Chapter 3 of LoreKeeper

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Chapter 3


I sat down on the hard, solid rock underneath the tree in my backyard. My sketchbook was filled with drawings of pirates,aliens,and flowers,some that I had drawn way back,including the picture of Peter Pan dancing with TinkerBell. I don't know why I am interested in drawing mythical creatures so much. The movement of the pencil,the shading of the picture,and the imagination that I put into my drawing,that makes me feel amazing. I was finishing my last lines when I heard a strange voice coming from nowhere.


Phoenix! Where are you,my dear?! PHOENIX!


The sound had startled me,causing me to drop my pencil and my sketchbook on the grass. I looked around to check whether this was a prank,but I didn't see anyone. It was just me in the huge field of grass and trees. Frightened,I ran back to the orphanage with the speed of lighting. I hopped into bed and covered myself with my white blanket.


"What's wrong,Phoenix?" someone suddenly asked. I automatically realized it was Lily,a 4 year old who has been in the orphanage for a short time. I blushed a little,because I was too embarrassed to be hiding under the covers in front of a toddler who can barely walk.


Suddenly,the door opened and Lily and I stood up straight and made eye contact with the lady who entered the room,Mrs.Dawn. She had bushy eyebrows and puffy curls,making her look like a walking baby. Mrs.Dawn was also very strict about everything. Having a snack before lunch would make a child have no food for a week. Mrs.Dawn gave me a stern look with her dark green eyes which made me have a sudden gulp.


"Stop acting like a baby and get back to work. Where were you?"


My body shivered as I moved my lips and stuttered a statement. "Miss...I-I…" I try to say. Mrs.Dawn yelled directly at me. "What,you think you are so smart? You can't get away with anything. Go and give me your clothes." I walk to my closet and open the doors. I hand Mrs.Dawn a gown and a T-Shirt saying ‘I don't trip. I do random gravity checks'. Mrs.Dawn snatched the clothes right out of my hands that I almost fell down on the dusty,gray floor. "No food for a whole month. You will starve."she says. Then Mrs.Dawn laughed and dragged Lily away somewhere else. No food? Ha! I can just buy lunch! I thought. I sat on my bed and wrote my escape plan on my secret diary. Chuckling,I wrote:

Operation 25: The Thumbnail Act

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Will write tomorrow! Love it!

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