Silens I ("The Silent Trio") Chapter 30: BOOK 2

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Silens I Chapter 30

Reality is painful, truth is painful

That's why I live a lie,

 where I block out the truth.

I sat right by Lucas, which didn't care for Scorpius. I was jealous of Scorpius, it seemed he was the one who got the father. I didn't want to sound selfish either, he was just eight after all.

After waiting a little bit at the dining table, which was huge and magnificent, we both saw a tall woman with long black hair enter the room. He sat down by father, which seemed in "love" the woman.

"Is this, erm, Mrs. Malfoy?" I asked.

"Yes indeed," father answered. "Hi," Lucas said silently. "Hello, the two of you." It had seemed Mrs. Malfoy had not liked us; despised might as well be the right word.

"I've heard plenty about you," I could tell she was lying. Father never wanted to see us, he knew we would ruin his perfect relationship with Greengrass, the pure-blood that kept the Malfoy's clean.

Mrs. Malfoy faked a smile. "Lucas is the name?" she asked. "Ye-yeah," Lucas responded unentertained. "That's a wonderful name," little Scorpius responded with. Mrs. Greengrass then looked to me with a disgust. "What's that scar on you face?" she asked, confused like she hadn't noticed it before.

"It's nothing." I responded with, glaring at her with discomfort. Lucas looked at Asia, which seemed left out in all this. "And who's she to you?" It seemed Mrs. Malfoy was asking loads of undesirable questions.

"A friend," I responded while rolling my eyes.

Mum had sat right next to Asia, which she was on the other side of the table from Father. "How long has it been since we've seen each other? A year?" asked Father.

"Actually, three or four." I responded harshly. "Oh, it's been awhile, hasn't it?" it seemed he tried so hard to cheer us up.

"Doesn't seem like it," I sighed, then eating a little bit of my food.

"Well then, it was nice meeting you, I think it's time to go." Finally, Mum came to save the day by saying that. Even she was uninterested by the suspension.

"Wish we could stay longer, bye!" Lucas cheered up, most likely because he was leaving the manor. "Bye, Lucas and Tom!" it was strange for Mrs. Malfoy to say my name.


We all rushed out with frowns placed on each of our faces. "Lucas, you okay?" asked Asia, smiling up at Lucas.

"I'm fine, just was dragged to be there," he sighed. I bowled my eyes. "Let's just go, okay?" I placed my arm around Lucas.

"Okay," Lucas stepped up into the old-fashioned car. "Off to Hogwarts then," Mum assured the two of us, looking over to Asia that was hugging Lucas.

Mum didn't know Lucas even had a crush on Asia, wait until she finds out Lucas's growing up. Honestly, I thought I was the one that would have my first crush. Though, I still don't and I'm almost sixteen.

After an hour of pure boredom, all I did was sigh repeatedly, think about my "family" and other issues. Once we were there, we both saw Prof. McGonagall welcoming us back, even if it was only a short while.

"Let's go, children," she smiled at us, putting her hand on my back whilst pushing me slightly to our transportation.


A little bit has passed, and we were at Hogwarts. Asia said her farewell to Lucas once she parted her way to her dorm, as me and Lucas did the same.


I wonder when Tom will have someone he likes! Sorry so's late and I'm tired lol! 

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Love it! I'm writing the next one now! Hazyl's in it XD



("crazy GemHeart mode activated" - Luna)
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LOL thanks! I read your chapter, it was great!

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