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asked Sep 25, 2014 in Personal by davidz (250 points)
Kids are really mean to me in school. I don't know why, since I'm nice to everyone. They just pick at me and I sometimes start to cry, which makes them pick at me even more. I wish they would just stop doing it.

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answered Sep 26, 2014 by zippy (22,280 points)
selected Sep 27, 2014 by davidz
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I had my share of bullying in school. The schools should make it a top priority to have teachers get more involved to stop it, or hire volunteers to police the bullying and put an end to it. I bet you could recruit tons of volunteers.

My best advice is to just RISE ABOVE IT.  Focus on your own goals and achievements and just ignore all those losers bothering you. Your day will come and you will shine above them all. They will live a life of shame that they did this too you.
commented Sep 27, 2014 by davidz (250 points)
I really appreciate everyone's feedback. It is making a difference.
commented Mar 21, 2016 by Chrisy (340 points)


The people who bully who probably had a bad day.

Be you because you are one of those people who are probably going be famous or a superstar or a motiavator.

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commented Mar 22, 2016 by Chrisy (340 points)
did u watch the video
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answered Sep 25, 2014 by arkzo (418,880 points)
edited Jul 4, 2017 by arkzo

I feel sad to you. Just wished they would respect us, and this to be a better place.


This might work:

Tell a counselor or teacher, or whatever if this happens at school. You could ignore it, or record it, then you tell police, show them your screen, and they might help with that, or your parents might help. Cut them off.  Don't sink to a bully's level. Don't believe them.

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answered Sep 25, 2014 by tdtl1802 (13,210 points)
edited Sep 25, 2014 by tdtl1802
Hi, im a user here and if you ever need to talk ill be there. you need to talk to an adult, such as your parents or teacher. I cant answer why they are bullying you, but I want you to know it will always get better. some day they will realize it was wrong, and will learn there lesson. again, you have friends you can talk to here if you need too. I hope this helped.
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answered Sep 25, 2014 by mathgeek36 (41,510 points)
Hey, everyone! Miss everybody but I've been so busy with school. You should definitely tell your parents, and they will help you. You cannot let them pick on you...stand up for what is right, and stand up to them. Sometimes ppl bully bc they feel insecure themselves. Let me know if u need to talk some more....
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answered Oct 28, 2014 by ponypaw2
Bullies are just ppl who want to hurt you or to get on you.As other ppl has said in this file just tell an adult!Soon all these troubles will go and you will be happier!I will wish you the best of luck!
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answered Jan 5, 2015 by Reagan the Christian t
yeah. it's always the bullying. I was bullied by a kid named STORM COLEY. yeah, ikr! and he went so far on another student, he chased him with scissors and threatened to cut the student's HEART out! he was transferred after that. but trust me, the key to bullying is to stand up to them. grow a spine. it' a little easier for me because i'm really confident and dare I say, BRAVE, and i'm tough so nothing really gets to me. (imma girl, btw. shockers I guess) but I used to be a really shy girl who would always hide behind my mom whenever someone new was around. but, with more human contact, I eventually started to break out of my shell. I really took after my younger sister, Griffin, who inspired me the most to become confident in myself. I really improved, and I hope you do, too David(z). and the key to bullying, really, is to either stand your ground, or kill their buzz with humor. and the number one thing is not to show weakness. it's a self esteem battle;life or death. (metaphor) don't cry or they'll get what they want. but always try not to bully them back...that's all there isto it. hope you liked my ARTICLE of an answer. but I really hope this helps you.
commented Jan 29, 2015 by NIFFIRG~RETEEK

haey! t Naitsirhc eht Nagaer, ecivda doog!

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answered Jan 7, 2015 by GymnastPower (36,160 points)

The FIRST AND BEST THING TO DO IS Tell an adult! Do not fight other the bully if you do not have too, words can be your weapon! Try to avoid the bully! I had a bully once and my MOM was picking me up and the bully took my candy (I got from Citizen ship) My Mom started to say " HEY! (My name) IS THAT YOUR SUCKER! I nodded yes. My mom told the teacher ASAP! Now the bully wants to be my friend. I know the answer is no, you can say yes to this if you want, the bully showed NO REMORSE (sorryness) for (BULLY'S NAME) action. You can wink stand up for yourself and tell an adult. Remember TRUE FRIENDS WILL STICK BY YOU! Don't ask people to take sides either.

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answered Feb 21, 2015 by #Anime Lover! (7,910 points)
What you have to do is ignore them. Simple as that. If you cry, or something like that, it shows you are standing down the the bullies level. So, don't show any signs of emotion when they bully you. Cause if you do, they will continue bullying you, since they know that it is bothering you. So, show that you dont care. Walk away.
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answered Mar 24, 2015 by riverfree
I feel sorry for you. The girls in my school bullied us in the beginning of school. Me and my friends told the teacher and they stopped.I think everyone who gets bullied should do the same. Good luck.
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doesn't your school expel people who bully? mine does

p.s hope you figure out my question and answer it in my name
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answered Apr 10, 2016 by anonymous
Gods by your side he will handle it
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answered Apr 10, 2016 by ❤️GryffindorGal❤️ (115,710 points)
Don't give a reaction. If you act bored or look skeptical they'll go away
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answered Sep 19, 2017 by Jenny (21,250 points)

I have been bullied EVERY DAY when I was grade 4. They said that I'm stupid. So when I was grade 5, I tried to be a good friend for my class. And everyone loves me. Even the teacher loves me. And now, in grade 6, I have a boyfriend from my 5th grade classmate. Just be a good kid for everyonewink_smile

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answered Sep 21, 2018 by qwerty
it will be okay try asking your parents to go to k12

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