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If you have been following my (on-and-off) posting these last few months, I hinted at an original manga last year in November. I have been planning my current idea for only about a month or two, but most major details have been laid down and I am drawing the first episode for the manga. I plan on it being at least 10 pages long, with the longest being 25.

This manga is called Frac/Ture, and focuses on a rough-and-tumble do-gooder called Yukinkohana Akikaze. Yukinkohana, whose nickname is Yukinko or Yuki (depending which one you prefer), is the type of girl who hates seeing people being picked on, but has no problem picking on those who do. She seems to be an unlikely hero(ine), considering she's short and seems out of place in her class at high school, but after meeting Tatsu Hakugin, a "transfer student", her life is turned upside down- and not exactly in a good way, considering that Tatsu is more than just a scrawny-seeming schoolboy with an odd appearance. He's something more, something called a Shugotenshi, and she's breaking the law just knowing about him. No, he's not evil, but he fights people who are, on a supernatural level. An expert fighter, a great tactician, and a somewhat-decent teacher, he and Yukinkohana become unlikely friends.

That's the overview, I will still edit minor and major details alike. I am working on the first episode and IDK if I'm going to post it. (If you're interested in reading it, vote up on this post OR {for non-members of KidzTalk/Net} comment, and I will work out someway to get it to you {maybe through KidzArt when it is released}). I will post some drawings of the characters soon (the main two, I have developed more), but a brief description should suffice for now.

Yuki is 15, as is Tatsu, but their appearances couldn't differ more. She has light, chestnut brown hair and he has greyish hair (despite the fact he's not old), but their hair is short.  Her eyes are pale green and his are icy blue, and hers are slightly larger, being a bit younger (by, like, a month or two). He is a bit taller as well. Their personalities are vastly different, with her having a more delinquent style air while he is more formal and soft-spoken, despite the fact he usually attacks first. 

I have not developed a family for either of them, though Yuki has a deceased brother named Nowaki. While Tatsu definitely has a family (if not had), I haven't planned that far ahead. They do more or less have friends. Yuki's are Kure (a realist girl, with a flair for shooting down dreams. She has a mature air about her.), and Sango (an airheaded girl, who, while not dumb, she does have some idiot ideas and is usually corrected by Kure a lot. She is beautiful, though), as well as Isamu (a smart and friendly guy who I haven't developed all too much).

Anyway if I decide to post it I hope you enjoy! Like I said, vote up or comment if you want me to post it. I will post in it in a private club on KidzNet at first but if it gains popularity I'll post it here in episodes. ;) 


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Wow!! Awesome!
answered Jan 22 by Knight Star (237,390 points)
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Sounds awesom. And on a semi-related note, when you added the word "KidzArt" in there, I was like "GemHeart talking about KidzArt, that sounds familer"
answered Jan 22 by Luna is 2 lazy 2 sign in and doesn't car
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That's awesome! Looking forward to see your manga! And I prefer Yuki to be the main character's name!
answered Jan 23 by JD2005
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I don't have a KidzTalk account, so I couldn't vote, BTW!

answered Jan 23 by JD2005
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answered Jan 24 by -Moonlight- (39,150 points)

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