Silens I Chapter 33 Book 2

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Silens I Chapter 33

Hazyl was confident as she stepped outside of the carriage.She announced that we were there and I jolted awake. Her robes swirled up around her again and again as she walked towards the safe house. I looked at her, rubbing my eyes, and asked, "Why can you see the Threstals?"
She waved her hands. "Same as you. Parents were murdered. Only I was old enough to remember." she seemed emotionless about it. Does all those years on the run have something to do with it?
I helped Lucas down and Tom came out after. Tom petted the Threstal, and I heard him whisper something to it. Wren and Willow came out after. We all strolled purposefully toward the first stop. Wren gestured to Hazyl and Willow, and they both walked out in front of us, robes flowing back, their American accents very different from ours once they started speaking again.
"So, this is a rest stop. Go use the bathroom or whatever," said Hazyl. "Meet us back here in five minutes and I'll tell you some more stuff." We all went off, we had landed near a Muggle rest stop, and we went in, Wren going with me and letting us in with magic, because the rest stop wasn't a 24 hr one.
We went back out.
Hazyl cleared her throat. Willow did the same. "So," said Hazyl,"We have a few more hours to go. John Handison is on the move. So we need to be as well."


We reached the safe house by morning. It was a Japanese house in the mountains, so it was serene. Willow said to me, "I hope you like it. We have everyone's trunks and things from Hogwarts. and your parents have been alerted. They are aware of the danger."

"I don't know, do our parents approve of this? I mean, I thought I only knew Wren?" 

'Wren knows them, too. She's a high-class American auror, as well as an escape artist. You'll be safe."

"I don't know...I don't actually trust the rest of you." I said, but Willow ushered me in. It was a very pretty house, but I couldn't see how it could fit 6 people from the outside. Apparently, it was enlarged by magic on the inside, like a magic tent.  Hazyl grabbed my arm roughly, then grabbed Willow's. Willow looked at her with a type of surprised expression, but I could tell Hazyl did this all the time.

"Okay," Hazyl said, "Let's do a rollcall!" Everyone looked at her, like they had no idea what she meant. She slapped her forehead. "I went to a Muggle school, okay? I'm half-blood. I meant a headcount! Just answer when I call your name." she said angrily. 

"Tom Malfoy?" Tom raised his hand. Hazyl nodded.

"Lucas Malfoy?" Lucas answered with a yes. Hazyl nodded again.

"Wren Farrow?" Wren smiled and waved, and Hazyl rolled her eyes.

"Asia Mahou?" I raised my hand at the sound of my true last name. Hazyl dipped her head.

"Willow Deere?" Willow met Hazyl with a smile. 

"Hazyl Rivere," she said and her own hand shot up.

"And Toby Caim."

I looked around immediately. Make 6 people 7 people. Toby Caim was in the house. 

I avoided Toby the rest of the day. Lucas did too, but I could tell that he was a bit on edge about him. Toby looked better, no more scars or wounds, and he acted better, as well. He seemed more cheerful. Made me think he  might have been brainwashed, but Willow assured me otherwise. 

The safe house felt a bit like a home. There was meals, and bedrooms, and the like. 

Meals were served when Wren had time to cook, but always at their proper time. She was a great cook, and Lucas took an interest so she tried her best to teach him a few things. Tom had no interest but treated Wren like a short-order cook, but she didn't mind. She aimed to please, I guess. On the other hand, I just ate what I was given. Hazyl, Toby and Willow did the same, with an occasional request. The only time I really saw everyone together, and the only time I saw Toby, was at meals. 

The bedrooms were nice. Hazyl, Willow, and I shared a room, and Lucas, Tom, and Toby shared one as well. It took Lucas a while to get used to Toby being there. Wren had her own, but when people sometimes dropped by, they stayed with her. Everyone's rooms had certain things in it to make it different from the next: the girls' room had desks embedded in the wall and had white paint and bunk beds. The boys' room had bunks as well, but it had different paint and knickknacks. 

One night, a week after we had arrived Hazyl came in, her face red. It was an odd sight. 

"What's wrong?" asked Willow, who was reading. "Your face is red! Do you have a fever?" 

Hazyl shook her head violently and pulled out her wand. She waved it and quickly regained her normal color. She sat down on a beanbag chair, sinking inside and sweating. Willow and I looked at her. 

"What's up?" I asked.

"Nothing, Just ran a few miles."

"You were out for five minutes." Willow said seriously. "How'd you run a few miles?"

"I was trying out a new spell I created. Makes you go faster. I think I overdid it." she breathed harder. When I looked at her questioningly, she said, "Hey! I'm the weapons expert. I invent spells."

"How about Willow?" I asked. 

Willow shrugged. "I guess I'm here for moral support," she laughed. 

"Don't be modest. You're a great combatant. Better at muggle fights than even Toby." Hazyl wheezed. Willow smiled. Her smile was wonderful. 

"Good morning!" said Wren. We got up when she flung the covers off us. 

"Today we're gonna get to know each other better!" she said happily. "I want us all to become good friends. Otherwise the machine won't run. So! Come to the table and we'll ask some questions!"

Hazyl rolled her eyes. "Fine."

Willow seemed excited.

When we got there, the boys were already there. Lucas sat as far away from Toby as humanly possibly when sitting around a round table. Wren pulled out a chair and some question cards and then we all sat down. 

She pulled out the first card. "Favorite color?" 

Everyone mumbled it. Mine was yellow. Hazyl was green. Toby was café brown. No idea why. I got up and saw something outside. A wizard walking purposefully towards the frint door. I pointed and Wren saw. She didn't look up from her cards and grinned.

"Wait for it."

The wizard approached the property line and was thrown backwards, into the sky and out of sight. Hazyl and Willow slapped a high five. "TOUCHDOWN!" they said happily. 

"Good job, Hazyl, Willow." said Wren. "Now let's keep playing."

If you want, Knight, you can cont. the game to reveal more about Willow and Tom and Lucas. IDC what you make my characters say. ;) It's okay! They're pretty flexible. Hope you enjoyed and looking forward to next chapter!

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KK! Will write sometime soon! And awesome chapter!
commented Feb 26, 2019 by -GEMHeart- (261,930 points)
Thx! About to read it!
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answered Feb 25, 2019 by Queeny (94,950 points)
Ooohhh Hazyl's name is spelled really interestingly!
commented Feb 26, 2019 by knightstar✧ (293,530 points)
Agreed! It is strange in autocorrect lol
commented Feb 26, 2019 by -GEMHeart- (261,930 points)
Yeah, Hazyl always gets autocorrected for me. I liked it better than Hazel. So Hazyl it is. ;) Thx!

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