hi guys im new in here my sis is cookie 122105

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asked Feb 10, 2019 in Personal by anonymous

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answered Sep 2, 2019 by Kitten (565,980 points)
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answered Feb 11, 2019 by toad aka star (344,710 points)
Oh, now I understand. Welp, your still not her sister.
commented Feb 11, 2019 by Kitty111
What's going on? I don't understand
commented Feb 11, 2019 by cookie122105 (75,040 points)
some body idk is say i am her sis i am realy not
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answered Feb 10, 2019 by arkzo (422,610 points)
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answered Feb 10, 2019 by stop122105
your not cookies sis
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answered Feb 10, 2019 by cookie122105 (75,040 points)
wait wat ur not new ur not my sis

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Hi! I'm FluffyPanda. I'm one of KittyKat irl friends. I'm homeschooling, like her. My family, is kinda a dysfunctional one. my dad can e like two different ... clothes and food ever again. My mother has never threatened me, and I love her dearly.

asked Feb 26 in Personal by FluffyPanda
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Hi I'm new here and I was wondering what do you guys do here on kids talk?

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I'm new here and I just wanted to know what it's like here on KS.

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Hi guys you can call me Tessa or TNT lol I hope I can make new friend and not trouble and I love fashion and positivity :)

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Hi! I'm new! Wondering what KidzTalk is, yah! Please tell me what it's like. I like piano, singing, and dancing. P.S. My real name is not Winter, do not worry.

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Hi I'm new and my name will be PINK

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Hey so this my first time in this app, and if you guys have any tips for me please let me know. Thanks!

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I won't be on Kidztalk as much as i used to :(. My reasons: THE WRATH OF SECURLY://! At school we have chromebooks, but mine has been acting weird. You see, on the ... won't be here as much. PS: I might make a new story called: The WRATH of Securly!

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yay my birthday is tomorrow im so excited cant wait im turning 10

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It's about a girl who has powers

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I haven't been apble to be on here for a long time I have been in Ohio and didn't have any WiFi it was fun I went to Amish country a few little boring restaurants ... and tablets in the walls it was so fun tell me if you guys want any more updates

asked Oct 8, 2017 in Shower Thoughts by DGK hearts
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asked Sep 26, 2016 in Other by Penguins12
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I plan to get an account soon. (my mom has to activate it) until then you can call me Bigskygirl or "The Queen of Awesomeness (Or just Sky is fine too) What ... think I have the idea, but could ya'll give me some tips and suggestions? Thanks again.

asked Sep 29, 2016 in Other by #Cindystrong-Sky (14,500 points)
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Hello I'm new and I don't know how things work around here so any information that you could give would make my world thank you! '_')/

asked Sep 21, 2016 in Ask KidzSearch by noircat (1,240 points)
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Authors: Tui T. Sutherland Ellen Raskin S. D. Smith Mary Ray Series: The Penderwicks Tales of Old Natalia/The Green Ember Wings of Fire The Wingfeather Saga Books: The ... mean Noel) The Trumpet of the Swan These are just a few of my favorites!

asked Apr 3, 2019 in Other by Ammy K.
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Yay my birthday is coming soon I'm so excited

asked Aug 18, 2017 in Other by Emojicongirl
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She finally responded to my thousands of texts and stuff trying to contact her saying "Leave me alone" That is literally all she said...she said this saturday evening ... whats wrong but I wanted to update you guys! Have a nice day! - PrincessKittens

asked Feb 3 in Personal by PrincessKittens Left (201,870 points)
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Ask me about boredom,crushes,bullies,and more! Ask me about anything ,even if you just need a compliment! Every person is special and beautiful in their own way☺

asked Jul 6, 2017 in Ask Vivi by Vanilla Bean (85,120 points)
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Hi everyone! I discovered this site a few days ago and I decided I would join the forums (or just Kidztalk. Whatever you guys call it). I wanted to introduce myself a bit. ... me. I'm not the most interesting person. I hope I get to meet you all!

asked Mar 22, 2019 in Other by thou_exoticmobiki (380 points)
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I'm a dude but nice to meet you peeps ​ I like bikes and anyting mechanical :P

asked Jun 27, 2017 in Other by BrandonBikerBoy (8,590 points)
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I'm new here, and I've recently joined KidzTalk (not as a member tho ). I will go by the code name ⚡Dino Dude⚡and I will answer questions and stuff. Some of you might think ... you! Thank you. (P.S. just in case you don't know, GemHeart is my sister)

asked Sep 16, 2016 in Other by ⚡DinoDude⚡
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asked Dec 5, 2019 in Other by Jabber (24,260 points)
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​ little kelly blogs!

asked Mar 20, 2018 in Other by little kelly

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