I, more or less, ran out of Hogwarts. A group of Ravenclaws eyed me while they were taking lessons.

It was a cold day, with snow and Hufflepuff's throwing snow balls at each other. I gave a blank, lifeless expression to those that stared at me. I walked slowly away from them.

I saw my brother looking at me with the same lifeless face from across the crowd. He walked away, which seemed it looked like he vanished from sight.

It just reminds me when we were younger, kids with no care in the world. It just shows how when you grow older, you lose more then you gain.

Ace hurried over to me, a worried look on his face. I looked around the old, Hogwarts walls, admiring their wisdom. "Tom!" Ace yelled at me, catching my attention.

"What?" I silently said. "Where have you been all this time?!" he yelled once more. "It's not like you care anyways!" I snapped. "Your right, Tom, I don't. I'm tired on having to put of with you. Your just as selfish and cowardly as you father. Your just a bad copy of him."

I glared at him, running the wording in my mind. "Bad copy?" I walked away in silence, while Ace yelled, "Coward! Now are you going to cry?"

I walked to a lonely place in Hogwarts, near to where something called 'Yule Ball' would be held every year. I sat there, alone in silence. I didn't cry. I just had my eyes wide open.

The school year was ending. I can't help but remember how Hogwarts had changed me, from the beginning to the end.

Thoughts ran through my head.


I could of done better in my classes.

I could of been nicer to Lucas.

I could of stopped messing up all the time.

I held my wand in my hand. Ace was coming over to me, which I suppose he had found me. Anger and sadness mixed my emotions. "Look, I'm so sorry about earlie-" I stopped Ace from continuing, raising my wand. "Never say sorry," I yelled a spell, as Ace flew around the room.

He had gotten beat up from the spell. He was on the floor, his eyes on mine. He waved his wand weakly, whispering an unknown spell. He was breathing harder by seconds, barely having the strength to get up.

"Look now, who's the one crying?!" I yelled at him. Llyr had came in. It was her last year on her job. He looked shocked, helping Ace up. I knew that Llyr would tell Mum, she informs her of all the actions me and Lucas do. I always found that annoying.

"We'll see what your Mum thinks of this!" she yelled, helping Ace up.

The next day Mum had given me a letter with red and green lining, which looked Christmas themed.

Dear Tom,

I know what you've done. It seems you've gotten this behavior from me. You could of done better than this, Tom. This is the fifth time this year. If this continues, I will have to inform your father of this.



I sighed, tearing the paper up. I was in my dorm, cold with my sweater on. I hugged my legs. I was on my bed, Lucas on the other side of the room. "You know, you have to stop this," Lucas said.

"Stop what?!" I yelled. "Stop trying to pull people away from you. It just gets worst as you get older! Why can't you stop it?" Lucas said, leaving me in silence, this time it was pure silence.


"I don't know anymore."


New chapter! There will be a time skip when we get to the second book!

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Is this the last chapter? I don't want it to end! Nooooooo


(Great chapter btw)
commented Dec 30, 2018 by im kanye (374,140 points)
Just for this book.
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answered May 4 by Thalia

Yes I know its it old ,but I don,t care lol
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Good job! I will cont. it sometime in the next few days!
commented Jan 7, 2019 by im kanye (374,140 points)
Read it! Love it and thanks!

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