Silens I ("The Silent Trio") Chapter 40: BOOK 2

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Silens I Chapter 40

Pain, suffering, hate, self-regret, all of that only comes in because you let your door open. The only thing you should ever open is your eyes. 


My mind went to an array of burning flashes.



"She's gone. He has her. He's killed her."


Lucas chanted to himself repeatedly. His eyes leaped towards mine. "I lose her again, only this time it's real." That was the first time I ever saw him make direct eye contact with me. Even though he couldn't see me, it felt like he could. It sparked chills in my spine.

"You don't know if she's dead, I mean…" I said, not knowing my facts, nor proof.

"Look, Tom, this is real! Stop not believing it, wake up! This is a reality!"

"I'm sorry if I'm the only one here that has hope," I mumbled.

Lucas stuffed his red face in his pillow. I rolled my eyes around the pale blue room, corning my eyes. I then decided after a while to head of the room to go to someone else, maybe Willow. After walking out of the room, it didn't take much of time for me to find her.

"Hey, Tom." She sighed, with her head down. "What's wrong?" I asked, knowing what would be wrong. "You're right to let's not be so negative." Willow had bolted up from her spot.  She whisked her wand up from her pocket. I was in confusion, but I continued to watch her.

"I want to show you a spell," she said with her eyes on the wand. She quickly said a spell that I didn't catch. Then, there were multiple sparks of dust bolting out of her wand. "Hm, interesting Willow." I glanced at her.

"Just interesting?" she was astonished by my response.

"I've done and seen more things amazing, but it is interesting," I said blandly.

"Now you're sounding spoiled," Willow spat.

"I'm speaking what I see, it's not as interesting as other things I've encountered, face it, you know it's true."

"Fine. But I have something to tell you," Willow took a deep breath.

"What is it?" I asked, scared of what it might be.

"I- you just remind me of someone. You give me the feeling as if I saw you in a dream in my childhood. Your face may not be recognizable, but I feel like I fell into a huge depression with myself digging deeper and deeper into my mind. And Tom, you're what triggers it. I feel like I know you, but in the end, we're just two strangers with two lives."  She said nervously.

"And you're just a stranger. Were both strangers, two strangers that are forever strangers." I said, but still trying to understand what she meant. "You're right, I'm sorry for wasting your time. Goodbye." Quickly enough, she walked out of the what now seemed cold room.


I then couldn't stop thinking of Handison, Asia and why they needed us.


Why would he need us? We're just two brothers with a mother. I'm not special like my friends. I'm not smart like Asia, I'm not even kind like Lucas, I'm not any of those things. I'm just a loser trying to fit in with others because my puzzle doesn't even fit.

Asia. I miss her. I miss her so much, and deep down I know she's gone, but won't admit to myself because I know what it feels like to lose a friend. A best friend. And I don't want to feel that same pain again. I don't want to suffer, because all I really am is a coward.

AN: I don't why the last part changed to Word Body (the font.) I feel like this is short so sorry! I hope you enjoyed and I'm sorry I couldn't get it done yesterday. 

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answered Mar 7, 2019 by -GEMHeart- (270,710 points)
I am about to read it and will write it up on break!!!


(BTW I know I will love it before even starting XD)
commented Mar 8, 2019 by toad aka star (298,300 points)
Thanks! I read it, I love it!

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