Pita's Story~Chapter 4+Shout out!

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It was a cool, dry September day. Outside, the last of the sun's rays danced daintily on the dry leaves that dusted the ground. A lively breeze gently pushed the limbs of the towering trees back and forth, sending dead leaves floating down to the ground, where the nestled in and waited for another draft to pick them up and carry them to a completely different destination. All considered, the day was ending in a spectacular way, just right for romping around outside and enjoying the warm fall day while it lasted.

But Pita wasn't romping around outside and enjoying the day. She wasn't even running around inside or glimpsing the striking sunset  from her favorite perch in front of her mother and father's window. Instead, she was sitting at the kitchen table with Mrs. Westbrook desperately trying to help her with her math problem.

"Oh Pita, you know the two doesn't go there, now don't you?"

"Uh- yes ma'am, I do." the young girl replied.

"Then why in the name of all things good and righteous on this earth are you putting it in the WRONG SPOT!?" Pita could barely keep her jaw from going slack at the enthusiasm and frustration in her babysitter's voice. Suddenly, Mrs. Westbrook looked guilty, then surprised, then guilty all over again. She quickly apologized and was extremely relieved when her Samsung mobile phone rang and she picked it up.

Pita finally stopped staring at the surprised sitter and and fixed her blue eyes on the paper in front of her. This is SO weird. The little girl thought to herself. It's not like I'm bad at math or Mrs. Westbrook is a bad teacher, and it's not that I've never done this kind of math before. I guess I just don't want to. And she knew plain as day why she didn't want to do it- or anything for that matter. The baby. Pita sighed inwardly and was finally able to plow threw the rest of her work a tiny bit faster. But her mood about the issue was still the same, if not worse.

Although she had gone to the library with her babysitter the day before in order to get books about being a new older sister, Pita Crawford had refused to actually read any of them, so they were still sitting on the lying in a tidy heap on the couch, courtesy of Mrs. Evelynn AKA the tidying-up freak, as poor Pita was beginning to think of her. Well, that's a little harsh. She silently apologized to her sitter. Just then, something caught her eye, or rather, her ear.

"Oh, I'm sorry, yes, Pita's alright. How's Liliana? Hmmm….. I'm quite sorry to hear that." This snippet of the conversation was not what grabbed Pita's attention. Instead, it was this,

"Oh! Wonderful! A boy! And how is he doing? The umbilical cord? Edmund, did you say? What a sweet child! " At this point, Rob and Liliana Crawford's daughter knew enough to figure out where they had gone and why. Again, the answer was the same as all the other answers. It repeated itself over and over again in her eight-year-old mind. It lurched back and forth, almost making her want to throw up. That word, that dreadful, awful, disruptful word was one of the worst things that she had ever heard or thought about. And now, that word had a name.

The Crawfords had gone to the hospital for the birth of Pita's little brother: Edmund.


So far, I have written: 

Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3 & Pita's Story Updates.

I hope everyone is enjoying my book so far! I love writing SO much! I would like it if someone could illustrate a drawing of Pita for me. She has dirty blonde hair, blue eyes, (Whatever shade you want) and olive-tone skin. BTW, if you think I'm being racist or something by making her white, you can illustrate her in any other race you want. Also, I need someone to design and draw a cover for the book. I'd like it if one person doesn't do both. Sorry, but I am only accepting the first entries, so enter quickly! I know that Knight Star & Gem heart like to draw. Does anybody else? I'm not on Kidznet, so I don't really know. Comment or answer all of you requests, entries and ideas. It's a work in progress, people! 

                                                                                                   -Ammy K.



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I can’t believe I got a shout out but never saw it until now jawdrop 



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Great job!! My sister loves to draw! She's really good...she's way better than me haha. Maybe she could draw your character in her free time! Once again, great job!
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Great! And sure, I'll try to make one sometime, I have lots to do!

FunHeart1010 and Queeny can draw too!

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