Silens I ("The Silent Trio") Chapter 12: BOOK 2

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Silens I Chapter 12

We are creatures, blood is sour and days can fall into darkness. Some of us will spend their life doing nothing but making others fall into this hole. We all find the light one day.

My head titled up from peacefully resting in my bed, which was cold and unsettling. I looked around the silent room, only seeing a rather large mirror on the dresser. It had silver that shined rather brightly.


The room was dull, it had grey walls that didn't stand out too much, and of course some decorations that had snakes on them. After all, silver is one of the house colors, I wouldn't expect much.


Lucas had walked into the dorm with a huge smile plastered on his pasty pale face. "What is this time, Lucas?" I smiled back, yet still not showing much emotion towards it. "Has anything changed, thought I was always like this." Lucas said sourly.


I rolled my eyes, reaching over to grab a book that had an old dusty brown cover. The cover was dull and not very interesting, but I enjoyed the book anyways. Lucas lifted a brow, walking towards me.


"Who was the creator of Slytherin?" Lucas asked, as I put on a shocked face. I almost chocked at his words but managed to speak. "Don't you know your Hogwarts history?! It's Salazar Slytherin, of course!"


Lucas tapped his fingers, fiddling around bored. "You remember that man, that strange man. I can't forget him; his words were of pain, Tom. He seemed lost, like he wasn't supposed to be here." Lucas said trembling a bit.


I couldn't say a word, but I had to respond. "Which man?" I asked, questioned. "The one at the train ride, he seemed broken Tom. Broken and damaged, like he's angry at us. Almost like we broke something from him." Lucas said once more, puzzling me with words as always.


I remembered him, very clearly actually. For a while, I had forgotten about the moment. "The past is the past Lucas," I said, getting up to walk to him. He didn't seem all happy about it.

"Your right," he laughed afterwards, but I could tell there were still rocks I his stomach. He feared something, and it wasn't all child's play. "Better get to class," I said, but then sighed.


"Okay, see you then." Lucas walked off to his last class. I could tell that Lucas was still a bit jealous of Toby, but it was all still blurry to me. I sighed once more, getting up from where I sat, which was the side of Lucas's bed.


I then walked off through the Slytherin common room, seeing the same red head boy from a few days ago. He walks to me with a grin on his face. "Malfoy, tell me, what is the greed in men's heart? I'm sure you'll know," He laughed a bit, like it was a joke.


"Greed is just was silences pain," I responded quietly, then walked off before he could respond. He wore a leather jacket, which I guessed was expensive. I walked outside of the magnificent castle of Hogwarts to see Toby and Asia.


Toby walked off after seeing me, leaving me and Asia alone. "Hello Asia," I said, walking closer to her. "Hello Tom!" she said enthusiastically. I smiled before letting out of big sigh.


"Bye Asia," I said to her. "But you just got here!" she quickly responded. "Just wanted to say that...I'll be gone for a week, I'll be going to the Netherlands. Take care of Lucas, would you?" I asked.


"Of course, I would! You know I would," she smiled. I smiled back, then we both had a little chat together. We laughed a little before I had left her under a tree that had blossoms on them.



I was packing for my trip to the Netherlands. I would go with a Professor and expert in Care of Magical Creatures. I was excited to finally go to my trip after how long I've been waiting.


I packed some clothes and articles and of course a book in my suitcase. I packed a pen and some paper to write to Asia and Lucas and Mum. I also packed a snack, which was some Drobbles gum and cake.

Sorry so short, but thanks for reading! I wrote this on Word because I'm tired of my chapters accidently yeah! Hope you enjoyed!


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I love it! Will write the next chapter now. ;)
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Okay and thanks!!

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