SILENS I ('The Silent Trio') Chapter 9 (Book 2)

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I stood waiting
 for the perfect moment, 
the right time
 to jump. 
The river below me was 
crashing into the rocks
 and only every few seconds 
would a proper ledge
 emerge be suitable to jump on.
 I leap, 
but I slip,
 and expect to drown, 
but someone unseen is there,
 and he catches me,
 and I'm safe. 
But sometimes I lose myself,
and sometimes I'm glad I did,
Because then someone else can find me,
And I can find them.

I stood there, smiling widely. For an odd reason I was happier today, like I had sealed away my inner demons, even if for an afternoon. Tom and Lucas were standing with me, in the Ravenclaw corridor right outside the common room. It took me a minute to notice Lucas, staring at me with a quaint little bowtie around his neck.
" I like the tie," I said, smiling. 
His unseeing gaze didn't waver, but he said, "Thank you." 
"What's the occasion?" I asked, which seemed to be the question on Tom's mind as well. "You going on a date or something?" I grinned, but my heart had a brief pang of something- what was it? Sadness? Envy?
He didn't speak, but took a deep breath. "Asia-"
At that moment, Toby came from behind me and shoved a book in my face. He was taller than me, and draped his arms over my shoulders, holding a book open so that I could read it. "Asia!" he said loudly. "They got this fact wrong! LOOK!" he was laughing and he pointed to the mistake. 
Dragon Blood has more than 100 known uses.
"It mighta just been a typo," I said. "Even wizards make mistakes. See?" I covered the extra zero. "More than 10 known uses. See?"
He smiled. "Sure. Sure. Just wanted you to see. Thought it may be funny," he said, and his friends came up behind him.
"C'mon, Caim! Helen and Gary are playing a game of Gobstones!"
"Oh? Whose winning?" Toby said, interested. 
"It's a tie! They'll need a tie breaker soon, they're the best Gobstones players in Hogwarts!!!" his friend, a boy called James, looked at me. "This your girlfriend?" he asked, teasing.
"Huh? No!" Toby backed off, blushing so red his face looked like a tomato. "She's just a friend."
"Yeah," I said, rolling my eyes, but still elated by my happy attitude. 
"C'ya!" said Toby, and he and his friends took off, to go watch that Gobstones game.
"So, what is it, Lu-" I began.
Lucas walked away, his face screwed up with some unreadable emotion. Tom looked behind him as Lucas went past, and I looked at Tom. "What's up with him?" I asked, a bit confused. 
Tom shook his head. "I don't know, really. First time he's acted like this."
I watched him go, lost, for a minute. Then, I started running off after him. "Lucas?" I said, and I got there in time, grabbing his shoulder. He glanced back, his blind eyes filled with tears, and yanked away.
I stood in the middle of the crowd, watching him go.


Had to take it on this type of path, LOLZ. Hope you enjoyed!

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Wow!!! I love this chapter! I will write the next chapter today (or tomorrow lol)!
answered Jan 29 by knightstar✧ (287,570 points)

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