Co-op Story GH. Nora's POV

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Nora had just woke up from her deep sleep, and got dressed for her first day of school. She wasn't a fan of new schools, she usually got bullied by "the most popular people". Nora never considered her self  "popular" but she was well known at her school. She put on her go to outfit, a hoodie and some jeans. Nora never really cared she was a wearwolf, her parents said it was special, but she didn't care. Nora went down stairs to grab a quick snack. Banana, or an apple..? Nora thought to her self. Hmm, both. She noticed the time and paced down her driveway barley missing the bus. "Well that was exciting, first day, almost miss the bus." 

Nora sighed as she stepped out of the bus. This would be the school she'd spend 4 years in. "Ok I got this.." She said walking into her new school. Gaku Highshool was a monster and a very diverse school. There were vampires, werewolves, zombies, sirens, hybrids, angels, and demons.

As she walked in she noticed a group of girls and in the center of it was a blonde girl. Wonder what's the fuss about over there... Nora thought. "Hey! You, werewolf girl. You new?" A boy asked. "Yes, I am, if you may know..."  She said narrowing her eyes. "I'm Miles Yamato." He said reaching his hand out for a handshake. "Nora Hanataka," "I moved here in December." She said shaking his hand. "Oh wow, where are you originally from?" "Australia. My Dad's Japanese, and my mom's Australian." "Cool, anyway got to go. Ms. Asai will be furious if I'm late." Bye!" He waved. "Bye." Nora replied. Nora continued her way to her new 2019 class.

"Hello class, I'm Ms. Tokuda. I'm you're new math teacher. Let's get on to teachinng. Bla bla bla, bla bla blaa."  And hour passed and it was time for lunch. Her dad packed a bento lunch for her. 

Nora walked into the cafeteria looking for a seat. "Hey, look girls! A newcomer! Sit right here, we'll show you what friends to hang out with and to not hangout with!" A angel said with blonde hair "Im Amber Hano. Welcome to hell." "Sorry but I think I'm old enough to pick which friends I wanna hangout with," "and by the way, you got some peas on your chin." Nora said passing by.

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I decided to read Monster school. This is good.

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Great! Will write River's soon! ;)
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Cool! And thank yoU!
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seems awesome!
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Thanks Knight!

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