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Silens I Chapter 5

Life is like a corn maze.
 So many turns, 
and narrow openings, 
and bristly stalks 
that hurt you if you fall. 
You can only hope 
you reach the end, 
only hope
 that you reach it 
before you get swallowed 


Mum sent me a letter a week after Ace had died. 


I heard about Ace's death. I know you weren't really friends with him but comfort Tom and Lucas. Then again, you probably already are.


I sighed, and wrote her back with a short reply. Abby and I were sitting in the Common Room. We had just found Lucas, and Tom was sitting with us, despite not being a Ravenclaw. Abby was whispering to me in fervent intervals, but I ignored her. 

"Now that you've got that figured out, what do you do now, Tom?" I said. Lucas had sat down beside me.

Tom was silent.

"How about we go downstairs for lunch?" I said. "It's Saturday, we have no homework, so why not?" I waited for them to respond, and after a moment, they did and we went downstairs to see what the House Elves had cooked. 

After the Hogwarts Battle there were still a few House Elves who wanted to work.

Iggy came up to us. It had been a quite a while since I saw Iggy, and he was as old and teasing as ever. "Hello, Asia," he said, waddling over, his cane in hand. "Long time no see, eh? Are these two young men your friends?"

"Yes, Ig," I said. "Can you bother me some other time?"

"Is that any way to speak to your elders, young'un?!" he said.

I sighed. "Listen, Iggy. I'm trying to eat here-"

"Well! Let me join you!" said Iggy mischievously, and he leapt up. He banged his fist on the table. "Send up that cake I made this mornin'!" He shouted to the table, and a cake popped up almost immediately. "Here ya go, kiddies. Made by yours truly," Iggy said. 

"Thanks," Lucas said.

"You went on a date a week ago, right?" said Tom.

"Don't mention that in front of Iggy!" I hissed, but Iggy had heard.

"A date, eh? Imma write your mum, you bad girl." He said, in a serious voice. I groaned.

"Iggy, when do you become my babysitter?"

"The day you met me!" Iggy said, his almost toothless mouth curling up in a grin. "Anyway, go on. What happened?"

"Nothing did. He was somewhat interested but I wasn't." I said. "He was nice but I don't feel like I should go around looking for a boyfriend. For several reasons."

"Like?" said Tom.

"Like, I'm gonna die. And the fact that I'll have to tell my boyfriend that and he'll be deterred. Lots of things." I said. "So, I can't date. I'm fine with just you guys." I looked up to see that Kuso had walked in. He looked at us, grinned, and made a beeline.

"Is this a party?! Let me join ya!" he said, sitting down opposite of Iggy.

"Who are you?" Tom said to Kuso.

Kuso grinned. "Your cute little friend's tutor! That's who I am!"

I sighed. "Man, you're lively today."

"How many people are at the table now?" asked Lucas.

I counted. "There's Iggy, Kuso, Tom, you, and me. So five, Lucas. Why?"

"Just wanted to make sure." said Lucas.

"So, is this a happy party or a pity party?" asked Kuso.

"I don't know. We sat down to eat and then you two showed up," said Tom.

"Oooh! Cake!" said Kuso.

"Are you high on caffeine or something?!"I hissed at him.

"Teachers aren't allowed to drink, take drugs, smoke, or do anything else that requires one to be over 18 to do," said Kuso. "So no. I'm just hyped. I'm getting married soon," he said and looked at me with bright eyes.

"Congrats," I said. "Whose the lucky girl?"

"A nice lady called Julia Ushure." said Kuso. "The wedding's on Friday. Care to come?You can be the flower girl."

"No, thanks." I said. "I think I'll go. Y'all are too lively for me. Cmon, Tom, Lucas."

"But I didn't get to eat," said Lucas. 

"Don't worry, I have some sandwiches Mum made and sent today." 

That night I lay in bed, barely able to sleep. I got up, careful not to wake Abby or Lizzy, and snuck down into my cat form. It felt odd, I hadn't used it in so long. I slipped out of the dorm, and curled up in the Common Room, staring at the starry sky.

The next day wasn't very eventful and before long the week had passed again. We had passed Christmas break and were slowly reaching the exams, but we weren't close enough to start studying. I got up every morning and checked for an owl, but none came. I sighed, and sat down in the Great Hall, ate my meals, and did my classes. Life was boring.

One day in February, Caim sent me a letter, but I put off reading it until lunch. 

Hey Asia...

Are you free on the 13th? If you are please tell me yes. I'd like to spend some time with you in Hogsmeade, if that's okay! I'd like to meet Tom and Lucas if you want. 


'Whose it from?" asked Tom.

"Caim," I said.

"The half-blood Hufflepuff you tutored?"

"Yeah, 3 years ago."

"There's something else in the envelope." Tom said, and he pulled it out and read it in a whisper. "'I guess you could call it a date'?" he said, then started laughing. It had been the first time I had heard him laugh in a while. "Asia, on a date with a Hufflepuff?! I could imagine." he screwed up his face. ""Hello, I'm Asia. Do you know the solution to 37165237628137628 times 7227198293198319 divided by X, with X being 27362173823183?' And then Caim, 'Uh... no....'. And then you talk math and he sits there like an idiot!!!"

I laughed, and Lucas started to laugh a little. Lucas had gotten solemn lately. I didn't like it.

"By the way, Lucas, are you okay?" I said, anxious to turn the subject away from dating.

He nodded. "Sure," he said in a forlorn voice.

I sat there, not sure how to take care of the situation.


Hope you enjoyed. ASIA WHY R U GROWING UP ON MEEEEH! YOU HAVE GOTTEN A DATE AND I HAVEN'T AND YOU'RE YOUNGER THAN MEEEEE. Anyway looking forward to the next chapter!

asked Jan 10 in Fanfiction by -GEMHeart- (159,810 points)

1 Answer

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I love this chapter! I will write soon once I have this world art class done (I can already tell I hate World Art XD)
answered Jan 10 by Knight Star (166,780 points)
WAAAH you hate world art?! XD I only like some art XD
It's basically just another World History haha

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