Silens I ("The Silent Trio") Chapter 36: BOOK 2

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Silens I Chapter 36

Life goes on, whether you like it or not. Just remember to keep up with it.

The room we were in seemed small with Toby in it; it was intoxicating.


Toby sat on a chair, which Lucas was as far away as he could possibly get from Toby. I looked over to Lucas with a glance. "So, Lucas, how are you? It seems your keeping a secret." I said, nervously enough, but still able to mutter it.

"Enough about me Tom, how are you ever feeling? Plus, you don't even have a crush yet, doesn't that ever bore you?" Lucas wondered his pale pupils around as a blind person would.

"I don't know, nothing interests me. Everyone seems so bland, Afterall."

"Not even Willow? She seems nice," Lucas started to be something he wasn't: cupid.

"I don't know, she might be too young," I said, without knowing her age in the first place.

"Oh c'mon!" Lucas giggled a little, making Toby glance over in a dull manner. "What are you two blundering idiots doing?" he scoffed. "Don't think it's your concern, you're the one that's being left out." I meanly remarked.

"Whatever wouldn't want to be part of that anyways." Toby looked back to whatever he was looking at.

"How about we go somewhere else?" Lucas suggested. "Okay, let's go see Asia? Plus, you love birds need to reunite." I said jokingly. "Let's just go," he said, opening the door. We then headed off to see Asia, Willow and Hazyl.

We saw that they were in the living room – or what I thought was the living room.

"Hello!" Asia had gotten up to hug Lucas. "Hello Tom, Lucas." Willow waved her hand. "Hi," I plainly said to Willow.

"So-" Willow had gotten stopped by Hazyl. "Oh no, this isn't good. No, not one bit!" Hazyl had gotten up in concern. "What's wrong?!" Willow had gone nearer to Hazyl in more concern that her. "Oh, false alarm." Willow sighed. "Don't worry me like that!" Willow had sat down where she was before.

"Were going to have to go to our safe house soon, you know." I heard Hazyl whisper over to Willow. "Yeah, I know." Hazyl and Willow seemed like bad whisperer, considering I could hear what they were saying.

"It's getting dull being in the house all the time, can't we go out anytime? I'm sure Handison won't catch us!" complained Lucas.

Lucas doesn't like being in the house all day, and especially this long.

"No! It's a higher chance of him finding us that way. And plus, we mustn't waste our breath trying." Willow responded coldly.

"When will be headed to the next safe house anyways?" I came into the conversation.

"Hmm, tomorrow? You two better be packed. And by the way, don't get too attached to these houses." Willow reassured us.

"Fine, that's not too long. Plus, traveling is fun." Lucas scooted towards me.

"I bet India's going to be just a wonderful sight," Asia walked to me and Lucas, then sitting right by Lucas.


It was tomorrow, when we were going to go India as our next safe house.

I was packed with everything, and so was Lucas. We both were in our room, all dressed and ready. We both head out of the door with excitement. "You two, we all have to go outside." She pointed to two carriages with Threstrals carrying them.

"We supposed one wasn't enough for the luggage. Asia, Lucas and Tom will go in that one," Hazyl pointed to the one with an eager Thretral, "And Willow, Toby and I will go in the other one." I nodded, then going to the carriage.

The carriage was bumpy once everyone had hopped on.

"So, Asia," I said dully.

"Yes Tom?" Asia moved around, trying to get comfortable.

"I'm already tired," Lucas sighed.

"Already? We just got on the road, Afterall." I laughed in sheer enjoyment.

Inside the carriage, it was velvet with a black ceiling, which it seemed gothic, but just a little bit. Asia had fallen asleep on Lucas's lap, and Lucas laid his head on the walls of the carriage.

Since I had a whole seat to myself, I could rest my whole body: or enough that would fit.

I took my bag as my pillow, then falling asleep.

A/N: So, sorry it's short (if it is...I feel like it is). Sorry I didn't do it yesterday too, I had LOADS of school. Anyways, hope y'all enjoyed! 

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Awesome!!! I will try to write the next chapter on break!
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