Turns out, I won't have to put Pita's story on hold!

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"Oh no, I'm sorry Rob, I need to go. Somethings wrong with Pita." Before Mr. Crawford could answer her, Evelynn Westbrook had hung up the phone and was running up the stairs to see Pita. "Pita? Where are you darling? You're father just called and-" "I know. I heard." Sniffed the little girl. "Oh, honey. What's wrong?" "I think you know what's wrong." Pita replied sadly. After suggesting a number of entertaining activities, that were all in turned down almost immediately, the sitter finally sighed and left the bedroom. Mrs. Westbrook headed for the kitchen and then sat down with a steaming cup of coffee. She was about to start a crossword puzzle when her phone started vibrating. It was Mr. Crawford. The sitter greeted him and answered his hurried questions for about forty-five minutes, until she had the chance to question Pita's father. "So, how is Liliana doing?" "She's fine. The epidural went remarkably well, though they thought they might have to do a second one. Apparently, one of the nurses accidently got confused….." Rob Crawford went on and on, before Evelynn cut him short and asked who's phone he was using. "Oh, I borrowed it from a nurse, who, let's just say, was much more, welcoming than some others." Pita's babysitter, having heard the strange story of Penelope, chuckled slowly. "Alright, I believe it's time to hang up now. Good night." Mrs. Westbrook managed to sound jovial. ✵ ✵ ✵ ✵ ✵ ✵ The next morning, Pita, sitting sulkily in the back seat, was driven to the hospital by her sitter. When they arrived out front, Mrs. Westbrook unlocked the car door and led her charge inside. Although Pita had made up her mind to irritate her babysitter until bedtime, she could hardly keep back her amazement at the tremendous size of the building. Living in the suburbs her whole eight-year life, Pita had never seen such a colossal structure. It suddenly occurred to her that she must have seen this building at some time in her life. After all, she had been born here. This lifted the girl's spirits slightly, but not enough to cancel out the dread of being……replaced. Replaced. That was another one to add to her list of horrible words. That list went a little bit like this: 



And, while she was at it, Pita added a few other random words to her mental list:
 Hufflepuff (She later greatly regretted adding this word, and therefore burnt the entire list.) Bibliographies 
Before Pita had found out that her mother was pregnant, she never would have even dreamed of creating a list of horrible words. But now, things were- well, different. They soon arrived at a desk on one of the upper floors, where an older-looking nurse greeted them and asked who they were visiting. Mrs. Westbrook gave her their information and then directed Pita to rub hand sanitizer on her hands. They stepped into the hall and walked along it for some time. When they reached the door and the sitter opened it, Pita Crawford took a deep breath, put on her most indignant face, and followed her inside. ​

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Sorry to any of you who have been reading it, but I will not be able to write any more as of now, because I am now co-authoring Lorekeeper with Cookie_Monster and Knoght Star. This does not mean I am quitting the book. again, sorry guys!

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Hey, guys! I will try to post the next chapter of Pita’s story soon! Does anyone have any idea for what Pita’s mom’s first name should be? Also, I'd ... What is her Mom's maiden name? And a lot of other questions! Have a great day!

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First of all, SHOUT OUT TO COOKIE_MONSTER FOR SUGGESTING THE NAME LILIANA! IT REALLY FITS HER! And now, on to the story! It was a cool, dry September day. Outside, the ... of you requests, entries and ideas. It's a work in progress, people! -Ammy K.

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Pita Crawford disliked visitors, especially ones she had never heard of before. Most of all, she hated change. For Pita, the arrival of her little brother, Edmund, brought ... forlornly. And that is where it all began. tell me what u guys think!

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I was bullied alot this year so let me tell you the story, so when I was about 4 years old after my great grandpa died my dad did some bad mean stuff and he got put in ... and my mom took me away from my dad and I have not seen him or my bully since.

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Loca Novis Chapter 7 by ArtistGirl Alexa stood in the shadows of the doorway to her room, watching as Peg opened the door. ... A/N Sorry it was kinda short. Hope you liked it!

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FEATURED IN THE KIDZSEARCH MAGAZINE Change log - click HERE for full update history July 17 2019: Origional version created October 29 2019: Added a paragraph about the ... design Febuary 25 2020: added a change log Febuary 27 2020: new design!

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Shout out to lunalovegoodmolly for her activity in and devotion to #HelpTheWolves! Nice job! SAVE DA WUFFIES!!! Lunalovegoodmolly- As a prize for your determination to ... an anime avatar (tradionally drawn) of you with wolf ears and a tail.

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How do you guys like the story so far? Be honest please! This is so I could make improvements. Read: ... it is approved! The summary says mother instead of father, I will change that later.

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Thanks! Anyone who posts here is a big help.

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OC QUOTES OC THEME SONGS Circe/Indigo (I've never introduced her on here, just know she's my most admired character's.) "I know I may seem brave. But I cry. And I ... but I failed." disclaimers: dont steal my OCs. Im watching you. That's all for now!

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LLM: Owner and host, producer Molly: LLM's Dog and assistant OC Guest: Commonly Tara. Callers in: Call in and are on speaker phone. All fictional And your recordings ... /guests. Also, PLEASE request the topic for the next show. Topics, guests, etc.

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