Silens I ("The Silent Trio") Chapter 27 Book 2

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Silens I Chapter 27

Sometimes I wonder if it's all worth it, if saving him will help me save myself. To lose a friend, even if he hurt you because you hurt him, is like to lose a piece of your life, over and over. It may be smaller than losing a lover or family, but it still is a loss, and I want everyone's loss to end.
We sneaked like ninjas in the night. We approached Caim's cell, in the one minute window when no one would guard him. His face was shallow and his eyes bagged down and bloodshot. As I was about to grab the key I had taken earlier, Lucas tapped me on the shoulder. Soft at first, then harder.
"Yeah?' I whispered.
"Why are you saving him?"
Lucas's face was wrought with a sort of tired envy. It was sad, both in context and to look at. I waited for the sad truth to dawn on me. "Lucas..." I said. "It's not because I feel guilty about not accepting his love or anything. I love you."
Lucas stood still.
"Listen, " I said. "I've seen so many people be hurt, and even seen people die. It's not pretty. Caim didn't mean to hurt me, so why should he be hurt?"
"Asia, I want you to love me and everything, but he hurt you. You may forgive him but I don't. I don't think he deserves to go there, to Azkaban, but he needs to learn his lesson. Plus, he tried to hurt me."
I stopped. "Yeah. He did." I crouched down, a sudden change of heart. "Caim," I said, and he turned jerkedly. He looked so worn. "Caim. Do you want to get out of here, or not?" I asked.
I stared at him. "We can't make him then."
"Sure we can." said Tom. "You wanna get him outta Europe? Okay."
"Fine. Caim, you're gonna get out of here, but you're staying in the cage." I waved my wand and severed the cords that bound the cell to the wall. It was made to be portable, after all. "So, who wants to float him and who wants to be the bodyguard?" When no one answered, I said, "Lucas, you make him fly. Me and Tom will protect you."
Lucas's expression didn't fall away but he did as I asked. 


There wasn't much trouble. Hardly anyone was in at that time of night. We boarded him on a carriage outside. A young lady craned her neck out and said, "Thanks for calling me, kids. I'll get him out of here and think of a cover story for the Prophet to explain it all. BTW," she said, actually using the Muggle text slang, "the name's Wren. Wren Pysts." 

"How the heck do you know her?" asked Lucas. 

"Wren's a friend of my mum. Nice American witch. Expert escape artist, with multiple cover names and appearances." I said. "Didn't feel the need to contact her until a few minutes ago. But she's here."

Wren stepped out. She had long black hair and an open blue blouse on top of a closed white shirt. She liked grey and she was wearing the type of slacks you wear when you ride horses. She was tall, everything I wasn't, but she was nice. 

"Hey, Hazyl. Come on out and say hi."

Out stepped a young woman about my age with dark brown- angled cut hair. It was shorter than Wren's but still cool. Her eyes were brownish green and she had a shy attitude. She walked over to Caim and he saw her and she said, "This one's beat up. Do you really wanna take him overseas, Wren?"

"He'll be fine." Wren said, and climbed back in the driver's seat. It was a type of carriage that had room for two people up front and in back in the covered section. Hazyl, chewing gum and blowing bubbles, waved her wand and placed it in the covered part. 

"Thanks guys," she said. "Toby will be safe soon enough."

"Asia, after we get his name changed and stuff we'll come back to visit! That should only take a week, We're experts in our trade. C'mon, Hazyl."

Hazyl walked up to the Thestrals and stroked them. "Okay." she did and waved back at Tom and Lucas. "You all behave, I guess." 

With a few noises from the black horses, the carriage rose into the sky and flew away.


The next day after training, Lucas brought me the Prophet.

"Toby Caim no where to be found. Officials say he was murdered during the transfer last night. Family mourns."

"That's really harsh," I said. Lucas nodded. "At least he's gone and safe and I don't have to deal with him anymore."

"Asia, was that all so you could get rid of him? So you could feel redeemed?"

"Of what?"

"I don't know, of guilt?"

"...,I have no idea, but I do feel better." 

Lucas took a breath. "Our dad is going to meet us in a few weeks."

"Really? That's great! I wish I could come."

"You can. We're going there for dinner to meet his son."

"Oh. I'll come, though. I wish I could meet my parents, but it's okay. I'm good with you guys and Mum. Will your mum go?"

Lucas shrugged. We were sitting alone in my dorm. Silence engulfed us.

"What would you do if you didn't have your curse?" asked Lucas. "Would you have made different choices?'

"I don't know, maybe."

"But then we wouldn't have met, right?"

"I don't like to think about what-ifs, only right-nows. I'm here with you now, living my last years peacefully and I'm enjoying it. I enjoy spending time with you, and with Tom, and with people in general."

"Maybe we should get married or something."

"You're thinking pretty far ahead," I said, laughing. 

"I'm serious. Not right now, but sometime. So we can at least be together and I can be with you during your last days." 

I smiled. "Sure."

A week passed and the day of the Malfoy Manor dinner drew closer. Tom was receiving frequent letters from Draco, mostly about Scorpius. It annoyed Tom but he put on a fake smile. I admired him for that.
"You ready?" I asked.
"Did you get today off for training?" asked Tom. My training was 24/7.
"Yeah. Kingsley said it was best to go with you anyway. So, what are you wearing?" I asked, and pulled him out from behind the mirror where he was fixing up himself. "That's good." I said. "Everything matches." He wore a black suit with a green tie. "How about you, Lucas?" I said loudly. He was across the room, and it was a large room, being my dorm. "You're good too." Lucas's suit was white and his tie was blue.
"Okay, boys, let's go." I said. I was wearing a formal shirt and jeans. "Sorry I'm not as crisp as you are. Oh well. Let's go."

LOLZ, I added myself in as a cameo XD (Hazyl isn't my real name but a name I like). Well, more than a cameo cuz her, Wren and Toby will be like a new Trio, only different. They'll visit a few times. You can do it too Knight! XD Looking forward to the dinner part!

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Love it! Will write tomorrow!

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