Silens I ("The Silent Trio") Chapter 42: BOOK 2

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Silens I Chapter 42

The loss is dimensions of pain. It's a maze with every corner to haunt you with memories. Just remember to reach the end.

A/N: So, this first part is in Willow's POV.

Willow's POV


I know my place in this world, but death is an honor that may be greeted kindly to our door.


I've learned to let go what is in.


"Willow?" I tilted my glasses down in an old librarian manner. I gazed at the person calling my name, which was Lucas looking for me. He's never said my name, so it must've been important. I looked over to him with a smile, turning my coldness into warmth.

"Yes, Lucas?" I asked, leaning towards him.

"Oh, hello Willow." He said dully. I knew Lucas didn't care about me much, but he seemed less enthusiastic when I talked to him. "Do you know where Tom is?" he asked. "I don't know," I responded with depth.

"Oh, he must've gone outside for a walk then. I'll go find him." Then, as he headed out of the door, I grabbed his hand yelling, "NO!" Strongly enough, my words had made him shake and turned him into confusion.

"I mean, um, just don't go out there…it's dangerous. Especially for you, you don't know what'll happen." I said concerned. "But what about Tom? Will he be okay?" Lucas walked away from the brown door with carvings on it.

I put my hair behind my ears.

"Look, Lucas, it's not safe for no one. And for you- I mean, I don't dare to be harsh but…Tom has dark magic, you can't perform most spells. He's okay on his own, you're not." I said Lucas's face lost light.

"So, I can't go on walks as he can? Or go outside when I want to because I can't do what they can't?" he said it calmly, but I could still hear his disappointment.


"I'm sorry Lucas…the world is harsh, but it's the truth. The truth doesn't care about your feeling."

"Fine, whatever you want to think."

"Fine, I'll go get him for you." I looked out the wooden. I knew I feared Handison, I'm being overprotected because I don't want anyone else to get hurt. Not on my watch.


 A/N: Now it's Tom's POV



Tom's POV


I struck my hands over the table.


Willow had brought me in because it wasn't safe outside. I'm tired of feeling like a child. But I know their right, they're always right. I had started to see regret in Lucas like he regretted Asia being the one taken. I mean, he wants it to be him. After all, to him, he wasn't like me and Asia. He was useless.

Wren had died too, it just seems I'm the reason everyone dies.

I looked out my window, hoping to get my distraction. Then, Lucas had slammed the door open. "Oops, I didn't mean that," he noticed how loud it was. I just let out a big sigh.

"What do you want, Lucas?" I asked with frustration.

"I just…wanted to know if you're okay," Lucas said sweetly.

"Well, I'm pretty sure I'm okay."

"I just wanted to know." He said gloomy but sweet almost.

"Alright, Lucas, bye? Now you can stop annoying me," I planted my eyes on him, even though he didn't match mine.

"Thank you, Tom," Lucas walked away.

Then, I rested on my bed. I looked over Ace's bed and Lucas's bed. Ace had seemed angry, he had gotten in a fight with us. He was angry because he blames Lucas for taking my thoughts and eating them. He had gotten mad at him for believing in me and Asia.

I feel supported, I feel loved, I feel the warmth, but all at once I feel alone. I feel sad and alone, I feel like all this is my fault, and if anyone else gets hurts…I should just risk it all and let it go. But I'm afraid of letting go. I don't want to let go.


A/N: Alright, I hoped you enjoyed!!!

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answered Mar 11, 2019 by -GEMHeart- (283,730 points)
Very good! Will write the next one now. ;)

And for the chapters onward while Asia is gone, I'll switch between Hazyl/Toby and Handison.
commented Mar 11, 2019 by im kanye (373,050 points)
OKAY! Thanks!
commented Mar 11, 2019 by -GEMHeart- (283,730 points)
BTW, did you accidently put Ace instead of Toby?

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