The Story of Emily Grace: Chapter Six: The Fight

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After school I went behind the school where Monica wanted to fight me. Maya helped out with the plan and did her part already.

   "Didn't think you would actually show up," Monica said. "I ain't a coward, you wanted a rematch, I came. Bring it," I said.

     Then Monica started trying attacks and I dodged each one. She tried to punch me in the gut but I did a complete flip and landed to dodge it. I started showing off a bit with my dodges. This is when the teacher Maya had gotten came, and took Monica to the principal's office, and since I didn't hurt Monica, but she was trying to hurt me, she got detention for a week, and I still had my rep. Maya was the one who got the teacher so I wouldn't be thought of as a snitch. It was a good plan, I'm not a coward or snitch, and Monica got in trouble! It might seem lame to get a teacher, but it kept my aunt and Maya happy that I wasn't in trouble or getting into more fights, at least, not at that time...

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Great job, Luna! omgomg

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answered Feb 7, 2019 by I'M EMILY Y'AAAAAAALLLLLLLLLL
I feel like this chapter was a lesson of what to do when someone wants to fight. It could have been a better chapter but I guess I wanted a cliffhanger for chapter 5.

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