Silens I ("The Silent Trio") Chapter 32: BOOK 2

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Silens I Chapter 32

When you run you run from something, but you must always hold on to the one's you run from.

I thought for a moment.


The Silent Trio? Hazyl, a young lady that had just informed us about some racist named John Handison. I was offended by his actions, but I couldn't back myself up this point. Asia seemed a bit confused about it, like the rest of us.

"Japan is where the safe house is at?" I asked, rolling my eyes over to Lucas. "My parents killed by that-" Asia angrily said, but before she could finish Lucas tapped her arm. "Fine, let's just do what Hazyl says." Asia said, looking over to Hazyl.

"We better go, it isn't safe here. No where's safe." Hazyl was on the watch out, exploratory everything carefully.  "Where do we go?" asked Lucas, being the most confused out of all of us.

"Threstrals, that's how were going to find safety," Hazyl answered Lucas's question. "Most likely each of you are going to be able to see them but Lucas won't." Hazyl reassured us. Even is Lucas had encountered death, he was blind, so he couldn't anyways. "It'll be fun, trust me," Asia whispered that to Lucas. "I hope it will," Lucas said.

We followed Hazyl outside where it was pitch dark. There were barely any stars in the sky. I saw skeleton-like horses with bat wings gallop along a chariot. I saw a young girl with hazel eyes and dark brown hair. "Hi, I'm Willow." She said, introducing herself.

"Hi Willow," said Asia. Willow looked at Lucas. "Hello, the each of you." Willow strangely reminded me of Mrs. Lovegood. "I'm a pure-blood witch, I've attended Hogwarts and am a Slytherin," she said.

I haven't seen her around, but I could see why. She wasn't like most Slytherins, but I'm not saying she was special. She wore a dress that was dark blue with a jacket, since it was cold outside.

"C'mon then, let's go in, we don't have all day!" said Asia, playfully. Lucas followed along, going in the chariot. I glanced at Willow, then making my way in the chariot. It wasn't a fancy chariot, but it'll do. Plus, I'm not picky at all.

"So, what do you think, Lucas?" I asked.

"I don't know, I'm excited though." Lucas responded with sheer enjoyment.

"That's good," Asia followed along.

The chariot had bumped a bunch, making us jump a lot. "It sure is bumpy," I mumbled. "Are you guys okay?" Willow said. Willow sat right next to me. Willow seemed silent, but maybe it was because she was tired.

"Yeah, were fine," I said back to her.

"Good," she rested her head on her side of the chariot.


After an awhile, I heard Hazyl yell, "Were here!" waking us all up. "I'm awake!" Asia rubbed her eyes. "Good, were going to have to travel again, you know it's far away." Hazyl opened the chariot's door with a pleased expression.

I'm not close to Hazyl, but I think we can become friends if I try.

Willow hopped out. I still didn't really know anything about Willow, she just seemed like a blank slate to me. "Alright, everyone out!" Asia hopped out too, and so did Lucas. I walked out slowly, being the last one.

I petted the Threstrals, as it had rubbed his head on me. "Bye," I silently said to it. I didn't know the gender of the magnificent creature, so that's why I'm calling them it.

After gently petting it, I walked off with excitement for a new adventure.


Okay, so I hope it's okay to add Hazyl in my chapter. Finally, I got my own character in, Willow. How old is Hazyl (at the time)? I just want to know, so I can determine my character, Willow's age. Thanks for reading! 

asked Feb 22 in Fanfiction by knightstar✧ (289,610 points)

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It's great!


Hazyl is maybe 13/14. BTW, do I see a Williow and Tom realitionship? Even if you base the character off you it doesn't mean you can't make her truly apart of the story! :) I think Hazyl could end up with Toby unless you make some other guy characters (not too man you single dudes XD).
answered Feb 23 by -GEMHeart- (247,810 points)
selected Feb 24 by knightstar✧
Haha, I wanted to know her age so I could decipher Willow's age. Maybe they could be the same age. Yeah, hopefully Tom doesn't stay single forever. And thanks!
NP! Will write next chapter on my break!
Just read it, luved it!

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