I need an idea for a story title.

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asked Feb 2, 2019 in Other by Ashiplier:3 (210 points)

Please read my story and then help me find the right title.


Bea, a middle school student, is all of a sudden tied between two when one of her crushes (she has 2) confesses that he is in love with her. The other one also said so, but that was a long time ago. She loves both of them equaly, but Wade knows more about her than Ethan and she knows more about Wade than she knows about Ethan. Ethan and Wade don't really know each other but have heard things about each other from Bea. Of course, it's always in good word. Like when Wade threatens Ethan because he loves Bea more than Ethan.

Another day of school. Except, this day may be better than most. I'm going to see my crush that likes me back! I've been sick for a week, and then we had a week away from school because of the terrible weather that had reached -33. I'll have to wait until lunch, but I'm very excited.

(This would be about what happens during 1st, 2nd, and 3rd period, but it's too long so I'll skip it.)

"Yay!" I  hear my friend yell, his arms in the air as I walk over to him. I copy him and sit beside him. He's adorable. Gross, but adorable. I smile at him. "Where were you the week before?" He asks. "I was really sick. Sorry. Did you miss me?" I ask in a teasing voice. He nods. "So, HONEY, as our first day of dating in person, what shall we do?" He turns around for a second and looks back at me. "Don't call me "honey". I hate that and you know it. And what are you talking about?"  I raise an eyebrow. "Did you forget, honey? You agreed to date me after we confessed our feelings for each other over the phone. Aren't you excited for when we get married?" He smiles brightly. "WHAT?" I panic inside of my head. "Uh huh. If you live that long." I say, rolling my eyes. "What is that supposed to mean?" "It means that I'm gonna tell Wade and he'll probably try to kill you." I smirk. "Wade can't do anything to me. He lives in Maryland." Ethan cocks his head. "So? He said that he has plans with me when we're in college." I laugh. "But... you're my girlfriend." "I never said that I was, but... whatever." I shrug. I don't think he heard me. 

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answered Dec 28, 2020 by magicharrypottergal (20,540 points)
What about crush wars?
commented Dec 28, 2020 by #softballstar25
Yep, Crush Wars sounds pretty awesome to me. Good idea pottergal
commented Dec 29, 2020 by magicharrypottergal (20,540 points)
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answered Feb 2, 2019 by im kanye (374,540 points)
I like it!

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