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LoreKeeper:Wit of Shifting Worlds (Prophecy)

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asked Mar 22, 2019 in Fiction by OpalGemStar (55,380 points)
edited Mar 22, 2019 by OpalGemStar

It shall be then,when the air turns into dust, The Wise Ones shall bring forth an age of lawlessness and the dawn of fairies and nymphs.

What does it mean? Who are the Wise Ones? What does it mean of "Age of lawlessness"? 5 centuries ago, Queen Elegarda's daughter had found the prophecy behind a broken mirror. Queen Elegarda could not find out the meaning of this sacred scroll,nor can her guards. Fairies and nymphs back then were whispering about "The Wise Ones" and "the dawn of fairies and nymphs". After that,most fairies and nymphs had forgotten the prophecy and went back to their normal lives,but each queen had read the scroll before bed and prayed for the Wise Ones to succeed. A young,5 year old prince had once asked about the prophecy. The queen smiled and said, "We don't know,my child. We don't know." The same queen had disappeared because one fairy had hypnotized her to fall asleep and never awaken,and nobody had ever seen her again. But let's again ask ourselves this question, "Who? Why? How?" We might never know. Or will we...




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answered Mar 22, 2019 by toad aka star (324,270 points)
Love it! I will write the first chapter in two days cuz I'll be traveling tomorrow
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answered Mar 23, 2019 by Queeny (111,440 points)
This is real good, I like the cover you made for it too, makes it look professional!
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answered Mar 24, 2019 by Ammy K.
Love the cover! It's great!

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ℓσσк συт кι∂zѕєαя¢нєяѕ!​

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