Astell Chapter 10 (Shadow's Past)

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A while back, Astell started making her own magic, a very dark kind of magic, some of her magic turned into a solid form, that solid form was Shadow. Shadow was named shadow because the magic he was made from was so dark he could actually turn into a shadow on the wall. Shadow found Astell to be his mother and would always be by her, but in public he would hide in the shadows so no one would see him. But once Celestia found out about the dark magic, she banished Astell into a tapestry, Celestia didn't know of Shadow's existance, so Shadow was able to hide in his shadow form. Everyday Shadow would go into the castle and stare at the tapestry, remembering Astell.

     One day when Shadow was looking at the tapestry, tears coming to his eyes, he (without knowing) took his solid form by accident. Luna walked over to him, unafraid, and asked him why he was crying. Shadow was alarmed for a moment and took his shadow form again. "Huh? Where'd you go?" Luna asked looking around confused. Shadow took his solid form again. "You're not afraid of me?" Shadow asked curiously to Luna. "No, why would I be?" Luna replied. "Not everyone exactly 'likes' the shadow thing" Shadow said. "Why were you crying?" Luna asked Shadow again. "Oh, I was just... remembering someone..." Shadow replied, looking back at the tapestry for a minute. At that moment a guard walked by, Shadow took shadow form again until the guard passed. Luna and Shadow talked for awhile, they grew up to be best friends, Celestia seemed too busy to notice Luna sometimes talking to a wall. But...

   When Luna started to become jealous of Celestia, Shadow tried to help her, but Luna still was jealous of her sister, despite Shadow's help. And when Luna became Nightmare Moon, Shadow watched in shadow form, as Celestia banished Luna into the moon. Shadow was silent and frozen in fear at Luna being gone, his only friend. After that, he waited, years and years for Luna to come back, till the story started up again...

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Love it so far!

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