Silens I ("The Silent Trio") Chapter 14: BOOK 2

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Silens I Chapter 14

When the World is filled with darkness, you tend to appreciate the little light you have left.

A/N: So, this is going to be Luca's POV (point of view). Enjoy!

I felt around for Tom's book, which was his diary he carried around everywhere. He would never let me even touch it- or even go near it. I heard a rapid knock at the door of my dorm, which had startled me.

"Wh-who's there?!" I asked with content, walking towards the door, or at least from what I thought was the door. I had known my way around my dorm very well, so it wasn't a problem to me. "It's me," I didn't recognize the voice one bit.

I didn't open the door, not knowing who it was. I wasn't the one to always be vain, but I couldn't open the door to the stranger. "And who is ‘me'," I responded. I had gotten no response back, but I had heard silent foot steps and whispers from the other side of the door.

After a few minutes, I had gotten no response. I just thought it was a jerk who wanted to prank me. It was easy to prank me, since I was blind in all. I then continued to look for Tom's book. I felt around the room until I just gave up. I had then realized he must of took it with him, it is that special anyways.

I then just sat at the side of my bed and thought about Tom, Asia and Toby. It was obvious I didn't like Toby, I'm a different person around him.

After a while of thinking, I decided to go out of my dorm and get some fresh air. I was going to go outside the Hogwarts castle to where all the benches are and trees. I heard the trees were beautiful, and of course I would never see them, it was impossible.

People take the use of seeing as advantage, never appreciating World and the beauty it brings. And of course, not to be surrounded in utter darkness.

I walked around blindly. I fell over things a lot, it was the usual for me. I had then remembered the bench I would always go on. It was fairly warm from the sun. It felt rather good.

I sat there and relaxed. I felt the sun's rays hit my face. It was so calming. After sitting there for a few minutes, I heard rustling over in the trees. I just guessed it was squirrels, so I continued to enjoy the sun.


After a little bit, I heard the voice of Toby. It was not too close, rather far actually. "That blind bat," he said. "Asia prefers him over me?! I couldn't be that hideous." He said.

I was confused, am I ugly? I've never seen my looks, or even anybody's looks before, so how do I know? Maybe I am. So, why would Asia want me? But, Toby wasn't usually that rude, I guess love can make you that way, blind you in a way.

I then had enough courage to confront Toby. I walked over to him, guessing where he was from his sound, ‘navigating' would be the term.

"Toby," I said, almost like a whisper. "What, Malfoy? Why would you be here, go to your Mum or something you child," he said. "Don't call me that, I'm not anymore childish than you are," I said back.

He laughed a little. "You would like to fight me?" he asked. "I'm not a fighter." I responded. I knew Tom would strongly respond with something like, ‘Fight? What fight?' but I'm too soft to respond with a remark like that.

"Interesting," he said like a joke.

"Look Toby, I'm sorry that Asia chose me over you. I'm not usually that vain too." I said, trying to end it. "Nothing will make me forgive you, Lucas." Toby walked away with a friend he was with.


A/N: I hope you enjoyed this chapter! Another reminded, this is Lucas's POV! 

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