The Story of Emily Grace: Chapter 10: Book 1 Final Chapter.

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Emily POV :

      Weeks went by, me and Maya never talked to each other after my outburst. Monica's pink squad saw that I wasn't around Maya anymore, I didn't have proof but I was sure they were hurting her, every day Maya was late to class, she showed up after they did.

Maya POV :

    One day when Monica and her friends were bullying me again in the hallway, and beating me up as they had for weeks, Emily saw what was happening, she came over and started telling the bullies off. "Hey! What the heck do you guys think you're doing!?" She said, she said a lot of things that I refuse to repeat. The bullies ran for their lives. Emily helped me to the nurses office cause I couldn't walk well because my knee was bleeding. The nurse wrapped my knee a bit, Emily helped me walk to class.

Emily POV :

     When I helped Maya to her class, I asked her how long they had been bullying her again, she said since I snapped at her. Though that's what I thought, I couldn't help feeling more guilty about that. "... Maya? I'm sorry for what I said, but things have been going on and I just, lost it." I said to her. For probably the first time in her life, she didn't talk for quite some time "Emily, I understand, and as for part of what you said, I don't have a perfect life. My parents divorced when I was younger, I live with my mom, I have gotten bullied since Preschool, I always am trying to get the best grades I can in school, that's a lot of pressure from everyone, and I'm always smiling and finding the bright side of things so I can have something to hold onto when things get bad. I may seem like an always happy person, but I'm not," She said to me. I never thought of what she had gone through, I always assumed she had a happy life with both her parents and good grades all the time, I never knew any of that. I regretted what I said more, but she accepted my apology, I was just happy to get my friend back.

Well, that's the end of Book 1, I'm thinking of making this a series, tell me what you think in the comments if you want more, I know this book was short, sorry, but I do want to continue this! Since I plan on continuing, I will give a Book 2 trailer soon!

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their so good\
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Awesome! Book one ended in 2 days, that's surprising!
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Its a short book. So what.

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