i have a crush

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asked Jan 27, 2019 in Personal by none of your biusness
i think he likes me at least as a friend but hes going into 6th grade and we won't be able to see each other anymore it's getting closer to summer and i don't know if i should tell i like him before he leaves my life foreverrrrr!!!:( i know that he already has a girlfriend and i should think it's over but every time i see his face i fall in love with him again!! his girlfriend is girly and sassy!! but sometimes  girls that hang out with him come up to me and are like your name is  blah,blah,blah right? sorry guys i can't say my real name online. i don't know how they know my name but maybe he was talking about me! even worse he has tons of freckles, red hair and glasses!

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answered Feb 2, 2019 by tHaToNeWeIrDgIrLfRoMsChOoL

I can totally relate. I had a crush on my best friend's older brother, who I was also friends with. He's 3 grades above me, really cute, and a huge jerk. I liked him anyway. I eventually got over it, though, and I helped him get a girlfriend. I was 9 at the time and, guess what? He got the girl. It's been 2 years since that time. You should really tell him before it's too late. I've had a real crush on three boys. At different times, of course. 3rd grade, my best friend Ethan (he has blonde hair). He moved, but I told him a while before he moved. He was so nice and sweet. I still miss him, even if he rejected me. I didn't need him anyway. Boy #2 is my friend Alex. He's tall and is just perfect. He's cute and nice. Of course, he's way out of my league. BUT, he just told me that he didn't really have a thing for me. That was last semester of 6th grade. This semester, it ended up being a crush on my best friend, Ethan (he has brown hair). And, guess what? He likes me back. I don't really have a huge crush on him anymore, but that's mainly because he's my boyfriend now. Haha. Ha. Ew... People don't really like Ethan because he's weird and is sometimes a huge jerk. I'm at a low level of people liking me but he is just super low. I don't mind, though. As long as my best friend isn happy. 


Sorry about making all that about me. You really need to tell your friend how you feel. You might get rejected, but that shouldn't change your friendship. Alex rejected me (sob) but we're good friends. Wait, no. Not good friends. Friends that talk to each other and joke with each other.

commented May 29, 2019 by jellyfishlover

hi again, so my friend told me that one of my crush's friend came over and told her that my crush likes me! < friend > told her that  he wasn't supposed tell anyone but...... hopefully this is true!emoticon-00100-smile

commented May 29, 2019 by jellyfishlover

by the way, i'm none of your biusness i just changed my nameregular_smile

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answered Feb 2, 2019 by knightstar✧ (297,510 points)
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If your nine, then you way too young to date him! As a kid, two years is a huge age difference (or one..) We all have crushes that in some time we get over. I can understand having a ctush though!

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