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Here is my 15 wishes!

1. For all of my family to have a full and good life.

2. For me to have to have a good career in the future, like being a doctor or something else that I might be passionate about.

3. To get better grades in school.

4. To be better at something that I enjoy, like singing or drawing.

5. To have real life friends one day.

6. That hopefully my friends on Kidzsearch will have a great life.

7. To have my collection super big (not like it's not big already lol)

8. To be able to speak Spanish better.

9. To have fun with my life and be happy with myself.

10. Being a better person to myself and others.

11. Get ahead on school work.

12. For my sister to be a better artist and never give up.

13. Being happy in general, never feeling hopeless again.

14. To have a good life with my family, and not to die alone.

15. To be more connected with God and myself, not feel lost.

Those are my 15 wishes!

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Good Wishes!
answered Jan 29 by Astell......................... Jk, It's
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