Silens I ("The Silent Trio") Chapter 22: BOOK 2

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Silens I Chapter 22

Happiness isn't a regret, regret is a regret.

A/N: Okay, so this is Tom's POV. Sorry if I messed up anything.


Tom's POV


Iggy, a house elf, had made my scar a bit "better". That cold, chilly morning I stared at the mirror with my left eye. I peered at myself, going closer to the mirror.

I noticed my scar started to go lose again, like it was un healing itself. I watched it tear open, showing bits of raw skin.

I watched as it did so. It was the way it was before. I didn't know why it did this. The doctors didn't inform me about this. I took notes about the creature; how could I not know what was going on?

That incident, I had almost lost my right eye. I'm blind in my right eye, but it's fine because I can still see.

Lucas was outside the washroom listening in. I sighed. "So, were going, aren't we?" I asked Lucas. I looked out from a creak in the bathroom door to Lucas. He smiled widely, "Yes, of course I'm going."

"Well if your going, I'm going." I said. The both of us started packing. Lucas, I noticed, was already almost packed.

I started packing basic stuff in my brown suitcase. I glimpsed at Lucas, whom was fixing his tie he wore over his neck.

As for me, I wore something like what Lucas was wearing on.

We both headed out from our dorm. We saw sleepy Slytherins lazily pace around the common room. "Where are you guys going?" asked a girl with red hair and freckles. "Oh, I didn't mean to be rude, just seemed like the both of you are dressed up nicely."

"It's fine," I responded. "Who are you, I've never seen you around anyways." I said, holding on to my luggage tightly.

"Oh, I'm in Hufflepuff, I just wanted to see my brother." She looked over to the same red head that teased me. "He's your brother?" I looked sourly. "Well, half-brother." She said, even thought the two looked alike.

"Yeah, you know him?" she seemed nice, not following the trails of her brother. "We've met before." I said hesitating.

"That's great!" she said cheerfully. "Not so much," I mumbled under my breath. "Well, I wouldn't want to stop you from going to where you need to go. Have safe travels, bye!" Lucas smiled back at her, but he was quiet through the whole conversation.


The both of us headed over to Asia, that tediously paced around the Ravenclaw common room.

"What's wrong?" Lucas asked. Asia seemed excited, very excited. "Just overwhelmed, that's all." She responded. "I'm glad the two of you are coming with me," she hugged Lucas and me.

She glanced at my scar in a confused state. "What happened, did you do something stupid again?!" she responded to my scar quickly enough.

"No, I-I don't know what happened." I said, in shock too at what had happened. "Fine," Asia rolled her eyes.

"O-okay, we be-better go," Lucas stuttered. I had noticed Lucas's stuttering problem wearing off, but then it had been appearing again.

Asia smiled at Lucas. Lucas's stuttering triggered some sort of memory.

"Let's go then, shall we?" Asia hugged Lucas's arm.

"What about your Mum, has she approved?" Asia asked. "Um, well, we have to give her a call?" Lucas responded. "Ugh, fine." Asia seemed aggravated by us at this point.

"Give her a call? That's muggle," I responded to Lucas harshly.

"Fine, we'll ju-just go see her." Lucas said sadly. "No, let's just send her a letter." I sighed, rolling my eyes at Lucas.

"I'm writing it." I whipped a piece of paper out of my pocket. "Why do you keep a piece of paper in your pocket?" asked Asia as I took out a pen. "Because, when I need to take notes," I responded to her.

"Reasonable enough." She said.

I started writing slowly. Out loud I read while I wrote the letter.


Dear Mum,

Asia has kindly offered for us to go to Japan for her training with her. It wouldn't be too long, and Hogwarts said it was okay and educational.

 I hope you say yes and take this into consideration.


Lucas & Tom Malfoy


I put down my pen and called for my owl Alabaster. Sending it off, I sighed in relief. "Now we can go." I said.

A/N: I hope you enjoyed! Like I said before, I hope I didn't mess anything up. I tried a lighter Calibri font so it wouldn't look bold.


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It's great! ;) I will write it up on lunch.


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Okay and thanks!

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