Trailer for a possible new book!

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Once long ago, there was 5 Elementals, one for each element, a Light Elemental, A Dark Elemental, Water Elemental, Fire, and Earth/Wind Elemental. Dark was in charge of the nighttime, dreams, and nightmares, Light was in charge of the day, Water was in charge of the oceans, rivers and lakes, Fire was in charge of flames, and Earth/Wind was in charge of the weather. Dark soon found that people hid away and ran whenever him or his night came around, while all the other Elementals were worshipped. He grew bitter and jealous, and rebelled. He used his powers for worse, causing everyone to have nightmares and he tried to make everything pitch black from the nighttime. Dark had been one of the strongest of all of them, and it took the other Elementals a lot to stop him, in fact they couldn't, but they were able to just weaken his power so he could not wreck the balance between them any longer. Later, Light fell in love with a mortal and had two children, both girls, the slighty older one, Lilith, turned out to be a sixth Elemental, the Elemental of Neutrality and Peace. Later, Lilith grew up, and started a new chapter of an old story.


A book I might write, an Elemental is basically an immortal being rep. a certain element. Also i know this sounds a lot like MLP with Luna and Celestia, but trust me, it's not.

asked Mar 25 in Fiction by Cutter Girl

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(Is dis really you, Luna? You're not logged in)


I like it, and sure! I could create a character for it if you'd like.
answered Mar 26 by -GEMHeart- (180,860 points)
That'd be cool! And I was just too lazy to sign in then.
Okay! Here's the character (created her on the spot LOLZ)


Name: Forest (eh, you can change it)

Gender: Girl.

Persona: Shy, but also very protective and can be a big smart mouth.

Appearance: Very pale green hair, most people mistake it as blonde, but it is actually green. Short with a babyish face and galaxy-like blue eyes (if her eyes seem too special, you can change them). Likes to wear school uniforms and sweaters.

Elemental type: Maybe nature? That is if you make her an elemental daughter or whatever


Can be her  best friend? IDK.
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Love to read it!
answered Mar 26 by Knight Star (194,250 points)
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Sounds cool!
answered Mar 26 by Ammy K.
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Cool! Fun fact, Lilith means mother of monsters (idk why I mentioned that but yeah)
answered Mar 26 by Queeny (79,660 points)

LOL! bow

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The thing is, the story will start out a little confusing because there is a couple thing I left out of this that will be explained later in the story depending how much time i have to write each chapter, so just go with it. And I didn't say anything about the other sister because I'm thinking of make a plot twist with her involved later, i will say no more.
answered Mar 26 by luna midnight (38,570 points)

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