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I Really want to Know....

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asked Mar 4, 2019 in Personal by Queeny (112,010 points)
Has anyone hearted me?? Like, anyone at all?? Because not even Knight has hearted me and were twins... so... anyone??
commented Aug 18, 2019 by LunaLight (88,180 points)
I did

5 Answers

+5 votes
answered Mar 4, 2019 by cookie122105 (75,060 points)
i have right now
commented Mar 4, 2019 by Queeny (112,010 points)
+4 votes
answered Mar 4, 2019 by toad aka star (325,150 points)
commented Mar 6, 2019 by Queeny (112,010 points)
No thanks to you :(
commented Mar 6, 2019 by toad aka star (325,150 points)
Lol, I will NEVER HEART U!!
commented Mar 6, 2019 by Queeny (112,010 points)
im unhearting u
commented Mar 7, 2019 by toad aka star (325,150 points)
+5 votes
answered Mar 4, 2019 by arkzo (420,080 points)
Yeah I did
commented Mar 6, 2019 by Queeny (112,010 points)
+5 votes
answered Mar 5, 2019 by -GEMHeart- (276,910 points)
commented Mar 6, 2019 by Queeny (112,010 points)
+2 votes
answered Aug 18, 2019 by lunalovegoodmolly (225,280 points)

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I want to make a club called Gymnastics Girls Club. This club could let girls who do gymnastics to talk to each other about things. Or girls who want to learn gymnastics.

asked Dec 4, 2018 in Ask KidzSearch by fungirly24 (1,620 points)
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so I am very new to ks. I was wondering if u guy's can teach me how to use this web site! that well be great. ~ececgem~ [that's what my user name well look like one I figure out how to changes it :')

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Brush your hair after you take a bath or else in the morning you will not turn out good!

asked May 19, 2016 in AskTyler043007 by TylerTheDrummer (74,120 points)
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I want an advise column that is like the creative kidz club but a column instead where people can get help with crafts or writings of any sort. I would like ... questions if she would like to. Depending on what gemmy says will deside the name.

asked Oct 20, 2018 in Ask KidzSearch by LunaLight (88,180 points)
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I want to have a thing where you can add friends! Thanks!!

asked Apr 6, 2017 in Ask KidzSearch by TylerTheDrummer (74,120 points)
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I'm desperately looking 4 something 2 do, and I thought i'd look on kidzsearch bcuz so many ppl like it and have accounts on it and stuff. my dad told me abt it and that I should check it out.

asked Apr 10, 2015 in Fun Stuff by reagan
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Hello everyone. I haven't been active here in SO long that I don't even know who's relevant anymore... like are GymnastPower and Cindy still active? Is LouLou? I don' ... . So if anyone still remembers me, hey. And if not then nice to meet you lol.

asked Jul 11, 2018 in Other by rae (86,810 points)
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People bully me saying I am a girl because of my hair but i am actually a 12 year old male and I am just tired of it and when my mom combs my hair it hurts and ... stregth and when I remember that I am sad so please tell me how can I deal with tihs

asked Apr 16, 2016 in Personal by anonymous
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I want to see how many people on kidztalk are girls or boys. Comment boy or girl below to reveal the truth.

asked Oct 20, 2018 in Personal by LunaLight (88,180 points)
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Explain my personality. Answer these questions in which you think I am, based of my personality. First, write a short paragraph on describing my personality. 2. Cat or dog? 3. ... back to you as soon as I can! I laos have the most random tags...

asked Nov 6, 2018 in Personal by toad aka star (325,150 points)
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So far, I've got 4 members, thanks to Dolphins are so cute. I've got Paradise, Priceless Night and day, Touching, Animals of the World, and Dream Poetry ... -on-perfect-poetry-club-topic?show=24262#q24262 " 'Cause everyone's here the perfect poet!"

asked Apr 24, 2017 in Poetry Club by ❤☮LouTheLuver☮❤ (160,550 points)
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i want hillary to win donald trump is mean and bossy

asked Feb 26, 2016 in News & Politics by spider-man
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i want a creative-related advise column called luna and gemmy's creative kidz. please make this!

asked Oct 20, 2018 in Ask KidzSearch by LunaLight (88,180 points)
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My mom and dad were both born in Italy and my whole extended family lives there. My parents immigrated to America and became American Citizens in August 2018. I have 3 ... from Italy, and there is a very big variety of foods that are from there.

asked 14 hours ago in Personal by jellyfishlover (22,970 points)
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I'M NEW HERE! My name is Kat7! And I love cats! If I now to use this site. I hope you guys can help me figure it out please? Anything below this line is just testing the features ... ------------------ hi ! Lol cool fonts oh yeah! Cursive! HEADING 1!

asked Jan 29 in Personal by Kat7 (3,100 points)
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Guys, I just wanted you to know that I am here if you want to talk.I love all of you guys, so don't hesitate to talk to me.Ok, so I know this is ... please keep recycling, and making our world a better place.Also, please keep global warming in mind.

asked Nov 11, 2019 in Personal by jellyfishlover (22,970 points)
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I'm going on a RV trip to Jacksonville, Florida See YA!

asked Jun 15, 2017 in Holidays and Events by TylerTheDrummer (74,120 points)
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Hi everybody!! As you can see, I (GryffindorGal) am back on KidzSearch. I haven't been on because I've been involved in a couple of academic competitions that really required ... weekends. I'm so happy to be back and I hope you are all doing well!

asked Apr 9, 2017 in Other by ❤️GryffindorGal❤️ (115,780 points)
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All of you guys are super smart and I want to be smart, too. Sure I go to a Poetry TAG (talented and gifted) class, sure I 'm in the highest reading level ... a workbook! She says I have to have disipline when I already have that! Please help me!

asked Jul 14, 2016 in Education by ❤☮LouTheLuver☮❤ (160,550 points)
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I can't link to the first chapter. Can you help me or anybody?

asked Mar 13, 2016 in Fiction by ❤☮LouTheLuver☮❤ (160,550 points)
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I have had enough of you guys being mean to me just because I ask and answer a bunch of questions! If you want me to leave ill leave but please stop being mean to me!

asked Feb 11 in Personal by ❎✳PrincessKittens✳❎ (190,000 points)
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My doctor says I have Strep Throat!!!!!!!!!!! Can you please give me advice? Thanks, WelshTerriersss

asked Feb 4 in Personal by WelshTerriersssCS (11,630 points)
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Today my friend who knows that I am a lesbian asked me if he can tell his best friend that I am a lesbian, little did I know that his friend is homophobic and he ... tell someone and the whole school will find out. help meee, what should I do??!!

asked Nov 19, 2019 in Personal by Jabber (21,440 points)

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